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Today's topic is that we are powerless on alcoholics
The meaning of these words of mine is not only to read but also to accept how we are powerless on a drunken person.
But we have to take it down with so much depth in our heart and mind and fill it with so much emotion that it becomes a part of our life. This problem is no longer in our control, rather we have to control the us not alcoholic.

Repeat this again and again every day and take it off in our behavior and thinking in such a way that controlling the alcoholic is not in our control but we also have no right to force it on it and to do our own free will, because We are not his God.

Most of us women try to control their husbands and in which we are completely defeated, that is why our life becomes so cluttered that we become increasingly depressed due to this in our lives.

Now it is a matter of thinking, why do we find it so difficult to accept that we cannot afford the drunkard. Now we have to understand this very carefully, whether we have alcohol or alcoholic, we do not have any control on these two.

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The power to destroy the deadly effects of alcohol and alcoholism and the decency and grace of life that no one can control.

No one can force an alcoholic to stop drinking, but inside us is the power we have got from God and that power is to change our own life and accept the alcoholic.

This does not mean that we have surrendered ourselves further to the abusive situation. It really means understanding the reality of the situation and deciding that I cannot force any kind of alcoholism and accept it. I have only real good.

Progress in our lives starts only when we stop trying to control the uncontrollable. If we accept the misery and bad situation that we have the right to change, then it is our own fault, not someone else's fault.

Thinking you can do something about it also creates a serious situation in itself because this fight is not just about drunkenness. This fight is to fight his drunkenness.

A drunk person is a victim of such disease and we cannot cure him with our fights and coercion. Only an alcoholic can liberate himself from his drinking habit. People who do not drink cannot force themselves with an alcoholic. Although people feel that we can improve the presence of alcoholic but this is not possible.

Nor can we create any kind of pressure from our tears, scolding, nor threats. The way we try to create pressure, the matter gets worse and this is the real story of a drunkard.

The more you try to control him, he will try to drink more in stubbornness. We can only pray to God.


O God, help me to get out of this bad situation and put my hands in front of them and find peace for my mental level and get me out of this difficulty. Find a new path for me in my spiritual path, you can do anything.

Now that we have come to know that we are powerless on alcoholics, then you start your new life. Which we had been trying to do continuously till today and we were imposing our way of thinking on alcoholics. Now we have to change that and we will have to do a big job of organizing our world once again. We must learn to live for ourselves because the drunkard can be our husband, he is not our God, that without whom life cannot go on. Now do not keep any kind of mind in your mind for your alcoholic husband and never try to control it.

This is the biggest mistake of our wives. The more we try to become a power house on him, the more he keeps chitting with us. Therefore, I request the drunkards' wives to live for themselves and not for the drunkard.

We also know that our relationship with them does not end, but it does not even apply that we cannot live without him.

I will say the same thing with the fact that just as we try to forget about the other events that happen in life and do not live in such a way, try to normalize your life even with an alcoholic. Never try to control her handling which is obviously just out of ours. I will dedicate myself and my life only to keep my life constant. This should be the purpose of your life, because we came alone in the world and we will go alone then what is the cry.

Positive thoughts: -
There is only one person in this world, whom you can improve with full confidence and that you are yourself… !!

Now you must have understood that the person we were trying to control, now we have to accept it. The only way to stop him from drinking was to stop him and adopt him. The drunkard can find restraint on himself only by his will. We can now guide him or believe it and inspire him in this way. But we can never put any other person in the structure of our choice, no matter how close we are. This is a very big truth and we have to accept it. We know that due to alcoholism our life gets disturbed, but we also know that maybe we are very difficult to stop a person at this time, because it is very difficult to stop a person. People cannot tie animals with rope or pegs. Now you have to put this thing in your inner heart for this.

Now my conscience also tells me that I am not powerless on my strength. I will not waste my power now because of the alcoholic person's drinking. A simple means of this is that which is our problem of drunkenness. Loosen your grip with that. Divine power works in all those things.

Let us work on this problem as well. Now you leave your problem in the faith of God. My saying is that if we are devoid of alcohol and cannot control a drunk person, then there is a sense in this that live and let live. Learn to live your life to the fullest, let others live their lives. Sit this way in your mind that work with your business, do not interfere in the life of an alcoholic. We cannot be his God. His God is following him according to him and I have to go according to myself. I am his wife, I am not his god.

Make a good knot in this matter. Now we should not interfere in drunken activities nor keep an eye on him nor consult, nor should he take up his responsibilities as much freedom as I have got. If his decision is wrong, he will have to suffer the consequences as well. Earlier we thought that perhaps it is our duty to explain everything to the drunkard but it is absolutely wrong. A drunk person lives his life, you have to live for yourself.

The saying of a great novelist is that I am sitting on the back of a man, and he suffers

Have been, and interrupting her to carry herself and then assure her and other colleagues that I am very sad for her and wish to lighten the burden in every way possible, but I I will not get off his back and I am living in such a way that neither I let him live nor I live myself.

The same situation also happens for our alcoholic wives. Neither do we live ourselves nor do we allow a drunk person to live. We feel that if the drunk leaves alcohol even for 1 day, then maybe we will live. I mean to say that to solve every kind of problem, whatever problems are there in life, only we have to change the problem. We only aggravate the problem by thinking about what we are facing. If we want to get rid of a problem, first of all we have to remove ourselves from that problem and stop thinking about it. Only then can a problem be solved.

I have only one power, that is the power of God to keep the responses of my inner feelings and emotions constant, if I use this power wisely, then every problem that surrounds me, without my intervention, God Himself We will understand that this is a big truth.

If we try to control the life of another person, you will fail. If you try to improve yourself then it is certain that you will definitely emerge from that problem with the help of that power.

If you are not able to make yourself as you want, then how can you expect that someone will act according to your wish and he will come under your control. You are not a God that you can control another person under your control.
Each of us has the right and responsibility to make our own decisions. To take away one's right is like destroying a person. Every human has the right to live his life. A saying about us wives is very easily spoken that the problem of drinking in one's home is more easily reflected by the behavior of his wife than by the drinker. Because our turmoil, our emotions, despair and turbulent behavior is reflected in our face.
We wives, this is a big problem of all wives, we think that it is not known about our husband that he is an alcoholic and while the whole world knows that he is a victim of drunkenness. This is why we try to control the husband and this attempt fails us continuously. This leads to drunkenness and drunkenness. Therefore, in this topic of today, I would like to tell all of you that if there is any alcoholic victim in your house, do not ever try to forcefully stop it. He will never let your effort succeed. Rather, your efforts will only harm you. So stopping someone else is not an easy task. Whenever he stops, he will be able to stop as per his wish and with the blessings of that power of God. He is never going to stop with our force. So never try to control alcoholics. This topic of mine today was just for the sake of never trying to bring the drunkard under control because he is not a small child or animal whom we will forcefully tie with a rope. You can stop one day by forcing him to try to drink more than that the next day. This is the biggest disease of alcoholism. If you stop to drink alcohol one night, then he takes double dose from him the other night. Those who are fed up with alcoholism because of any of their members, leave them on their condition, do not force them in any way. Live and live, follow this slogan and leave your problem to God, because he can solve your problem even in a moment. Which we could not finish for years. He has the power to do anything.

If you liked this article, then definitely share it to your loved ones and friends, and share those families who are suffering from this problem. Some people have not yet understood how to understand alcoholic.

People who drink too much alcohol are never normal. He is a victim of sickness and never fights or forces to fight with a sick person.

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