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Tittle- Home Remedy for Diabetes (Diabetes Sugar)- Due to today's hectic life, many types of diseases surround us in our body.  One of which is diabetes, which we also know as diabetes.
Diabetes may be a common disease, but if it occurs once, then it becomes impossible not only to treat any other disease and to heal the wound, and nowadays this disease is common in people ranging from young children to 50 years of age.  I am mostly seeing.  Now a special thing to note here is, if the patient takes care of his diet and lifestyle, then he can keep his diabetes in balance.
What is diabetes-
 When there is less access of insulin (a type of hormone) in the pancreas of the body, then the amount of glucose in our blood increases and we have diabetes.  The function of insulin is to convert food into energy in the body and due to this hormone, the amount of sugar in the body is controlled.  When someone has diabetes, there is a problem in converting food into energy.  Which affects our whole body.  Diabetes not only affects other parts of the body, but due to this, many other diseases take place in the body.  Diabetes can increase the risk of other parts of the body such as kidney problems, vision problems, wound healing, and even a heart attack.

 symptoms of diabetes-
First of all, it is very important to know that the symptoms of diabetes and how do we know that diabetes has happened in our body.  In such a situation, we see some symptoms in our body like this.

* Frequent urination. * There will be complaints of constant body pain.

 * Frequent skin and private part infections or cavities

 * Don't heal the wound quickly.  * Dry throat or frequent thirst.

 * Very weak eyesight.

 *Sudden increase or decrease in weight.

 * Feeling tired and weak.

 * Excessive hunger.

 Irritability in nature.

 If you are seeing all these symptoms, then you must get your diabetes checked in time.

 Due to diabetes-

 If your mother or father has diabetes in your family, then you may also be at risk of developing diabetes.
 Even by eating outside food i.e. fast food, increasing weight can also cause diabetes.

 Do not do any physical labor by the body and eat sweets in excess.

 If there is any disease related to heart, then you can also have diabetes.

 Diabetes can be caused by increasing age.

  How to get tested for diabetes-
 Now the most important thing to keep in mind is that if we have to get it checked how.
 A normal person is healthy if the amount of sugar in the blood is between 80 and 120 mg on an empty stomach in the morning to test for diabetes, and if it is more than 120 and less than 140, then there is an early stage of diabetes.  But if this quantity is more than 140, then understand that you are suffering from diabetes, and it has now made a home in your body.

 In the test done after 2 hours of meal, the amount of sugar in the blood 120 mg

 If it exceeds 140 mg, it will be considered diseased.

 For the test of diabetes, both blood and urine are done and it is right to do this test on an empty stomach in the morning.

Home remedies for diabetes-
If we bring some changes in our daily routine and lifestyle, then we can bring this disease under control to some extent sitting at home.  For which we have to change our right eating habits and lifestyle.

 According to doctors and Ayurveda, the importance and benefits of having the most balanced diet and strict diet in diabetes are considered to be more effective than medicines.

Use of fenugreek seeds-
Fenugreek seeds are easily available in our kitchen.  Now clean the fenugreek seeds and grind them into coarse powder. Now taking this powder with a spoonful of water in the morning and evening, it is very beneficial in the disease of diabetes.

 Amla and Udi powder--
 Taking equal quantity of amla powder and half spoon grounded Udi with water in the morning and evening, the amount of increased sugar in the blood will remain normal, because by its consumption our pancreas gets strength.  Due to which the hormone called insulin remains in proper quantity. If a healthy person consumes it, then he can stay away from this disease forever.

  To get rid of diabetes, drinking half a teaspoon juice of Dhak flowers in the morning and evening is very beneficial for a diabetic patient.

Juice of fresh leaves of bael -

 Drinking two spoons juice of fresh green leaves of bael in the morning and evening is considered very beneficial and good for the diabetic patient.  It has been promoted the most in Ayurveda.  This is such a medicine given by nature, which is considered very beneficial for sugar.

 Bitter gourd juice-
 After taking out the juice of bitter gourd, mix a little black pepper and two spoons of lemon juice in it, now making juice of all these ingredients and adding salt according to taste, consuming this mixture gives a lot of benefit to the sugar patient.  If you consume it on an empty stomach in the morning, then it is better because it contains fiber which is an anti-diabetic compound.  It has properties to lower the blood glucose level.

 Cinnamon - 
Cinnamon is also a staple spice in our kitchen.  Make a powder by grinding cinnamon. Now take this powder with water in the morning and evening. Cinnamon is a fragrant spice.  Which we use in many food items.

 This spice is a good source of antioxidants.  Due to which diabetes occurs and helps in reducing it.

Aloevera juice-
Recently, scientists and studies showed that aloe vera has such lipid and blood sugar-lowering properties. With its continuous consumption, your blood glucose level can be controlled. Take aloe vera juice to consume it.  And drink it without sugar at least twice a day.  If possible, you can also take its capsules with the advice of a doctor.

