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Title- Skin care tips in hindi- Home remedies for white spots-
White spots are one such disease of the skin.  Due to which there is no pain of any kind in the body, but they look very ugly to see.  Due to which the confidence level of the person decreases.  If not treated in time, it gradually spreads throughout the body.  We also call it Phulwari in common colloquial language.
 Due to white spots-
According to doctors, there can be different reasons for having white spots.  In which the body lacks immunity or melanin, the cells that maintain the color of the skin,This disease can be caused by ultraviolet rays, excessive stress or deficiency of vitamin B12.
 Doctors believe that if treatment is not done at the right time, then it spreads throughout the body.  In such a situation, we need to pay attention to this skin related disease.  To some extent we can reduce these stains by adopting home remedies.  Rather, it may end gradually.

Home Remedies for White Spots Home Remedies-
 Use of copper vessel water-
 Use of copper vessel water - To get rid of this problem, it is very important to use water in copper, because the element in copper is considered very necessary for the formation of melanin.  Therefore, keep water filled in a copper vessel overnight and drinking that water on an empty stomach in the morning can reduce white spots.

Apple vinegar-
Apple vinegar is considered very important in white spots.  Apple cider vinegar should be mixed and applied, due to which these stains gradually start reducing.

 Use of red clay-
Just as melanin element is found in copper.  Similarly, copper is found in abundance in red soil also.  In such a situation, a paste of red clay should be applied on the white spots.  Due to the presence of melanin in red clay, it regenerates the complexion of the skin.  Mixing it with ginger juice and applying it on the affected area can prove to be effective.

 Do not use salt-
After this problem has arisen, use of salt is absolutely negligible.  Try to eat salt-free vegetables as much as possible.

Pomegranate leaves powder- Make a fine powder by drying pomegranate leaves in the shade and take 10 grams in the morning and 10 grams daily at bedtime with fresh water or cow's milk.
 We can get rid of this problem by consuming it together.
Bawchi seeds-
 Soak the seeds of bawchi and consume it with water every morning and night, and grind the seeds and apply it on the scars, this is also a panacea in a way.

 Manikya Bhasma-
Consuming Manikya Bhasma with honey regularly in the morning and evening can prove beneficial in eliminating scars.
 buckwheat juice-
Bathua is a kind of wild grass which we get very easily around the fields.
Heat a glass of bathua juice and half a glass of sesame oil in a pan, and then after the bathua juice is fully cooked, fill the oil in the vial.  Now apply this oil on the stained areas every day for three consecutive months.

Bauchi oil-
 By applying Bauchi's oil lacquer on the white spots in the morning and evening, gradually these spots start matching the skin of the skin.

 urad dal paste-
 Grind urad dal soaked in water and grind some garlic cloves in it and then apply on the affected area, white spots can be reduced.

 Use of turmeric-
Mix 150 grams turmeric, siprit 600 grams and keep it in the sun.  Apply it on white spots thrice a day.  This use has also been told in Ayurveda scriptures.

  Basil root-
 After uprooting the Tulsi plant along with the root, clean it in water, then grind it finely and then mix it with half a kilo of sesame oil and put it in a pan and cook it on low flame.  When it is cooked, filter it and keep this oil in a vessel and use this oil as a paste on the scars during the day.

 Behaya plant milk-
When the milk comes out after plucking the Behaya plant, applying the paste of that milk regularly on the scars twice a day, the stains gradually disappear.

Pomegranate and neem leaves-
Grind the leaves of these two and apply it on the scars in the morning and evening.

Honey and Tulsi juice-
Mix 10 grams of Tulsi juice in 10 grams of honey and apply it daily in the morning and evening on the scar.  By doing this the stains will start changing color within a few days.

Cow urine-
Mix ground turmeric in cow urine and apply it on the scars in the morning and evening.

Precautions in eating-
It is very important to take some precautions in your diet before or after this problem occurs.  For example, never drink milk with eggs, meat, fish.  It is believed that consuming milk with eggs, meat and fish can cause this problem.

 Never take salt with curd and milk.
Take control of your eating habits like eating greens, vegetables, pulses and fruits etc. in the food, in case of this problem, it is absolutely necessary to abandon all kinds of salt.

Use banana, bitter gourd, gourd, pumpkin, beans, soybean, spinach, fenugreek, tomato, carrot, parwal, radish, turnip, beet, etc. without salt.

buckwheat juice- Drinking this juice daily is considered very beneficial for this disease.

 Last alfaaz-
So whatever you eat, eat it wisely.  Some foods are considered contrary to each other.  Therefore, do not consume the opposite diet even by forgetting.
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