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Tittle How to Prevent Heart Attack-
 A heart attack is medically called a myocardial infarction, and it is actually caused by a blood clot or cholesterol buildup in the heart muscle and usually in a blood vessel that supplies blood to the heart.  Due to blockage, the blood supply to the heart stops.  Therefore, the beating of our heart either becomes irregular or stops.  Due to this, we can have a heart attack. And because of this, many times heart surgery has to be done.

Due to this the heart is not able to send clean blood to various parts of the body including the brain.  In such a situation, if the blood flow is not started within five minutes, then permanent damage has been done to the brain and the patient .

 In most cases of severe heart attack, the patient is likely to die within an hour.  If during this time the patient is taken to a hospital equipped with the latest facilities of cardiac medicine, then the chances of saving his life increase.

 During a heart attack (myocardial infarction), there is severe pain in the chest and this pain starts just below the center of the chest and spreads to the surrounding areas.  In some people this pain spreads on both sides of the chest but in most people it spreads more on the left side.  This pain can reach the hands and fingers, shoulders, neck, jaw and back.
 Sometimes the pain may arise from the upper part of the abdomen instead of the chest, but it originates below the navel.  And the pain above the throat is a sign of a heart attack.  However, the intensity and extent of pain vary in different patients.

 What to do for rescue-
* In such a situation, the patient should lie on the ground or on the bed without mattress and loosen his clothes and keep clothes at least.

 * Elevate the patient's legs so that blood can reach his heart and brain, if the pulse is slow or not running, take him to the doctor without losing time.

 * In such a serious situation, when the patient becomes unconscious and the patient cannot breathe, then the patient should be massaged and artificial respiration should be given by keeping his mouth close to his mouth.  It is said and it is very helpful in saving the life of the patient.

 And even in such a condition, the patient should not take a single step.

 If the pulse is running, monitor the patient's pulse and respiration.  If the pulse is not working, then his CPR immediately.  Start and continue until you reach the hospital under the supervision of doctors.

 * If the patient is vomiting, keep his mouth in one side mode, open his mouth and stick out his tongue.  Do not attempt to make the patient stand or sit.  Do not put water or Gangajal in his mouth and do not crowd around him.

 According to some Ayurveda remedies for heart-
 1. Dry the fresh bark of Arjuna in the shade and make a powder, mix 250 grams of milk in 250 grams of water and keep it on low flame and boil it by mixing the above three grams (one tea spoon lightly filled) powder of Arjun's bark.  When boiling-boiling water dries up, the milk remains only half, then take it off, then add 10 grams sugar candy when it is potable and filter it and drink it by the patient, all heart diseases are destroyed and heart attack is prevented.

  Method of use - 
Take it once in the morning on an empty stomach and after that do not take anything for one and a half to two hours and take it regularly in the morning for a month and after that taking it regularly for three days in the beginning of the month, there is no possibility of heart attack again  .
 Use of fresh Arjuna bark in place of powder is more beneficial.  In heart diseases, the effect of powdered powder of Arjuna's water is more than that of ejection.  The disease starts reducing as soon as you suck it by placing it on the tongue.  This use is also beneficial in high blood pressure.

 2. If inflammation or swelling has arisen on the heart due to high blood pressure, then it also removes it.

 3. Apart from heart diseases, Arjuna's bark is successfully used even if there is water in various parts of the body and inflammation occurs on the body.

 4. Pomegranate, gooseberry or gooseberry jam, apple or apple marmalade, grapefruit, lemon juice, slightly warm cow's milk, barley water, raw coconut water, carrot, spinach, garlic, raw onion, small myrobalan, fennel  , fenugreek, raisins, raisins, cow's milk curd, limited use of cow's pure ghee, wheat porridge bran, coarse flour, gram and bread of mixed flour, black gram, raisins, roasted chickpeas soaked in small amounts  Regular consumption, non-polished rice, green vegetables and fresh fruits, wash and grind the products made from low-fat milk and then add seven-eight basil leaves and five-six leaves of mint in a grinder or on a cobweb.  Grind it  After that filter it with a cloth and extract the juice.  The quantity of filtered juice should be 125-150 grams.  Mix the same amount of water in that juice and the quantity of water should be 250-300 grams. Mix four ground black pepper and one gram rock salt in this juice.  Consume this juice in the morning, afternoon and night after half an hour of all three Ramya meals.

