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Title- kim Kardashian unknown facts
 I don't know Kim Kardashian today.  This is a very famous celebrities Hollywood .  But when she became the star of the reality show (  kiping up with the kardashians) in the most headlines, she is also famous for her impeccable style.  It is said about them that she tells everything about her house in front of the people with impunity.

 Kim Kardashian is also a business woman.  Manufactures brands like kkw or kkw fragrance.

 Today, through this article, we will tell you some such things about him that you have never heard before.

 unknown facts in kim Kardashian-

 1  He was able to capitalize on the fame.

 Kim Kardashian married basketball star Kirsh Hamfriz in 2011, but the couple filed for divorce after 72 days.

 Earlier, Game Kim was also married to music producer Diamond Thomas.  The two separated after 4 years.

 Kim is half American and half Armenian.  His surname Kardashian means the craftsman's son.

Kim came into limelight due to her friendship with Paris Hilton and two sex rape cases in 2007

 Before Kim became famous, Lindsay Lohan has also been stylish.

 Kim made her debut in the world of music in 2011 by releasing her album Jam.  He donated the profits from this to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

 Kim is a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence.

 Kim's favorite are Notebook and Clueless favorite movies.

 Kim has signed a $ 40 million deal with the E channel a few days ago.

 According to a report, Kim Kardashian has told that she has hired a makeup artist for her breasts and sleeves.

 Kim Kardashian was known as Kimberly Noel in her childhood.

Kim's tension tells about herself that often she sees her father in her dreams and who is sitting with her and talking a lot in the room.

 Seeing Kim Kardashian, all of you would think that she must be drinking but this is not true, but on the contrary, she may go to late night party or event associated with glamour, but she never drinks.  According to the report, Kim said that she does not drink.  Yes, if her sisters do this, then she definitely stays around them.

 Kim told in an interview that whenever she wears any jewelry, she blow-dry it, in fact I said that I cannot touch anything that is cold, so I blow dry it first.

 Kim Kardashian is one of the highest paid stars.  Whose estimated earnings are $ 40 million.

 Kim has also launched a variety of clothing stores and has also launched her own range of perfumes and has also written a book called Kardashian Confederate.

 Kim's birthday was October 21, 1980 in America.

 Kim's mother's name is Kris Jenner and father's name is Robot Kardashian.

 Kim's parents divorced in 1991, after which her mother remarried.  She has two twin sisters, Candle and Kylie, who were born after their mother's second marriage.

 She first came into limelight around 2003 for her friendship with the famous socialite, Paris Hilton.

 She gained media attention in 2007 after a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J, was leaked.

 She later filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment, which distributed the tapes.  He later dropped the suit for a settlement of 5 million.

 In 2009 she appeared as a guest star in the episode of Benefits of the TV show How I Met Your Mother.  That year it supported shoegaze shopping, and vanilla cupcake mixes replaced the bakery's 'va-va-va-nilla', the famous cupcake flavor.

In April 2009 she came out with her own DVD titled, Fit in Your Jeans Friday which was a workout DVD featuring the trainers, Jennifer Gallardi and Patrick Gaudeau.

 In August 2009, she was the guest host of the wrestling show 'WrestleMania XXIV'.  In the next year, he was seen as a guest judge on the show.

 In 2013 she appeared in the adult animated series 'American Dad.  I gave my voice.

 In 2018, Kim made a cameo appearance in the heistfilm 'Season 8'.

 A mother figure of her was uncovered in the New York City branch of Madame Tussauds in 2010.

personal life- 

 Kim Kardashian moved in with a music producer De Man To Hum at the age of 19 and filed for divorce in 2003, saying that emotional and physical abuse was the reason for our separation.

 In December 2012, she made an announcement that she was pregnant with rapper Kanye West's child and revealed that we had been dating for a long time.

 Kim Kardashian ki famous movies

 Deep in the Valley (2009)

 Disaster Movie (2008) comedy

 Temptation A Marriage Counselor (2013) Drama.

 Kim Kardashian has always been associated with controversies, and due to these controversies she has always been famous all over the world.  Controversy is one of the reasons for becoming a celebrity for some people.

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