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Tittle - Home Remedies To Increase Nails- Our nails play an important role in enhancing the beauty of our hands.  If our nails are long and beautiful, then because of this our hands look even more beautiful.  
Having long and beautiful nails is a dream of many women.  Women who have long nails, apply nail polish on their nails to make them beautiful and take many measures to prevent them from breaking.  Let us know in detail how we can make our nails long and shiny, so that it does not look dirty and unsightly.
 Causes of nail break-
There can be many reasons for breaking nails.  The real reason for this is due to the lack of calcium and iodine in our body.

 If we are not taking enough amount of calcium for the body, then because of this our nails start breaking very quickly and they grow too little.  There are many home remedies for growing nails, by adopting which we can make our nails longer.

 Home remedies to grow nails-

 Use of Garlic-
Garlic is easily available in our kitchen.  With the help of selenium in garlic, nails grow very quickly, as well as it also protects our nails from cracking and cracking.  To lengthen the nails, cut a little garlic and rub garlic juice on your nails, doing this regularly will make your nails grow very quickly in a few days.  Doing this experiment at night gives quick benefits.

 coconut oil-
Vitamin E is found in coconut oil which provides nourishment to our hair and nails, as well as makes nails strong and shiny.  After heating the coconut oil a little at night, massage it on your hands and nails, by doing this the nails grow very quickly and at the same time they also become shiny.

 olive oil-
Olive oil is also considered very good for our nails.  Massaging olive oil improves blood circulation to the skin around our nails and by massaging it, nails grow.

 Almond thickener-
We can also make our nails big and shiny with the help of Badam Rogan.  Massage the nails with almond oil daily before sleeping at night, which will help in lengthening them and if possible, you can eat four or five almonds soaked daily.

Lemon juice and mustard oil -
 By adding mustard oil to lemon juice, we can also make our nails long and shiny.
Mix lemon juice and egg white and leave it on your nails for 5 minutes as it contains vitamin C which strengthens the skin of our nails.  Daily massaging with lemon juice makes nails long and beautiful.

Vaseline and Boroplus-
Vaseline and Boroplus are two such beauty products which make our nails shiny.  Before sleeping at night, after washing your hands and nails with lukewarm water, definitely massage Boroplus or Vaseline, this will not only make our nails beautiful but will also increase strength.

Massage with Cow's Ghee-
We can also use cow's desi ghee to lengthen the nails.  Throughout the day, we keep working all day, so to take care of the nails, massage the nails only at night.  Cow's desi ghee is also considered very good for this.
Massage of raw milk - 
Massage your hands and nails with raw milk once a week.  It also whitens the hands and also maintains the whiteness of the nails.  Due to which the nails look more beautiful, because due to the yellow color of the nails, any type of nail polish does not look good on the nails.  If you want to make your nails white, then definitely massage raw milk.

Take calcium for nails-
To make nails longer, pay special attention to your diet, because if we do not include calcium in our food, then our nails will break and stop from growing.

Calcium is found in abundance in milk. 
Apart from milk, we can also include some such things in our diet, in which calcium is present in plenty.  For example, sesame oil is the best source for calcium.

 Nowadays, tofu is becoming very popular in the form of soya paneer.  Apart from this, it is also found in vegetables etc.

 Almonds also contain vitamin A along with calcium, which is very beneficial for our skin, hair and nails.

 Dried figs also boost our immunity and are a great source of calcium and protein.
Soak white gram overnight and eat it as a salad.  Which are considered very good for calcium.

 Calcium is also found in abundance in raw spinach, either you can eat raw spinach in the form of salad, or you can drink juice after extracting it.  By taking plenty of calcium, our nails will be white and stain-free.  Often you must have seen that there are small white spots on the nails, they are only due to the lack of calcium.  Therefore, include calcium in your diet.  If you want to make your hands beautiful and nails long, then you must include calcium in the diet.

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