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Title: Benefits and Precautions for Doing Yoga and Pranayama
Useful and other.
 pranayama from the point of view of treatment.Yoga and Pranayama are very beneficial for our health.  Due to which a new energy and pure oxygen reach inside our body through breath and the polluted air gets out.  If you want to keep yourself fit, then you must take out half an hour daily for yourself and do yoga and pranayama in your life.

1. Suryabhedi or Suryaga Pranayama -
 Sitting in meditation, supplement with the right nostril, then do Kumbhaka with Jalandhara and Moolbandha and finally do exhalation with the left nostril and the time of Kumbhaka should be increased gradually, increase the frequency of this pranayama from 3 to 10 minutes.  At the time of Kumbhak, one should meditate on the solar system with effulgence and in the summer season this pranayama should be done in small quantities.

Benefits -
 Increases heat in the body, diseases arising from vata and phlegm, blood and skin defects, stomach worms, cod, gonorrhea, contagious diseases, indigestion, indigestion, gynecological diseases etc.
 Kundalini is helpful in awakening.  Old age stays away, in doing Surya Bhedi pranayama without Kumbhak, the heart rate and body's activity increases and weight is reduced.

 2. Chandrabhedi or Chandraang Pranayama 
In this pranayama, after filling the left nostril, do Kumbhak in the inner and it is best to do it with Jalandhara or Mool Bandha.  After that check through the right nostril.  In this, it is always supplemented with Chandraswar and exhaled by Suryaswar and Suryabedi is just the opposite.  At the time of Kumbhak, meditate with the light of the full moon, its practice should be reduced in winter.
Benefits - 
Coolness comes in the body, exhausts heat and exhaustion, calms the excitement of the mind.  It is beneficial in burning sensation caused by bile.

 3. Ujjayi Pranayama -
In this pranayama, while inhaling, we contract the throat and when we inhale by contracting the throat, then just as there is a sound from the throat while snoring, in the same way there is a sound from the throat while inhaling it.  There should be no friction of air in the nose.  In the beginning, instead of using Kumbhak, one should practice only supplement-laxative.  After the supplement, gradually increase the time of Kummak as much as the supplement and after a few days of practice, double the time of Kumbhak with that of the supplement.  If you want to do Kummak for more than 10 seconds, then also apply Jalandhar Bandha and Moolbandha.  In this pranayama, always closing the right nostril and doing laxative through the left nostril.

 Benefits - 
It is beneficial for those who are suffering from cold, cough, cold throughout the year, those who have tonsils, thyroid gland, insomnia, mental stress and blood pressure, indigestion, rheumatism, ascites, tuberculosis, fever, spleen etc.  Regular practice should be done to make the throat healthy and sweet and it is good for Kundalini awakening, Ajapa-jaap meditation etc.

 4. Karna Rogantak Pranayama - 
In this pranayama, by inhaling with both the nostrils, then by closing the mouth and both the nostrils, the inhaled air is pushed out, as if an attempt is made to exhale the breath out of the ears.  By pushing the breath upwards 4 or 5 times, then exhale through both the nostrils.  Doing this 2-3 times will be enough.
 It is beneficial in ear diseases and deafness.

 5. Sheetali Pranayama -
Sitting in a meditative posture, place your hands on your knees, bend your tongue like a groove and inhale through your mouth while keeping your mouth open. Inhale slowly from your tongue and fill your lungs.  After stopping for a few moments, close the mouth and exhale through both the nostrils.  After that, again by folding the tongue, exhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.  Do this 8 to 10 times.  And reduce its practice in winters.
 Specific  -
 Jalandhara bandha can also be applied with Kumbhak, people of phlegm nature and patients of tonsils should not do Sheetali and Sitakari Pranayama.

 Benefits - 
It is beneficial in diseases of the tongue, mouth and throat, cures gout, spleen, fever, indigestion etc. and reduces high blood pressure.  Beneficial in diseases of bile.  Also does blood purification.

 6.Sitkari Pranayama -
Sitting in a meditative posture, keeping the tongue above the palate and keeping the upper and lower dental row close together, keep the lips open.  Now slowly inhale through the mouth while making a 'C-C' sound and fill the lungs completely.
Jalandhar - 
Stay for as long as you can comfortably with a bandha.  Then close the mouth and exhale slowly through the nose.  Repeat this again.  Practicing 8-10 times is enough.  The practice of this asana should be reduced in winters.

 Special -
 You can also practice without Kumbhaka and Jalandhara Bandha.  At the time of supplementation, the teeth and the district should remain fixed in their place.

 Virtues - Dharma and benefits are like Sheetali Pranayama.  Diseases of throat, mouth, nose and tongue are cured of dental diseases, pyorrhea.  There is less sleep and the body remains cool.  Doing 50 to 60 is beneficial in high blood pressure.

