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Remedies to avoid Insomnia-👇🏻
 Sleep is very important for our health. In today's fast paced era, we have lost our peace and sleep.  Most of the people dream while sleeping about the successful moments in life, if you have a habit of thinking too much then this problem will increase and your muscles get tensed due to the mind being engaged in thinking,  So you may find it difficult to sleep.  To calm the mind and relax the muscles, meditation, deep breathing or meditating in bhajan kirtan can solve this problem.

 During sleep the muscles of the body remain stable and they are refreshed.  There is very little movement of the arms and legs, but during sleep, the muscles around the eyes and eyelids remain in a twitching state instead of opening comfortably.  The other muscles have to do the work of turning sides even when they are at rest.  That is, the torso has to work more than the normal state.  During sleep the rate of heart and breathing slows down and the body temperature also drops.  Lack of sleep makes us tired and lifeless.  Getting good sleep is very important to get rid of stress.

There was no sleep. Insomnia itself is a terrible disease.  It has many side effects, some people get less or late sleep due to this problem.

 Home remedies for sleep-
 1- Before sleeping, wash the feet with lukewarm water by adding salt and then massage mustard oil especially on the soles.

 2- After washing the feet and wiping them with a cloth, remember the Lord with a calm mind.  This is an experienced experiment.  This increases the light of the eyes and the nostrils have been told by the brain that as soon as the name of God is chanted, the mind becomes like a narcotic fun.

Applying a little rose perfume on the head gives good sleep by sleeping.

 This remedy is very useful for elders, due to its application, sometimes cough starts coming.  That's why sleep is lost, old people become victims of this quickly.

Taking five grams Ashwagandha powder with 4-  liter buffalo milk regularly is a surefire medicine for insomnia disease.

 5-  Always be optimistic that what happens is good, while sleeping with these thoughts, leave the world with one's illusion and worry about tomorrow on the Supreme Lord, you will get inner satisfaction and tomorrow's new morning will be very good, think and take a long breath  Take God and leave everything and go to sleep.

6- Grind the kernels of watermelon seeds and white poppy seeds separately and mix it with 3 grams of powdered honey and take it in the evening, it will help to sleep well at night, blood pressure will be reduced, headache will be cured.

 Take one to 3 weeks of this experiment

 Try it, you will definitely get benefit from it.

 Sieve 7-six grams full of water with a cloth and mix 20 grams of sugar candy and take 4-5 spoons once, do this for 2 weeks, by doing this you will get rid of the problem of sleeplessness.

Make a powder of 8 - 5 grams of mint leaves honey and dry leaves and put it in water and filter it after 2 minutes and mix it with two spoons of honey and take it every night before sleeping, it will give you a deep sleep.

 9-  After eating a sweet apple marmalade before sleeping, you drink half a cup of warm milk, this is also a very useful and effective remedy for sleep.

 This removes the weakness of the brain, anyway, drinking warm milk before sleeping makes you sleepy.

 Curd in the dawn, whey in the middle period, hot milk in the night, whatever you do by drinking hot milk, they should follow this rule.

 10- Peepla root is useful in sleep disorders, grind it finely and filter it and drink 2 grams of it with water or milk, if there is pain in any part of the body, it goes away in 1 hour.  We get it from the grocer's shop.

 11- Applying meditation is always good for health benefits-
 There are many useful solutions.  Hence it is good for maintaining the overall health of your body.  Make sure to meditate for 10-20 minutes before going to bed.  It will relax your body and induce a deep sleep. Even if meditation is not done then reading Hanuman Chalisa also helps in falling asleep very quickly.  This is an experienced experiment.

  12-  Our diet for good health and sleep. Very important.  Avoid heavily spiced or market foods as they can cause acidity or indigestion, which can affect sleep.  It is suggested to have a light meal and drink warm milk two to three hours before going to bed for a proper digestion and sound sleep.

 13- Saffron has many properties that help in the treatment of insomnia.  Mix two pinches of saffron in a cup of warm milk and consume this mixture before sleeping at night.

 After taking any one of these remedies, you can get rid of this problem.  Sleeping late in the night and getting up late in the morning is considered contrary to health. It is considered right to take good and peaceful sleep after 9 o'clock and get up early in the morning.

 Make lifestyle changes-

 Avoid watching TV or working on the computer till late at night.  Avoid drinking coffee, tea or other drinks at night.
 According to ayurvedic therapy, massage of the head and shirodhara can also help in sleeping and relaxing the mind.
 Practice a sport or workout for 30 minutes every evening to allow your body to burn off the energy.  By doing this type of exercise, the body can get rid of the problem of sleep after getting tired.

 Yoga Nidra-
 Ordinary man sleeps in the night, he does not come to deep sleep, he gets dreamy sleep.  Due to which a person cannot feel freshness and vitality in the body.  His body remains tired and unsteady. Yoga Nidra gives relaxation to the body, both mentally and physically.

 Lie down on your back by laying a blanket or carpet on the ground, keeping your head in the east or south or west side without tension from the beginning.  Never keep your head towards North.  Take three deep breaths and release.  Fill the breath with enthusiasm and while exhaling, stick the stomach inside.  This asana should be done for 10 to 14 minutes.  Keep a little distance between your feet and your feet, keep your eyes closed and don't put any tension in your body, keep your hands towards the sky.  Release the neck to the right or left side.  Keep all the attention on the breath.  Try putting your mind on the toe of the right toe and the second, third, fourth, and nearest finger.  Slowly look at the sole, ankle, calf, knee, buttocks part and keep on leaving each joint loose and calm.  Similarly, focus all attention on the left toe, the nearest finger, the second, third, fourth toe, sole, ankle, shin, hip and buttocks and keep on leaving the whole body free.  Similarly, the thumb of the right hand, the near finger, the second, third, and fourth fingers of the fore-posterior, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder, etc., should be left loose and calm.

 Now to slowly return yourself to the original position, move the toes of the feet, the consciousness is being circulated throughout the body, then the fingers of the hands, the neck.  Rub both the hands together and place them on the eyelids, then slowly open the eyes and get up on the left side.

 Benefits of Yoga Nidra-
By doing this, mental stress is reduced, high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, the mind becomes calm and stable and memory power is developed.  This is a very useful and best method for insomnia.

 Last thoughts -
 If even after taking all these measures, your problem is not solved, then definitely consult your doctor and do not take any sleeping medicine without consulting, because sleeping medicines have a very bad effect on our mind and heart.  Sometimes there can be dire consequences.  Therefore, before taking any sleeping medicine, a good doctor must be consulted.

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