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The relationship between husband and wife is based on a trust. A girl leaves her entire family and comes only for the boy whom she starts worshiping like God. It is very painful for a wife to cheat on her husband. If at some point in your life you come to know that your husband is in an affair with someone else. So without delay in this matter, in such a situation, definitely share this problem with the in-laws' side.
Let us know today what to do and what not to do when such a problem arises.
In this age of internet, the relationship is getting very bad. Most of the problems arise in the relationship between husband and wife when a woman comes to know that her husband's life is related to a woman other than me. It is very difficult for any woman to bear it, it is not only difficult but also impossible.

I give the biggest blame for this to social media today because of the internet service being free.In every house, in every corner, people are watching more motivational topic less vulgar scene.

People don't know what they want to show is beyond my understanding. People have taken sex as a pleasure to see and show it.

Sometimes people reach such an extent that they upload videos of animals having sex.I want to tell those people that they are animals, they do not know that it is very important to have a veil for a relationship like sex, but you are human.You should be ashamed of making such a video.

At least think about your family at that time that if you are uploading this video then maybe your child or any member in your house can watch this video of yours too.Today this crime is increasing like this, the reason for this is only social media.

What should a woman do if her husband is unfaithful to you?

If there is a rift in this relationship between husband and wife due to the arrival of some other woman, then I would say that if you have children, then never try to leave the house because of your husband except your children.

If you leave the house because of this act of your husband, you may get married again, but what is the guarantee that there will be no shortage in the second husband. There may be some other deficiency in it. He is an alcoholic, a gambler, or a drug addict, or is so angry with nature that he cannot bear you.

So suppress your anger as much as you can and learn to live for your children. Because we can run away leaving the unfaithful husband but the problem can come anywhere in any form.
live for yourself
Do not give up your happiness because of this problem because happiness cannot be due to any person in our life. Happiness in life is because of you.

According to gita holi book
The reason of karma will be available only to the one who does it.

I believe that if the husband has gone on the wrong path, then it is his karma, it is not your fault. All those bad deeds will be written in his account.

I believe in karma very well, because even in Gita, Lord Krishna has given special emphasis on karma. If your husband has tried to chit you, then he is not you.I agree that you will not tolerate this, but a woman has the highest strength to bear.

When a woman gives birth to a child, perhaps nothing can cause us more pain than that.When women can bear that pain, then the pain given by the husband is not a big deal, it is a small thing for a woman. Because the relation of husband and wife is made by the society, it is not a relation of blood. So bear this sorrow and move on with your life.

Don't cry but be brave.
When husband chit, never cry in front of him, but face that problem with full bravery, because no problem is such which cannot be ended.

Positive thoughts-----
Always think about the problem in such a way that if the problem has come, it will definitely go away, because it never happens that there is no morning after the night.

Share with family------

On knowing such a thing, never hide this problem from your family because you cannot solve this problem alone as much as possible, tell this problem to your in-laws side but not to others because other people will only taste your words and He won't be able to do anything. Whenever you have this problem, then only family will stand with you, not unknown people.

Thinking about your husband like this, stop paying attention that whatever you give to the pig to eat, he finally kills me in the dirt.

Leave it to God
In such a situation, spread positive vibrations in your house and always leave this problem to God and keep such a thinking that if a problem has come, then he will definitely give a solution.

Take time for yourself----
Take care of yourself and take care of yourself. Don't ever think that I am not beautiful when you are cheated, that is why my husband has gone astray, because in the world I have seen many such examples that the wife is very beautiful, yet the husband goes astray.

There is no reason for not being beautiful, it is the nature of man that he has to live in so much filth.

Must give a chance----

When you love someone, you forgive even his biggest mistake, there is no problem which is not forgiven. It would be better to give a chance to your husband once. Because the fault lies with humans, not animals. People forgive even the enemies who kill blood, then he is your life partner. So try to forgive them once and start your life afresh.

Last alfaaz-----

If both of you want to give a second chance to the relationship but the matter of deception is not coming out of your mind, then definitely take the help of a counselor. Relationship counselors are experts in such matters and they guide both of them in the right direction and learn to give a fresh start to the relationship.
Try to fill happiness again in this new chapter of life.
Proceed with confidence. It may not be easy to forget the old things, but do not let them dominate your present and the future of your children.
If someone special of yours is going through this problem, then please share it with them, maybe their life will be changed again due to some thing. Never delay in sharing good knowledge and deeds.
Written by kiran

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