 7. Murchha Pranayama -
In this pranayama, while closing the eyes complementary to both the nostrils, lift the head up and take it back, so that the vision remains towards the sky. Then at the end, Kumbhak is applied.  After opening the eyes, they look towards the sky and finally after Kumbhaka, closing the eyes and bringing the head to the earlier state, slowly exhales.
 Then without taking rest, do the supplement, sky vision, kumbhak all together and come back to the previous state, it is enough to do 5 times a day.

It is beneficial in headache, Ardakapari, yat tremble, nervous weakness etc., is useful in increasing eye light and increasing memory power and helps in meditation by awakening Kundalini and introverting the mind.

 8. Plavini Pranayama -

 It is a kind of air wash.  Just as water is drunk through the mouth, in the same way we drink the air continuously until the stomach is completely filled with air, then belch in such a way that all the drunk air comes out of the stomach immediately.  The contaminated air is expelled from the mouth by drinking air.

 the gain -
It is helpful in removing all diseases and hysteria of the stomach.  The worm is destroyed and the gastric fire intensifies.  Contaminated air is removed.

 9. Kevali Pranayama -
In this only do puraka-rechak, kumbhak is not done and with puraka, the word 'O' and with laxative, the word 'M' is mentally pronounced in this way, with breathing - exhalation - O 3 m' as Udgitha  Mental ajapa-jaap continues continuously.

 the gain  -
 Concentration is attained quickly and ajapa-japa is accomplished.

 10. Jalandhara Bandha -
Sitting straight in Padmasana or Siddhasana, inhale the breath. With both the hands resting on the knees, now bending the chin slightly down and applying it in the throat is called Jalandhara Bandha.  Position the vision in the Mediterranean.  The chest will be stretched forward.

 the gain  - 
 When the Ida and Pingala nerves are closed due to the hesitation of the throat, Prana enters the Sushumna and is beneficial in all diseases of the throat.
 Useful in diseases like thyroid, tonsils etc.

 11. Uddiyana Bandh-

Exhaling, release the stomach loose and lift the chest slightly upwards while doing Jalandhara Bandha.  Attach the stomach to the waist.  After doing as much as you can, take a breath again and repeat as before.  It is enough to do three times in the beginning
 Yes, the practice should be increased gradually.

 the gain-
 It removes all diseases related to stomach and by awakening the prana purifies the Manipura chakra.

 12. Moolbandh -
Sitting in Siddhasana or Padmasana, while doing external or amyantar Kummak, draw the anus and urinary organs upwards, in this bandha, the navel
 The bottom part will stretch.  It is convenient to put this bandha with Bahyakumbhak.

 the gain-
 This bandha is very helpful in awakening the Kundalini by awakening the Muladhara chakra and this bandha is very good for removing leprosy and piles and for accelerating the gastric fire.

 13. Mahabandh- 
 Applying all the three bandhas together while sitting in any one meditative posture like Padmasana etc. is called Mahabandha, from this one gets all those benefits, which are mentioned earlier, these three bandhas are engaged in Kummak.

 Relaxation -
 Practice relaxation exercises daily, this gradually loosens every part of the body.  Concentrate the mind on normal breathing. Nothing is to be thought of at this time.  After this, consider in the mind that our digestive system is becoming very strong and the mind is getting relaxed.
 The mind is becoming devoid of dualities' After this he got up with 15 deep breaths.
 To stay calm all the time, to reduce anger, start taking only 4 or 5 breaths in 1 minute, by doing this your life will also increase.The longer it lives.

 Last Pranayama Practice-
After doing pranayama, drink the juice of supreme bliss by turning the tongue upside down and applying it to the palate and stabilize the vision between the eyebrows and drink the juice that drips from the palate, it is like nectar.
 The juice of the palate which is happening in this posture, the person who drinks this juice remains young forever, there is an extraordinary increase in his happiness and good fortune.  By doing this mudra, sadhak becomes beautiful, healthy and strong by getting rid of all diseases in six months.

 Food - Eat simple, nutritious, digestible and balanced food, avoid rich, spicy and spicy food, sweets, cakes and items made from maida.  Use joe and gram flour, as well as give up smoking, gutka and tobacco etc.  Fasting is the best way to get rid of indigestion.  People who are suffering from severe indigestion, they should fast for one day in a week and use lemonade or vegetable soup.  Do not take any solid food on the day of fasting.

 In today's topic, keeping in mind the pranayama and other diseases, every type of pranayama and method of yoga has been told.  By doing yoga in this way, you can make your life healthy and pure.  Yoga itself acts as a doctor.  All we need is some rules and some diseases of meditation can be cured by yoga and pranayama.

 Take at least 20 minutes for yourself. Health is the biggest wealth, if health is right then everything in the world looks good, if health is not right then even diamonds and pearls of the world cannot look good. If you like this article  So do share with your friends and on social media.

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