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Title- How to reduce obesity-  Obesity is a type of disease, there are two main reasons for its occurrence.  One is genetic, that is, the obesity that is inherited from the family, because sometimes if our parents are obese, then our children will also be born fat, and due to the wrong way of eating, we become a victim of obesity because some people eat food.  Live for and while the truth is that to live not to eat is to eat.

Identification of obesity in general-

How to identify if you are obese
As many inches as the height of the body, the same kilogram should be the weight of the body.  If the body length is less and the weight is more then it means that your body fat is increasing.
 If it is more than this, then it will be called thick and if it is less then it will be called thin.
 Remedies to reduce obesity-
There are only two main ways to remove or avoid obesity.
 The first is food improvement and the second is daily physical labor.
 Do not consume foods that are high in carbohydrates.
 Do not eat things made from oil, ghee, dalda.  

 Make the routine like this -Wake up early in the morning and drink a glass of warm water by squeezing a lemon in it and mixing two spoons of pure honey in it and take a walk for some time.  After feeling the feeling of cleaning the stomach for some time, go for defecation.

 After this, after brushing the teeth, go out for a walk and must walk three-four kilometers every day.  Those who do not want to go out, take a walk on the roof of their house.  You can do light exercises at home.

 In the morning, take light juicy, fruit, butter and homemade whey for breakfast.  Eat barley flour bread for lunch
 Boiled vegetables, raw salads, soups.  Take fruit juice in the third half.  Do not drink water immediately after a meal

 To reduce obesity, eat less bread in the meal and take more vegetables, raw salads and soups and use more and more water without sugar and lemon works to cut fat.

 Sleep less during the day and fat women should do household chores themselves as much as possible.  In this way obesity will not increase, freshness and vitality will come in the body.

 The body will become beautiful, healthy and radiant.  Anger, worry and grief all destroy health and beauty.

 So always stay away from them.
 Keep the weight under control.  Obesity not only invites diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, joint pain among other diseases.  Rather, a fat person starts looking older before time.

 To keep the weight under control, obese men should take a diet of 1500 calories per day and women with 1200 calories, if you eat more calories than what, then the benefit is less, then only obesity will increase.

 Enemies of obesity
 Use less and less of the three enemies of health in your food, sugar, salt, ghee containing more sugar and carbs, by consuming food, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases are born and the danger to our life increases.

 Reduce the use of salt
 Eating too much salt leads to high blood pressure.  Use more and more fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet.  These food substances act as the lifeguard of the body, which is rich in all kinds of vitamins, mineral salts, anti-oxidants and fiber.

 Apple vinegar --
 Mix apple vinegar in a glass of water and mix the whole mixture well, then add a spoonful of honey in the glass. Now drink this mixture after stirring it well.

 Drink this mixture twice a day.
 the gain- Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are great sources of acetic acid.  It exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity activities and slows down the process of weight loss.

 Ashwagandha powdar --- -
 Take Ashwagandha powder in the morning on an empty stomach with hot water, Ashwagandha helps in obesity due to stress.  In a state of extreme stress, a hormone called cortisol is produced in excess.  Due to this there is more hunger.  According to Ayurveda, Ashwagandha lowers the level of cortisol in the body.

 Triphala -
 Take one spoon Triphala powder 200 ml at night.  Soak it in water.  Boil it in the morning till it becomes half.  When the water is lukewarm, mix two spoons of honey in it and drink it.  You will definitely lose weight in a few days.  Triphala flushes out the toxins present in the body.

Amla is rich in Vitamin-C, which is an excellent anti-oxidant.  It helps in flushing out the toxic elements from the body.  It helps to increase metabolism and burn calories.  It increases the immunity of the body and reduces weight very quickly. You can also eat it raw and drink juice.

 Use more wheat flour and consume less rice products.  Foods made from wheat flour such as roti etc. should be consumed more and food items made from rice should be consumed at least.

 Radish juice -
Radish juice is a very beneficial and panacea remedy to reduce obesity.  This is an experienced experiment.  By drinking a glass of radish juice every day, within a month, your obesity will become fuzzy.  If you want to lose weight very quickly, then use radish juice.

 obesity related diseases
 Increasing obesity increases the risk of getting cancer.  According to the Cancer Agency of the World Health Organization, being overweight and not exercising increases the risk of developing cancer in the breast, kidney and other parts of the body.

 Doctors of International Cancer Research say that whatever your weight is, keep it constant, do not let it increase at all because weight gain increases the risk of cancer.

 The simple way to avoid obesity is to increase the number of calories you expend.  Only food with less calories should be eaten.  An average working man needs 2350 calories and a woman needs 1800 calories per day.  Which is 400 grams of cereals, 60 grams of pulses, 100 grams of green leafy vegetables, 75 grams of other vegetables, 75 grams of root vegetables, 50 grams of fruits, 250 grams of milk, 25 grams of fat (dhi) and 30 grams of sugar and a little in fruit juice.  On adding sugar and frying the vegetables, their calorie content is completed.
 Water has no calories, but sugar has a lot.  Calories doubled and tripled.
 Therefore, before eating like this, definitely think once because what we are eating will definitely cause some demerits in our body, if you really want to be thin, then you have to keep your food and drink under control, only then stay thin.  possible .

When should I consult a doctor for obesity?
If your body weight is increased, and due to this you have to face minor problems, then it is common.  If due to obesity you start feeling short of breath or pain in the ankles and joints, if you are not able to do normal routine well, then visit the doctor and solve this problem quickly, otherwise your life will be affected due to increased obesity.  There can also be danger.

All information and articles available on this site are for educational purposes only.  The information given here should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any health related problem or disease without expert advice.  A qualified physician should always be consulted for medical examination and treatment.

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