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What to do and what not to do with an alcoholic First of all, we have to learn to distinguish whether an alcoholic is a two or three peg drink without speaking or is going to be hooded by drinking out of the limit.  If the drinker falls asleep with only two pegs, we cannot call him an alcoholic.  She is a social alcoholic, the habit of drinking so much alcohol acts like a medicine, and those who drink excessively, who do not know the day or night, when they see the bottle open and sit, we call them alcoholic drinkers.  .

 1. First of all, we have to understand that the person who drinks so much alcohol is sick, he is not normal, he needs our care and kindness if you find out that someone in your family has cancer. Are you bad with him?  You never behave and you get more love and sympathy towards him, similarly alcoholics are also sick people.  He is prone to mental illness.

 2. He needs our kindness, not to torture, when this thing sits in our mind completely, then we have our attitude towards the drunkard, he will heal, and life will become easier and our life will be easy on any kind of disease.  Stress does not work, similarly the drunkard needs the power to show the drunkard the right path by our understanding.  This thing teaches us not to punish, this thing gives me the strength to change the drunkard.  Now I will learn from this how to explain alcoholic.  Not to spoil the home environment by fighting and fighting with him.  Just help the alcoholic as much as possible by leaving his bad addiction to God and out of that disease with love.

 3. We all have a bad problem in our homes due to alcoholism. Now I will not face running from them, like many times our children's fear or house bills cannot be paid due to alcoholism and we think  That when the electricity is cut off in the house or the children are pulled out of school, then the alcoholic will come to a hate, but nothing happens to the alcoholic. He will still be the father. He does not understand this because of his illness.  Could have been all because of me.  Now you have a double responsibility, you have to play the role of both mother and father for the children. We have to understand that before we do not let such a situation arise, I should take care of my situation.  No, but my position is in my hand, whatever I do, I am leaving it to God.

 4. We cannot get rid of that disease by behaving with hatred towards the drunkard. Sometimes, due to the drunken talk and difficult times, it is very difficult to keep in mind that he is forced due to his illness.  That helpless creature is like an animal that is tied with a rope, if we pass it, it will come to bite us like a dog.  Therefore, no one should stay away from alcoholics or else he will also try to kill us.  Because it is his nature, but not ours.

 5. He needs our kindness.  No one can get any result from facing anger with anger, the fight escalates.  Anger acts as if the flame of fire increases by adding ghee to the fire, similarly the alcoholic takes an aggressive attitude.

 6. How to stop drinking alcohol is a very difficult idea.  Those who are out of our power, it is not in our power to get rid of the liquor of our life partner, because this disease can be left only to the one above us.  The bar thinks to get out of this problem on its own, but it takes time. My job is that we can improve ourselves, we have the right over our own life and not the life of a drunk person.

 7. Those in the family who do not drink are unable to understand that the drunken person is in a delicate and difficult situation, everything he does is unaware of this thing. He is intoxicated from inside.  So it is said that because of me, my whole family is going through a crisis, but he also knows that he deserves criticism in the society.

8. But our harsh words for what to do are as if reading a whip on a sick dog. It is very difficult to understand what phase he is going through.  He needs our love to give up alcohol, not let us plead him.  He wants to quit alcohol, but many of you will know that he is addicted to it and does not do it intentionally. He cannot give up alcohol even after wishing.  When we accuse the judge and the manager will stop playing the role, then the family will start showing improvement in alcoholism, we can tolerate the home environment and create a happy atmosphere, such behavior and atmosphere leave the alcoholic to quit alcohol  Creates an atmosphere of desire to get. Overcoming alcohol and alcoholism means it is a problem that is not cured by force.  On the other hand we can gain strength in change by fixing our attitude which can bring peace back to our house.  This will work like a miracle is our loving change.

 8. Our aim should be that we should not insist that he give up alcohol.  We have to change ourselves, it will be a matter of good luck that we can change ourselves. This kind of behavior can change our alcoholic and the alcoholic will be forced to think about seeing similar changes that those who are till tomorrow  They used to fight with each other, now they do not mind my abusive slang, he will also be interested to know which magician he has found who has become so soft towards me.  This process is a miracle-like experiment with alcoholics.  If we have so far inadvertently assaulted an alcoholic or hurt him, then try to forget his bad time and start a new life.

 9. Drunken people are like children whom we cannot improve by punishing them in any way, they are ill, whose body is badly hurt.  God has not given us any right that we have given some quality to each of his children by degrading others.

 10. Whom we can accept.  And if we do not do this then we are also offended our God.  Now we take a pledge that we will give respect to the drunkard as much as to other people.  This will bring back the alcoholic's self-esteem and he will try to make an effort to quit alcohol. This will be possible only when we consider him a character of love and kindness.
The best way to make a person something is to think about it as you like .....

 Many families wonder why the drunkard drinks so much alcohol, we think that he does not love us or we may have done something bad to him that bothers him like this. He drinks every day, we get great relief when we come to know that he is the victim of the disease, which is out of the bus.  What we have done with him till date further promotes him. Now in drinking wine, we will all together help our member to recover from this disease.  Now we will not hurt him in any way and will control ourselves.  It is a little difficult to bear the problem, but doing so does wonders.  Now we will not waste our time in behaving as a drunkard, why we drink alcohol, now we will stop thinking wrong about them.

 He will also try to improve.  Now I will leave the drunkard to God only. O God, give me the strength to understand and tolerate the drunkard ...

 Some positive thoughts to live with an alcoholic
 1. Now we have to realize that we are powerless over alcohol…!
 2. Put this problem in front of God and pray that now our problem is yours, which can be solved by you, who is out of the bus with me and family.

 3. Gods Forgive Us The Mistakes We Made With Alcoholics

 4.  Do not intentionally punish a drunkard because he is a victim of disease, but not us.

 5.  Because of his bad habit, you should not take any wrong step and make a habit of tolerating him.

 6.  Never share your drunkards' house with anyone, because what he does is unknown to all things, but you are not drunk because of intoxication.

 7.  And when we leave all our problems to God, he resolves them very quickly. This is the greatest truth .. !!

 8.  Live yourself and let others live as well….

 9.God give me strength to tolerate sadomas and drunkenness
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