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Title- Benefits of eating curd-
 Curd is easily available in all of our homes.  it is a rich diet in itself.  Eating it fulfills many needs of the body.
 When curd is formed when milk is set, it is more beneficial than milk.  If curd milk has some accumulation and some is not, then it should not be consumed.  It is considered best to consume curd with well-coagulated sweet juice and with a little sourness.

 Let us know when to eat curd and when not to eat it.
Yogurt is an important part of most people's diet.  Many nutrients are found in curd.  Eating curd daily not only keeps you fresh, but it also keeps the digestive system fine and does not cause stomach-related diseases.  Yogurt is also beneficial for osteoporosis, blood pressure, hair and bones in many ways.  Yogurt is rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and vitamin C.
 Benefits of eating curd.
 benefits of eating curd with food
 There are many benefits of eating curd with food.  It not only enhances the taste of food, but it also strengthens your digestive power.  If you eat curd after adding sugar or jaggery after eating food, then it flushes out toxins from your body through urine.

 get rid of bp problem
 Eating curd daily reduces the risk of high blood pressure to a great extent.  At the same time, curd is also useful in keeping away from diseases related to heart.

 For hair and skin.

 You can apply curd directly on the hair and skin and you can see good results very soon.  It is very good to apply curd in the hair to avoid dandruff.  For this, apply curd in the hair and wash the hair after half an hour.

 To meet calcium

 Yogurt is a good form of fat.  Yogurt has the same nutrients as milk.  Yogurt is rich in calcium.  Eating curd not only strengthens teeth and bones, but also reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

 For insomnia disease
 Eating curd reduces stress.  Yogurt is also an energy booster.  It acts as an antioxidant and also hydrates the body.  Yogurt strengthens the immune system.  Not only this, curd is also beneficial in removing the problem of insomnia.

 To reduce obesity-

As we all know that obesity gives rise to many diseases.  That is, if we reduce obesity, then we can get freedom from other diseases as well.  Yogurt prevents the increase of cholesterol in our body.  Due to which the flow of blood improves and excess fat does not accumulate in the body.  Apart from this, the use of curd is also very beneficial in problems like blood pressure.

 Curd is panacea for stomach------

 Curd is also considered to be nectar for the treatment of many diseases of the stomach.  If there is heat or burning in the stomach, drinking curd or lassi made of curd provides relief.  Apart from this, if someone has diarrhoea, then rice should be eaten mixed with curd.

 face mask is curd
 Yogurt can also be used to bring glow to the skin.  Vitamin A, phosphorous, and zinc present in yogurt help in brightening the skin.  Just mix some gram flour in curd and keep it on the face for 10 minutes.  This will also enhance the complexion of your face and the skin will also glow.  If you are worried about your oily skin, then apply honey mixed with curd.  This can get rid of oily skin to a great extent.

 To increase immunity power-----

 Consuming curd can also be very beneficial for immunity.  Especially if it contains probiotics.  Therefore, consuming curd regularly can strengthen your immune system.  And because of this, your chances of getting sick again and again are also reduced.
 Probiotics are known to reduce inflammation, which is used for a range of intestinal health problems ranging from viral infections.  According to research, in some cases, probiotics can also help reduce the severity, ranging from the common cold. In addition, yogurt is also rich in magnesium, selenium and zinc, which help in strengthening immunity.  .

 Caution for eating curd - Always consume fresh curd, do not forget to eat stale curd.  Never eat curd at night.  Do not consume curd even if the problem of cold persists for you all the time.

 When not to eat curd-

 Milk products contain casein and whey, which are proteins.  Some people may be allergic to their consumption.  Due to which you may have problems like swelling.  So if you are allergic to milk then the best solution for you is to avoid the consumption of curd.

 Many types of yogurt contain high amounts of sugar, especially those labeled as low-fat.  Consuming excess sugar can lead to many health problems, including diabetes and obesity.  Therefore, while buying curd, keep in mind that there is no amount of sugar in it.
 It is said in Ayurveda that one should avoid eating curd at night.  Taking curd at night proves to be harmful for the body in a way.  During the night, naturally the predominance of Kapha increases in our body.  Therefore, by eating curd at night, there is a risk of many diseases related to the stomach.  According to many experts, eating curd at night can lead to food poisoning.  Therefore, eating curd at night is considered a taboo.
 Curd should always be consumed in no more than one bowl.  Curd of the milk frozen by heating increases the interest factor, remover of Pitta and Vayu and increases the Jata Ragani of all the metals.  Curd of skim milk stops diarrhoea.  The cold air factor helps in digestion of curd and also prevents stool.  Therefore, it is necessary to take all kinds of precautions before consuming curd, because if we eat undercooked vegetables or food, it will have more benefits less harm.  That is why do not compromise on any item of food, whenever you eat, eat completely right and cooked food.
 Because health is the biggest wealth, everything else can be found in the market, but not health.

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