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Tittle - Circumcision to reduce belly fat- Fat belly and increased waist fat is a matter of great concern.  It looks dirty, but it can also be the root of many diseases.  Today we are sharing with you some such home remedies, by adopting which we can reduce our enlarged belly.

 Due to fat- 
There may also be diseases like thyroid, BP, sugar. Today, through this article, we will tell you some such home and effective ways to reduce the enlarged stomach.  After doing this, if you do your enlarged stomach regularly, it will reduce in a few days.  Enlarged belly does not suit anyone because wearing clothes looks very dirty.  That's why some home remedies to reduce belly fat are hidden in our house.  By doing which we can reduce our stomach in a few days.

Reasons and Solutions-

First of all we need to know the reason for the increased belly fat, that is why the belly fat has increased. Slightly increased belly fat is considered normal, but if the stomach is bigger than the need then it is not normal because of any disease.  could be the reason.  
Today we will tell some reasons for excessively increased fat. According to a research, it has been found that some fats are also developed genetically.  If someone's family is already suffering from this type of problem, then their future generation is still likely to suffer from the problem.  
If the parents are obese, then the children will definitely have a fat stomach, this is 

Wrong eating habits and bad process sometimes, along with aging, our digestive system also starts to deteriorate, due to which the chances of increasing the fat in our stomach increase.  Changes in hormones Usually women have to face the change of hormones more.  When she reaches around 40 of her life, it is time for her body to enter menopause
  Then during their menopause, the level of a hormone called estrogen becomes lower and higher than the androgen hormone.  This is the reason that with the age of the woman, her stomach also starts appearing more enlarged.  Due to menopause, problems like flatulence in women are often a common problem.

 Ayurvedic treatment ---
Boil one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of black pepper, one teaspoon of asafoetida, a pinch of asafoetida, two long leaves, two bay leaves, 4 or 5 whole black peppercorns, 4 small cardamoms, and a little black salt, and boil everything in two glasses of water.  When the third part of the water remains after cooking, then you should drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.  This reduces the fat of the whole body.


 An anti-exide property is found in almonds which does not allow our obesity to increase.  This often saves us from overeating.  Almonds work in suppressing appetite, along with it is also helpful in keeping diseases related to heart away.  The presence of high fiber in it does not let you feel hungry for a long time.  In such a situation, if you want to reduce your weight, then definitely use almonds in your food.

 watermelon -----

 Watermelon is a better way to reduce belly fat, because it contains 90% water, when we eat it, we feel full.  According to a research, drinking watermelon juice can reduce belly fat within a week.

 Cucumber -----

 It is usually available very easily in summer, although it is available only throughout the year.  If you want to reduce belly fat, then increase the amount of its food as much as possible.  It is rich in fiber and vitamins.  By eating a plate of cucumber every day, many types of toxic substances formed inside the body are cleared by themselves and helps in reducing belly fat.

 Celery -----
 If you really want to reduce belly fat, then increase the amount of celery in your diet.  Ajwain has such a natural property that it cuts our obesity, it reduces our belly fat.  Make a decoction by boiling carom seeds and you can drink this decoction after half a glass in the morning and evening.  The fat gained by this ends very quickly.  Because it is an effective recipe by reducing the enlarged stomach due to being the main property of fiber rich, calcium and vitamin C.  Digestive system remains correct by drinking ajwain water before meals.

 Beans -----

 By consuming beans daily in your diet, the increased belly fat is also reduced.  This strengthens our muscles.  The specialty of beans is that they make you feel heavy for a long time.  In such a situation, you can avoid the habit of eating again and again because fiber is found in it and fiber especially reduces fat.

 Some amount of fiber is found in apple, the fiber found in it plays an important role in reducing the increased fat.  Along with this, its properties also play an important role in weight loss.

 An enzyme called bromilane is found in pineapple. This element plays a very important role in spreading the increased belly fat.  But pregnant women should not use it.

 Apple vinegar ----

 Apple cider vinegar is easily available in the market. If you don't have anything available, then apple vinegar can be kept in the house for the whole year now because some feet and vegetables are available only in season.  Therefore, to reduce belly fat, we can use apple vinegar throughout the year. It is also very helpful in cleaning your stomach.

 Vicks Balm-----
 You can also apply Pet Vicks Balm to reduce the increased belly fat.  After applying this, you tie a warm bandage or any cloth on the stomach, then after this your stomach will sweat a lot and whose belly fat will be reduced.  This is the experience of people.

 Yoga and Pranayama---
To reduce the increased belly fat, definitely include yoga in your lifestyle and most of all do Kapalbhati yoga, which reduces the stomach very quickly, the abdominal part of our body looks very unsightly.  Therefore, if you really want to reduce the stomach, then definitely include Kapalbhati in your life.
Last alfaaz- 
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