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Title- What to eat to avoid stress-
Every person has many desires.To get something in life, but if it is not fulfilled then tension comes inside us.  Due to which a person gives birth to a new disease inside himself.  Which is very important to solve.  If too much stress has increased in your life, then before resorting to any medicine, you can cure yourself by adopting home remedies, so it is very important to treat this disease.  Because this disease can take a terrible form one day.
 symptoms of stress -
 First of all, to know about the symptoms of this a must.  If you don't feel like going anywhere, don't like anything and just want to be alone, then stress has surrounded you.

Ways to reduce stress-
For this, first of all you need to change your lifestyle and diet, if we change our food and lifestyle, then half of the disease will end in this way.

 To deal with this disease, we have to change our lifestyle more than medicines.  This is a very bitter truth, because the way we eat and think, so does our mood.

 If you eat a lot of heavy food and stay awake till late night, then it will affect your body only due to which we will feel stressed.  So first of all you have to change your lifestyle.

What to eat to reduce stress- 
If you look at the walnut carefully, then it is like the chef of our brain.  Therefore, walnut is considered the best dry fruit for the brain.  By eating four kernels of walnuts daily, our mental balance remains balanced and we can stay away from stress.
 Omega fatty-
 If you want to reduce your stress then what should we eat for this.

 Omega fatty is the best substance for our brain, which works to make our brain functional.

 Now it is very important for us to know from what things it is obtained.  To get it in your diet, eat milk, avocado, nuts, eggs, olive oil and fish oil.  Omega 3 fatty acids are found in very good amounts in all these things, which is considered a very good diet to reduce stress.

dry fruits-
Nuts are also a very good option to reduce stress, such as almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios, etc., prove to be helpful in reducing a lot of stress from our food.  A special thing in these is that mineral elements are found.
 dark chocolate-
Eating dark chocolate is also considered very good to relieve stress or anxiety, which works to calm our mind.  Do not think of it as normal chocolate, dark chocolate is of a different kind.  It contains an element called phenylethylamine which relaxes our brain, and reduces its excitement.  So that we always remain calm.

 Use of Blackberry
Blueberries and Blackberries Anti oxides are found in blackberries to reduce stress.  Which prove to be helpful in reducing stress in any type of stress situation.  If you include blueberries in your diet, you will see the difference within a few days.

 Lassi and curd-
Use both of these in your food for lassi and curd.  Drinking a big glass of lassi reduces stress very quickly, because lassi has a lot of cooling properties, and it also proves to be good for our stomach.  It not only keeps your body cool but also keeps your mind cool and calm.

Kiwi is considered a very expensive fruit.  It is a very good fruit to reduce our stress level.  You must include it in your diet at least once a day.  If you are fighting with stress and you have a lot of trouble.  It will help you a lot.  A kind of element called triftofan is found in kiwi fruit.  Which lowers our stress hormone levels.  Do include it in your diet.

 Do not eat canned food-
If you are prone to stress, then you should stay away from the canned food in the market, because the chemical and caffeine found in these increases our stress further.  So eat home cooked food as much as possible.

milk -
We all have a habit of drinking milk since childhood, perhaps our elders knew better about it, who used to sleep after feeding us milk every night.  There is an element found in milk which reduces our stress.  Therefore, if you are suffering from stress, then sleep after drinking a glass of milk every night.  After drinking which you will get good sleep and you will feel light.
 green vegetables-
 Green vegetables are also a great option to reduce stress.  All kinds of vitamins are found in green vegetables.  Which are necessary for our body, so definitely include green vegetables and salads in your diet.

 Keep yourself relaxed
Take deep breaths and release slowly to relax yourself.  Including such breathing and exhalation and exercise and yoga in the routine is a powerful technique that reduces our stress.

 * listen to music
To reduce stress, definitely listen to your favorite music because music plays a very important role in reducing our stress.

 Due to which both our body and mind become calm, so whenever you are under a lot of stress, then definitely listen to music in low voice.

*  Take a morning walk
Both doctors and science definitely recommend morning walk to the patients suffering from stress.  If you are also suffering from stress, then definitely start morning walk in your daily routine, because morning is the most peaceful environment.  The morning air is very pure and good for our mind.  With pure oxygen going inside the brain, stress is reduced and we feel good.

pay attention-
To escape from this bad situation, take your mind away from the worldly world for a while and focus your attention on Truth and God, this will give you ultimate peace.

 In the modern era, we have started knowing it more by the name of such meditation.

 tell the truth-
The root of mental stress is speaking untrue.  To act untrue.  It takes many lies to prove one lie to be true.  Due to these things, tension increases in the mind, which we can fix by speaking the truth.
Last thoughts- 
Happiness and sorrow are two parts of life. It is not possible that there should be happiness every moment in a person's life. Time does not know when it turns into sorrow.  Therefore, a person who does not lose his balance in favorable adverse circumstances like profit, loss, happiness and sorrow, etc., never suffers from mental stress.  Therefore, whatever the situation comes, accept it as the will of God and keep yourself away from mental stress.
Those who have all the comforts, have enough money and property, those people are also suffering due to mental and emotional stress.

 Well-known experts of the world are of the opinion that diseases like heart and high blood pressure and sugar are caused due to mental stress and anxiety.  So bear every situation and take care of your health, because our health is a priceless treasure.

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