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Tittle- what is alcoholism-
Alcohol and alcoholic habits often lead to increased fights in our homes.  Today we are sharing this topic with you how to deal with this problem and how to control yourself by not arguing with alcoholic.
Now let us first understand that the people who quarrel with alcohol drinkers are not normal people.  He is a victim of mental illness.  When we accept this, then half the battle will end here, then you will not feel that we should argue with the drunkard and if you understand that the drunkard is a sick person then any point of debate  Not only because we do not fight fights with a sick person.

 Have we ever tried to understand what causes drunkard fights and violent incidents in our house because to some extent we ourselves are responsible for the fact that the drunk gets drunk and we are bitter about him  Or suppose the weapon of the word starts showering on them. And then the drunkard returns to double us back.
 In this way, our debate grows so much that we get into a scuffle with each other. Now we will try to know how to treat an alcoholic rather than just arguing with him and understanding him.To be tried.
 Now we will try to find out the spark that the clash has started in our family due to the explosion and the ugly words.

 First of all, let us assume that the reason for the start of the debate or quarrel is because we are alcoholic, he is ignorant of all his actions.  Maybe you have reacted in a hurry..?
 Do I say anything that is said by an alcoholic - which he gets angry and overcomes himself.  Keep in mind that when a sense of guilt explodes in a drunkard, then we have to understand that his target is always on those who are closest and closest to him.  We have to remember that by taking out this kind of anger, the drunkard is expressing his own trouble, on such occasions there is no need to be serious about what the alcoholic has said.  We do not have to let our family be ruined in such a situation.  When this thing is understood, then half the collection will end here, this situation will work for you in a way.
Just you will be limited to just listening to alcoholics and you will not make any retaliation.
 When an alcoholic is in tune with his intoxication, never try to hurt him by forgetting it because we are all familiar with his insanity.  We cannot explain the drunkard in any way by reasoning, nor with tears, nor by rebuking.  Because he is obsessed with alcoholism.

 It is the biggest idiot to welcome the drunkard with a barrage of angry words when he gets home.At such a time, the response of an alcoholic will not be more intelligent than our behavior in the way that we go abroad and hope that the people of the country understand my language, in such a state, the drunkards will rarely understand our words.We cannot speak his language nor can drunkards understand our language.  That is why do not make any kind of argument with the drunkard, as much as possible, ignore his words and keep yourself positive.  This is the biggest mantra for the family of drunkards.

 It does not matter for us to think what is right and what is wrong.  If you think that by insistence we can improve the alcoholic, this thinking becomes a bigger problem for us, and we increase the difficulties of our life.  The stressful attitude of living life with an alcoholic can create many problems for us.
 Now you start thinking as to what harm will happen if I agree with a drunkard, whether he understands me or not, why don't  let him go and I leave this problem to God. This will be the best decision for all of us.  Because the drunkard is not in my control and I can control myself, God has given me so much wisdom.

 Now we have an event that increases stress and causes an explosion.  Will try to finish  Now we will try to understand that exchanging offensive words among ourselves does not allow peace in our house that we want to achieve.
Now all of us will try to respond to the criticisms and accusations, whether they are justified or unfair, that I am forced to be angry by the drunkenness that has been leveled against me and which promotes the debate without head and foot  Give.  Now, in this stressful environment, any quarrel starts, I no longer need to join it. We will try to ignore all of us, due to which the debate or fight in our house escalates very badly, this is the highest way to stop the debate.
This method makes us peace-free, and makes the drunkard so restless that he seriously starts thinking about quitting alcohol, that any words I say now have no effect on the family.
It is common for an alcoholic to commit domestic violence.
Think with a cold head, how you would feel when you started a fight with your alcoholic husband, if someone taped your things on a tape recorder and told you all the things, you might be listening to yourself somewhere  What am I doing to shake?  At this time you will be ashamed by listening to your words.

 When you try all the weapons that give you taunts and attack them.  After hearing all this, you will understand that I am as much a participant in this fight as an alcoholic husband.
Please listen to yourself and see how it helps us to maintain peace in our home after being calm.
 If you are an alcoholic woman, the first thing that I have to improve myself is that if an angry person challenges you, you will not answer either, then you will learn to answer calmly.

 Positive thoughts: ----

⚘ Anger is calmed by answering with love, but bitter words provoke anger and anger… !!

Now you have to pay a lot of attention to what you have to pay attention to, if you want peace in your home, even if a drunk person can show you illegal words, you still do not open your mouth because that alcoholic  But you don't, because you have to take care of yourself and your family's well being.  Even if the clouds of stress and anger begin to shatter, then try to protect yourself from this confusion because this is the healthiest way to think and it is in this well.  And we must accept anger with tenderness in order to maintain our peace of mind for the good of ourselves and our children.

 In this way, never get into an argument and confusion with an alcoholic. If you want the peace of your family because the alcoholic person is not a normal person, he says anything to the tune of intoxication.  He does not know anything, so never mind his words, always forgive him thinking that he is a sick person, because he is always handled with love, not fighting fights with a sick person. Similarly, the drunkard should not always fight with love.  It is for the good of all of us.

 This article of mine is for families whose frequent drunken days in the house start their work, and then get into a fight with the family by getting drunk. Many times family members get fed up thinking about dying.  But dying is not the solution to any problem, so leave yourself and your problem to God alone.  He can do what no one else in the world can do.  If you want invisible power, you can solve your problem in an instant. So always live and let the alcoholic also live, remember this thing.

⚘ Positive thought: ---⚘

 It takes time to convert good thoughts into good habits, but working on it is very beneficial...!!

⚘.Sticks and stones may break my bones, but drunken abuses will not deter me, as long as my God is with me… !!

⚘. There is some time to remain silent, some time to speak, the drunkard has drunk, then keep yourself silent… !!

.Many things have to be ignored which are better for our peace, it is better to remove our eyes and ears from the things that cause us trouble, so do not be a slave to a debate with an alcoholic .. !!
  By retreating into an argument with an alcoholic, you may not be victorious, but this has saved your reputation and decency ... !!

Last thoughts:------- 
If you have liked this article, you should definitely share it with those families who are suffering from this problem, maybe one of your shares will bring changes in someone's life.  If you change a person's life because of you, then it is also a work of great virtue.

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