5. Fresh juice should be extracted every time.  Initially, this juice will clear the stomach for three to four days, due to which there will be some disturbance in the stomach.  Don't worry about this, then the stomach will become normal.  Heart disease is cured within a few days by taking it and the patient can be saved from any surgery.

 6. The patient should walk about five-six kilometers daily. Heart patients are required to completely give up meat, alcohol, smoking etc.  It is also necessary to walk four to five kilometers.  Don't go too fast, go slowly.

 7. Pomegranate gives strength to the heart and pineapple removes heart disease.  Reduces protein, facilitates blood flow.

 8. Amla removes the stiffness of blood vessels, makes the veins flexible and removes cantaloupe tube infection.  Banana strengthens the heart. Papaya strengthens the heart and Phalsa is very good.

 9. Bael and Strawberry are heart-strengthening fruits. And apple is the most heart-strengthening fruit.

 10. Soak four cloves in water overnight, grind it in the morning and drink it after dissolving it in water.

 11. Eating four walnut kernels regularly is beneficial in heart disease attack.

 12. Making decoction of bark of Arjuna and drinking it daily is very beneficial.

 13. Nagar betel leaf: Grind it and dissolve it in half a glass of water and drink it.

 14. Eat 20 grams of Chilgoje daily for two months, grind walnuts and drink it mixed with water.

 15. After soaking 250 grams of tamarind seeds in water for 4 days, after drying the peel, mix one-fourth spoon of sugar candy with milk in the morning or after roasting 250 grams of the peel and take 2 teaspoons of sugar candy with milk in the morning.

 16. Take one-fourth spoonful of dry fruit powder of peepal ganache with milk.

 17. After breaking the ripe fruits of banyan, dry and take powder equal to half spoon of sugar candy with milk in the morning and evening.

 18. Mix 2 spoons juice of raw turmeric with 2 spoons honey and take 3 spoons powder of Singhanda flour with warm milk once daily.

 19. Heart patients get benefit by taking half a spoonful of basil root or seed with milk daily.

 20. Mix 3 spoons of Amla juice, 3 spoons of honey and drink it regularly.

 21. Grind one ajwain and sugar candy in equal quantity with one glass of buttermilk food and take half spoon with milk daily in the morning and evening.

 22. Eating two ripe bananas, two spoons of honey gives strength to the heart.

 23. Take 2 spoons of dry amla powder equal to sugar candy with water in the morning and evening daily.  All these remedies are beneficial for heart patients.

 What to do to get instant relief in heart attack

 Insult Vayu Mudra Yoga Vidhi-

 1: Shortness of breath in case of heart attack and shortness of gas, Apanavayu Mudra to get instant relief in case of restlessness: Sitting in an easy posture (near the thumb) keep the index finger touching the root of the thumb.  And by touching the tip of both the middle fingers (except the cusp) with the tip of the thumb, keep it for 15 to 20 minutes by applying slight pressure.  This is another panacea recipe.

 2: Mix one spoon betel juice, one spoon garlic juice, one spoon ginger juice, one spoon honey, mix these four juices together and drink.  There is no need to add water to it. Drink it once a day in the morning and once in the evening.  Use it free from stress and worry.

 3: If there is any other difficulty in the heart, then take the medicine which you have been taking.  This recipe is 21 days old.  In the future, if you continue to take this medicine at one time every morning, then heart disease will not decrease.

 Note - Birth control pills increase the risk of fatal blood clot formation in women.  According to doctors, Desogestrel or Gestone hormone is used in birth control pills, which can prove to be dangerous.  Levonor gestrel was used in older contraceptives.

 which was relatively safe.
 Scientists say that women using these contraceptives for the first time are at higher risk of blood clots and if the clot travels with the blood in the circulatory system, the lungs can stop working.

 5: If the person's heart is not beating, then start giving him CPR.

 6: If you do not know how to give CPR, then put your hands on the person's chest and press his chest 100 to 120 times in a minute.

 7: If the person is not allergic, then give him an aspirin tablet to chew. And if possible, call the nearest doctor at home.

 8: Do not leave the person alone before helping in any situation.

All these remedies have been written according to Ayurveda and with the permission of experienced doctor, but to do them, please consult your nearest doctor.

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