Alcoholism is a soical disease.

Alcoholism is a disease… Yes, there is no way to get rid of alcoholism.

"Alcoholism is a disease… yes there is a way to get rid of alcoholism.

First gave up alcohol himself, now alcohol alcohol is helping thousands to get rid of intoxication.

Alcohol is a problem that is found in every category. It is an institution that is created for every class. People gather at a private school in the city at 6:00 pm in the evening. The motive of these people is only to quit the addiction of alcohol and get rid of alcohol by motivating others alcoholic people. There is a belief on the face of everyone that he will get rid of alcohol addiction soon due to the association of Alcohol Anonymous.

This institution came into the discussion when Aamir Khan praised it in his program Satyamev Jayate. This organization is actually a brotherhood of men and women all over the world who help each other to give up alcohol. This institution operates in every corner of the world. Whoever wants to give up alcohol, goes to this institution, and helps the organization itself, provided that the drunkards themselves come to them.

The best part is that it is attended by the same people in the organization who have already given up alcohol, and who were completely alcoholic in the past. It was started in 1935 by a merchant class and doctors in the city of new york, who themselves were suffering from the disease, who had traveled to the city's hospitals, treatment centers and prisons to give up alcohol. Gradually this institution spread to 150 countries all over the world. This institution has about 20 crores members all over the world. That every religion, every caste, every race, rich poor and even educated and illiterate people of every kind will get its members. The best thing about this institution is that it does not have a list of all these.

If any family members who want to reach this institution can contact Bhaskar on this number, contact number 62224100

 and we will send it to the institution, on the condition that he himself wants to give up alcohol, not forcefully.

 The name of this institution is alcohol anonymus, its purpose is simply that it is not disclosed who is involved in it, and who is drinking alcohol. Everything is kept secret. So that the purpose of this institution, which remains in the society, is only to get the alcoholic drunk, the purpose of this organization is to release alcohol from the alcoholic, and meetings of families whose husband is an alcoholic. There are meetings for women, In which women are made capable, how to live their life with alcoholics in an easy way. The women involved in this meeting help each other, and how they have to deal with alcoholics is also discussed.

By the way, there is no fee to become a member of this institution. But the rent of the meeting room, the books are rotated in a box meeting for some expenses, in which you can put from 10 rupees according to your wish. All that money is spent to run the organization.

 Alcohol has become a major problem today, which needs to be eradicated soon. Due to this many laughing houses are being destroyed, such institutions are a boon for those families. Whose families are drifting into alcohol. The government should take some concrete steps soon so that innocent lives can be saved from alcohol. This institution is actually derived from alcoholics. The same people help the alcoholics, who want to give up alcohol, while there are members of the organization. Because they have come to this institution and have given up alcohol, which they experience and get to know them.

The first alcoholic in this institution inspires them not to drink today. And to give up alcohol, they are made to swear that no medicine will be resorted to, just to be motivated, they are motivated that earlier we were also alcoholics. If we can quit drinking then you can also leave. Motivates the drunkard to get rid of his alcoholism, and simply does not resort to any medicine to quit alcohol.

A meeting is held once a week. In which their families can also come and children also come to this meeting who all want to give up alcohol. Emphasized this point also.

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