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Tittle- Home remedies for bad breath - 
Some people continue to have foul smell from their mouth even after brushing teeth and it bothers others as well. Therefore, it is very important to take care of oral health. Let us know.  Regarding this, there are some home remedies by adopting which we can cure the bad smell in our mouth. Many times this happens due to not cleaning the stomach at the right time, not brushing properly or due to some internal deficiency.  Bad smell keeps coming. If these home remedies do not cure the problem of bad smell, then definitely consult your doctor.

  Causes of bad breath-----
Due to constipation, indigestion, food particles getting stuck in the teeth, their rotting and swelling in the intestines, due to inability to expel the stool completely, amoeba gets accumulated in them, due to which also bad smell starts coming from the mouth.

 But let us know in detail how to cure this problem by using home herbs.

  Teeth Brush at night-

 If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy and avoid bad breath, then first of all you should brush your teeth after having dinner at night, because some food particles get stuck between our teeth.  Due to which bad breath becomes a reason, hence first of all take special care of cleaning your teeth.

 • For mouth purification, taking equal parts of nutmeg, mace, Marwa flowers and basil leaves, mixing them with equal amount of jaggery, making a pill and sucking it removes bad smell from the mouth.

 • Eating red tomato mixed with rock salt removes the turbidity of the tongue.

 • Take one quantity of Nagarmotha powder for a few days.

 • To cure bad breath, boil mint leaves lightly, cool the water and gargle with that water.

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 • Mix one spoon ginger juice in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle.

 • Drink half cup of carrot, spinach and cucumber juice each.  Mix the juice of one lemon in a glass of water and gargle every morning for 1-2 weeks.

 • Eating cardamom mixed with poppy seeds powder in betel leaves removes bad breath.
 Eating roasted cumin seeds regularly for a few days helps in removing bad breath.

 • Chewing 4-5 basil leaves after eating food removes bad smell.

 • Gargling with the juice of jamun leaves mixed with lukewarm water removes bad odor from the mouth, strengthens the gums and also cures other dental diseases.

 • Squeezing a lemon in fresh water and gargling with it and rubbing teeth with the squeezed lemon removes bad breath.

 • Bad breath, bad breath caused by onion and garlic etc. can be cured by chewing coriander.

 Clove remedies -Our clove is very easily available at home. If your mouth smells bad even after repeated brushing, then you can eat cloves two or three times a day, it helps in removing bacteria.

 Fennel is a very good and sweet medicine for our health.  Eat one spoon of fennel after meals because fennel contains polluting agent which keeps the stomach cool and which removes bad breath and also helps us in digesting food.

 Hot water gargles-

 To get rid of bad breath, gargle with lukewarm water mixed with a little salt. For this, add one teaspoon of rock salt to the water. Repeat gargling with this water 5 times and do this 2 times a day.

 To get rid of the problem of bad breath, you must use Neem, Guava or Pahadi Kikar toothpick once a week. Keep in mind that whatever toothpick you are using should be of very soft and raw wood.  It also removes bad breath and also strengthens our Musudo.

 Bay leaf - Bay leaf is also easily available in our kitchen. If your teeth are yellow and there is a lot of bad breath, then burn the bay leaf and turn it into ash and apply it like a paste with that ash and brush your teeth.  Yellowness of teeth will also go away and bad breath will also go away.

 Alum and salt gargle - Sometimes, to get rid of this problem, gargle by dissolving alum and salt in lukewarm water once a week.  Gargling with alum and salt strengthens your gums and gets rid of bad breath. Use this once a week.

 *Massage with mustard oil and salt - Make a light paste by mixing mustard oil and salt and massage your musudo gently because sometimes due to gum problems, bad odor starts coming from our mouth, so before that I  It is very important to keep the gums healthy.

 * Mouth wash-There are many such mouthwashes available in the market which are used after brushing, you can use this also, these are easily available in the market from different companies.

 Conclusion- If the problem of bad breath is very serious then it is possible that you may have pyorrhea in your teeth, then it is very important for you to visit a doctor.  Then these small remedies may not be of any use to you because this is a disease which is found below the roots of the teeth and due to this there is a bad smell in the mouth, hence if the problem becomes serious then you should definitely consult a doctor.

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