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Dil "k" Alfaaz

My name is Kirandeep and I belong to a small town in Haryana.I have done B.A. I like to motivate people and write on this subject.

 I keep sharing my experiences on my site on dilkalfaaz.in.
 I am the owner of Hindi blogging site of dilkalfaaz.in.

I write most of the motivational topic, hindi motivational stories or all types quotes and health tips through my blog. When I created my blog, I did not think anything about its name, what to name it.

 I have kept dilkalfaaz in my heart.  Some people ask me that what did you think of the name. 
 I think nothing is put in the name.  Everyone should focus on their work and I do my work honestly.
 I write and publish something most of the night.

 I help such women the most, who are troubled because of their husband or some relationship.  my try.It remains that I write for women and remove their problems and it is my real aim to inspire them to live for themselves.  I have also experienced that some women have changed a lot after contacting me and started living for themselves.

My favorite quotes - Live and let live.

 please contact me @ my email : shana9466@gmail.com

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