 Consumption of berries-
Diabetes patients are also highly advised to eat berries.  When the season of jamun fruit comes, you can eat jamun for 15 to 20 days, and when jamun season is not there, you can make powder of jamun kernels and bitter gourd and take it twice a day with water.  It is considered a successful home remedy.  It has even been told that its leaves also have properties to control diabetes.

Consumption of Neem-
Neem plant is considered to be very similar medicine, and which is very bitter to eat.  Diabetics definitely benefit from drinking the juice of neem leaves.  If you cannot drink neem juice, then you can dry neem leaves and eat them in the morning and evening.  Neem leaves and fruits are used in various Ayurvedic medicines.  According to Ayurveda, it has anti-diabetic, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral and antioxidant properties.  According to a study, eating neem also has blood glucose-reducing properties and along with this it also proves helpful in preventing diabetes.

 Ayurvedic herbs -
for diabetics
Mixed herbs of Gud Mar, Bitter gourd seeds, Neem leaves, Ave turmeric, Giloy, Jamun kernels, Gullar fruit, Shilajit, Belpatra etc. and Trivangabhasmadi which are potent and beneficial in activating the pancreas of diabetic and controlling insulin.  Huh.  Make a powder of all these and keep taking one spoon each in the morning and evening, we can control our sugar.
Diabetics are advised to eat oatmeal in their diet, as oatmeal is rich in fiber.  It lowers blood glucose levels and treats diabetes by lowering cholesterol.

 Consumption of curry-
 We also know curry leaves by the name of sweet neem.  Which is used in many vegetables.  The curry leaves can be washed or used as its juice.  You can include it in your daily diet.  Consumption of curry leaves controls the process of insulin in your body and also lowers blood glucose level.  Along with this, curry leaves also help you in reducing weight and reducing cholesterol and it prevents diabetes.

 Barley and gram bread-
Barley and gram roti are advised to diabetic patients because both gram and barley have fiber content. Therefore, eat barley and gram flour roti in the morning meal as much as possible which helps in increasing our sugar content.  reduces.

Greens and vegetables-
Barley, black gram, bajra roti, brinjal, bitter gourd, parwal, old rice, moong dal, lentil lentils, tur lentils, vegetables of husks etc. are all considered beneficial in case of diabetes.

 * Diabetics should
consume more and more fiber-rich food.
 Fiber rich vegetables * Fiber, vitamins and minerals are found in green leafy vegetables and they are also very low in calories, they should be used in maximum quantity.

 Consumption of citrus fruits-

 Citrus fruit juice, lemon juice, seasonal, and salad should also be consumed more.
drink more water

 Diabetic patient should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water.

 Basil leaves-

 Chewing on basil leaves is also considered very useful for sugar patients.

 What should a diabetic patient not eat?
 * Diabetic patients should first of all reduce their obesity.

 * Diabetics should not eat non-vegetarian food at all.

Milk should also be consumed in very less quantity and it is considered more beneficial to consume more milk products like curd.
 * Things made from maida like white double bread, maida biscuits, cake pastry, consumption of bread, sweets, rice, potato, cold drink canned food, all these substances should not be consumed.
 * Diabetics are strictly forbidden to eat sweets, but human beings like to eat sweets. You can eat jaggery and sugar instead.
 How to improve diabetes

 If we want, after getting diagnosed with this disease, we can avoid this disease by changing our lifestyle and changing some bad habits, by improving our routine and eating. If someone already has it then we can avoid it.  can reduce.  By following some things, let us know how for this we can become our own doctors for this disease.

 Reduce obesity-
After getting this disease, take special care of your weight, because obesity brings with it many diseases, and diabetes is one of the main diseases.  If your weight is increasing excessively, then focus on reducing it immediately.  And control this disease by reducing your weight in time.
 Do yoga and exercise
 Physical labor is very important for our health, because if we do not do any kind of work, then by not sweating out of the body, dirt can be created inside.  Therefore, include yoga and exercise in your life as much as possible.  Do go for a walk in the morning and evening and start your routine with yoga and pranayama.

avoid stress-
The main reason behind having diabetes is also stress, so keep your mind as calm as possible and engage in some religious programs that do not cause you stress, and at the same time start doing meditation to keep the mind calm.
 time sleep -
Sleeping on time is very important to fulfill your sleep, so try to sleep till 9:00 am as much as possible and get up early in the morning, because both sleeping late and getting up late can be the cause of diabetes.  So sleep on time and get up on time.

 Stay away from drugs and alcohol-

 Intoxication of any kind is not good.  Smoking not only damages our lungs, but can also make us sick of many types.  One of them is being diabetic, and which has the worst effect on our heart as well.  Due to which we are more likely to have a heart attack.

get checked regularly

 Due to the high level of blood sugar, you should get your diabetes tested regularly every day, and then make a chart of it so that you can get to know about the level of decreasing and progressing of your diabetes.

 Last alfaaz-

 Even if you are not a diabetic patient, do whatever pranayama and morning walk in your lifestyle.  By adopting such a lifestyle, you can prevent diseases like diabetes.  If you have been given these tips for diabetes, if you liked the information, then please share it with your loved friends.

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