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Title- Remedy for de-addiction-
 In today's article, you can get rid of this problem by taking some home and useful measures to get rid of intoxication.  As many people are suffering from diseases as many people are troubled by drugs.  Intoxication of any kind is not good, whether the intoxication is of alcohol or someone else, but by taking a little understanding and some measures, we can get rid of the habit.

  1• To get rid of alcohol intoxication, squeeze a lemon in a cup of water and drink a cup as many times as needed.  Take out the juice of one cup of two apples and drink it.

 2.  Special if drinking excessive alcohol puts life in danger, then lick 25 grams of desi ghee mixed with 25 powdered sugar or sugar.

 3. Supportive treatment: - Pour cold water on the head.
 4• Feeding guava or ground coriander - It is very beneficial to feed alcoholic to get rid of intoxication.

5. To get rid of the habit of alcohol-
By drinking apple juice frequently and eating apples with food, that is, by using more apples, one gets rid of the habit of alcoholism.  Apart from this, addiction like opium etc. is also removed from it.  Or if boiled apples are consumed three to four times a day to the patient, then within a few days the habit of drinking alcohol of alcoholics gets rid of and hatred arises from every intoxicant.

 6• Take 500 grams of new native carom seeds, crush it and let it soak in 8 kg (10 times) of water for 48 hours, in an earthen, glass or galvanic vessel.  Later cook on low flame, when the fourth part of water is left, take it off from the fire, mash it on the second day and fill it in the bottle, whenever there is a need for alcohol, in the amount of half a ounce (4 teaspoons) of this carom seeds is mixed with alcohol.  Drink like  By consuming it in three to four weeks, the habit of drinking alcohol is usually removed.

 7• Part of Addiction •••
 If the intoxication of cannabis has increased, then soak 30 grams of ripe tamarind pulp in 250 grams of water, churn, filter and mix 30 grams of jaggery in it and give this tamarind water.  This tamarind leaf is also very beneficial for removing the poison or intoxication of alcohol and datura.

 8• To remove dry mucus, drink 20 grams of old but good tamarind, 30 grams of jaggery dissolved in kilogram of water thrice a day.  It is expectorant and anti-convulsant.

 9• To get rid of cannabis intoxication, give buttermilk (lassi) or feed sweet fresh curd.

 10• Give lemon to suck or give lemon pickle to eat.

 11. Cannabis intoxication is removed by eating guava

 12. To get rid of the habit of tea - after boiling one clove, two black pepper and four basil leaves in one foot of water, mix some milk and sugar candy and use it in place of tea, two or three times a day, to make tea.  You can get rid of the habit. If you want, you can consume it without adding milk or sweets. This tea proves to be beneficial if any kind of poison is transmitted in the body.

 You can buy black betel nut flowers from a grocer and clean them separately and make different powders, then mix the powders of seven medicines together and keep them.  This is Saptaguna powder, it helps a lot in getting rid of the intoxication of charas, gaja etc.

 13• BD - To get rid of the bad addiction of cigarette tobacco, grind cinnamon finely and mix it with honey.

 Keep it in the vial, whenever you are addicted to cigarette, then lick the pill.

 14. By consuming onion juice regularly once daily, the toxin of tobacco gets removed and the habit of eating tobacco gradually gets rid of.

 15•Without medicine or treatment, if you do not want to take the help of the above medicine, and absolutely cannot muster the necessary conviction to quit BD tobacco or any kind of drug addiction, then the alternative is to gradually reduce BD  Or give up the addiction. And take an oath that you will never touch the cigarette or the intoxicant.  Similarly, you can get rid of the habit of intoxicants like opium etc. You can overcome it on the strength of determination power or will power. And in this way there is no more pain that the patient cannot bear.

 To get rid of the habit of opium, without informing the opium-eater, the amount equal to one-tenth of a millet grain) Opium should be reduced regularly by one rule and the patient should be fed plenty of liquids like ghee, milk etc.  Do not be afraid of minor troubles. Opium habit will be lost in a few days.  There is a need for emphasis on drinking and consumption of substances like butter, cream, ghee, pudding etc. And there is a need for determination and patience. Never take medicine to stop diarrhoea.  Opium Many people have given up the habit of consuming opium.

 Many types of poison, the method of removing the poison••••

 Grind the root of amaranth in a rice wash and drink it with ghee, all kinds of poisons are destroyed.  Grinding the root of Kodo and drinking it removes the unconsciousness of the poison.  By drinking three chullu soft water, the saliva flowing from the mouth with irritation due to eating tambul stops.  Drinking Ghrita containing sugar does not result in alcoholism. Taking Kwath of the root of Krishna (Kali Tulsi) and Akol for three nights destroys the effect of normal or artificial poison.

 The powdered paste of Kanja seeds, leaves of Varun-tree, sesame and mustard also removes the poison, there is no doubt about it.

 On the bite of poisonous insects, grind basil leaves to make a pulp and rub it on the place where the insect has bitten.  Rubbing in this way will reduce the effect of poison.  and the patient gets immediate relief

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