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Tittle- Home Remedies To Cure Gas Problem
There are some changes in our diet, some minor diseases enter our body secretly.  Which we will come to know in a while.  Sometimes even this small problem takes such a big form that it becomes difficult to bear it.
 Gas (air) of the stomach is such a problem for us, due to which we get troubled by problems like eating and drinking and stomach pain.
 Sometimes we also feel embarrassed because of this gas, because there is no time for the gas to pass. Some people have to be embarrassed because of the gas.

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 Let us know some such home and Ayurvedic remedies that we can get rid of this problem very easily by staying at home.  Some such household items are found in our kitchen by using which we can get rid of this problem.

Causes of stomach gas-
 Due to our excessive fatty and stale food, such problems arise very quickly.  When we have this kind of problem, we should take special care of our food.  Vitamin C should be consumed in very small amounts in case of gas problem.

 Eg-- Orange, Lemon, Tomato, Pickle, Chutney etc.

 We should also consume less coffee and tea.

 If you are used to drinking tea, then first you drink water and then cool the tea and drink it.

 2. Clove------
Clove is very beneficial to remove the problem of gas.  Constipation problem can also be overcome by taking it with honey.  Apart from this, the stomach remains fine by sucking it daily and gas is not formed.

 3. Use the least amount of water while eating.

 4. Instead of eating a full meal twice, eat small amounts of food four to five times a day.

 5. If you are very much troubled by the problem of gas, then drinking tea made of mint leaves gives relief.  It also gives you relief in stomach pain due to gas.  To make mint tea, boil the leaves in water and add 1 teaspoon of honey for the test.  This tea works as a panacea for pat gas.

 6. Eat food two-three hours before sleeping at night.  If you want to avoid this problem after overeating, then people who are overweight should keep their food under control, and definitely include yoga in their life.

 7. Ginger is the best home -
remedy to remove the problem of gas in the stomach.  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory elements are found in it, which are helpful in removing the problem of constipation and gas in the stomach.

 8. Do not use intoxicants in case of gas problem.

 For example, by eating such items like alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, pan masala and bidi etc., the problem of gas increases further.  So stay away from these intoxicants.

 9. Black pepper is also used to remove problems like constipation in the stomach.  It increases the flow of gastric juices in the stomach and helps in proper digestion of food.  Black pepper also provides relief in stomach pain caused by the lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  Constipation and gas problem are removed by taking its powder with honey, with jaggery or with buttermilk.

 10. If you are fond of chocolate and you are suffering from the problem of gas, then it is good to remove them from your food.

 11. Soft drinks also increase the problem of gas.

 12. Garlic is of hot quality and strong smell.  Because of this, it helps in the digestion of food and also prevents gas formation in the stomach.  There are many ways to use garlic, such as you can eat it by roasting it in the fire or making its juice or cooking it in food.

 Those who have a lot of problem of constipation, they should use raw garlic.  By doing this, constipation gets relief soon.

 13. Apple cider vinegar is commonly used to treat indigestion.  Apple cider vinegar is also very beneficial to remove stomach gas.  The enzymes present in apple vinegar treat digestion and also help alkalize your body, making you feel extremely comfortable and gas.  It makes your stomach light and gives quick relief.

 14. Baking soda is also known as sodium biocarbonate.  It acts as an effective antacid to remove stomach gas.  This mixture becomes even more effective if you mix it with lemon juice.

15. Fennel is one of the best ingredients for gas and flatulence.  It acts as a carminative, with the help of which it helps in removing gas.

 16. You must adopt Yoga and Kapalbhati Pranayama in your life.  Do not make your life monotonous, in any way entertainment or in different ways, definitely include juice in life.

 17. If there is any kind of disease in the body, you must tell your doctor about the problem of gas because there are some medicines etc.  Helps our body to execute.  Due to which your problem may increase further.

 18. Must include sprouted food in your morning meal like fresh fruits, green vegetables, curd, salty porridge, thin khichdi, lassi must be consumed.

 This type of patient must include bread of coarse flour, spinach, green vegetables, parwal, bathua, cucumber, cucumber, tomato, cabbage in their diet.

 19. After 15 minutes of the meal, taking 2 grams of black pepper powder and black salt in a glass of water mixed with lemon juice, provides relief in gas problems very quickly.

 20. If you have gas problem then you should eat only three rotis if you are hungry.  By doing this, the condition of gas gets relief.

 21. Make sure to fast for 1 day in a week, during the fasting period only lemon and glucose should be consumed.

 22. This type of patient should stop consuming rich and spicy food items in the market.

 23. Do not stop stool and urine, by doing this you may suffer from gas problem.

 24. Take eight grams powder of dry ginger and carom seeds, a pinch of black salt in a cup of lukewarm water daily in the morning and evening.

 25. Such a patient must walk and do yoga in the morning and evening.

 26. In case of gas problem, compressing the stomach with a rubber bottle gives very quick benefits.

 27. In case of gas problem, to remove constipation, one spoon Triphala powder, one spoon Lavan Bhaskar powder mixed together should be taken with lukewarm fresh or lukewarm water before sleeping at night.  This clears the stomach quickly.

 28 Asafoetida is a panacea for gas.

If there is a problem of gas, definitely put asafetida in your food and by applying asafetida around your navel, stomach upset goes away very quickly, so increase the amount of asafetida in your food.

 Asafoetida is considered a very effective remedy for gas.  It has properties that help in reducing problems like indigestion and gas.

 We can use asafoetida in three ways.

 first way-
 Put a pinch of asafoetida in a glass of warm water and then stir the water well. Drink this mixture again. Make sure to use it two or three times throughout the day.

 Another way------

 Apart from this, you can also eat asafetida in a piece of banana.
 Follow this process twice a day.

 Third way-----
 First of all, crush the asafetida and add a little water to it.
 After the paste is ready, apply it on your stomach and wait for it to dry for a few minutes. With the help of this your gas will go away soon.  We can do this experiment for small children also.

 By adopting all these home remedies, we can treat these small diseases ourselves by staying at home.  There are many such Ayurvedic herbs in our kitchen which we can take advantage of for our health, because health is our most invaluable wealth.

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