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Tittle- Causes and symptoms of stress- Depression is a problem that we are not easily aware of.  By the time it is detected, the patient's problem becomes very serious.  If you see any of your close ones suspicious of this disease, then let us know what are its symptoms and for what reasons a person falls in the grip of this disease. 
 Do not have such an illusion about this disease that it can never be cured.This disease can be cured very quickly with the help of yoga and medicines.  It is very important for such a patient to get maximum support and love from the family.

  Symptoms of Depression----
 Unhappiness, laziness, lack of happiness, feeling bad, lack of interest or pleasure in work, urge to cry again and again.  We are aware of all these things.  But when all these symptoms stay for a long time in our life and affect us a lot, then it is called depression.

 Depression is a type of mental health disorder.  In particular it is a mood disorder.  People with depression have different experiences.  It is important to understand that mood swings are different from depression.  
We experience mood swings in our normal and healthy life as well.

 Our temporary and emotional reactions to our lives do not lead to depression.  If we remain sad and hopeless for a long time then it can cause your depression problem.

 Depression is considered a serious medical condition.  Which can get worse without proper treatment.  People who get treatment often see an improvement in their symptoms in a few weeks. Therefore, do not run for any witchcraft as soon as the symptoms of this disease appear.  Its correct treatment is possible with Ayurveda, Allopathy, and Pranayama.

 Types of Depression------ major depressive disorder.
 In major depression, a person goes into deep despair and hopelessness.  
The main symptom of major depression is a combination of 
symptoms - 
disturbances in working, reading, sleeping, and eating.  In Major Depression, a person goes into deep despair and hopelessness.  Major depression can happen only once, but it often happens several times in a lifetime.

 Psychotic Depression------Of those who are hospitalized for psychotic depression, about 25% suffer from psychotic depression.  In addition to the symptoms of depression, people with psychotic depression also experience symptoms such as hallucinations, irrational thoughts, and fear and ghosting.

 Dysthymia and chronic depression ----

 Dysthymia is referred to as long-lasting depression.  For dysthymia to be recognized, it must last for at least two years in adults and one year in children or adolescents.
 It is not a severe form of depression, but its symptoms can last for many years.  People who suffer from dysthymia are usually able to function normally but always seem unhappy.  Dysthymia and major depression are different.  Symptoms of dysthymia are less than those of major depression.

 Seasonal Effective Disorder:------
Seasonal Affective Disorder comes at the same time every year.  Usually it starts in winter and ends in spring or early summer.  A rare form of Seasonal Affective Disorder is "Summer Depression. It begins in the spring or early summer and ends in late spring.
 People who suffer from Seasonal Affective Depression have symptoms of major depression such as sadness, irritability, loss of interest in normal activities, avoidance of social activities and lack of focus.  It is highest in the months of March and September, at this time even a normal person feels sad.

 Bipolar Depression ------In this depression, the mind remains very sad or very happy for several weeks or months continuously.  Negative thoughts come in sadness and high thoughts in manic depression.  In this, the mind of the victim keeps going alternately in two different and opposite states.  In this disease there is a sudden change in the behavior of the person.  Sometimes the patient is very happy and sometimes very sad.  It is different from bipolar depression disorder.

 symptoms of depression ----
 The symptoms of depression can vary according to the type of depression.  Depression not only affects your thoughts and feelings, it can also affect your work and your relationships with others.  So let's know.

 How to identify the symptoms of depression want to cry.

 the sadness
 trouble working
 get angry
 not participating in pleasurable or fun activities
 too much sleep or too little sleep
 decrease in energy
 craving unhealthy food
 be worried
 stand apart from others
 trouble making clear decisions
 poor performance at work or school
 to be guilty
 having suicidal thoughts
 headache or muscle aches
 To be stubborn

 Causes of depression-
 If there is a history of depression in your family - If there is a history of any other mental disorder in your family, then you are more likely to have depression.
 Childhood trauma can sometimes affect the way your body reacts to fear and stressful situations.

 brain structure -
 Your risk of depression is higher if the "frontal lobe" (the front part) of your brain is less active.

 Other diseases-
Certain illnesses can increase your risk of depression, such as chronic illnesses, insomnia, chronic pain, or ADHD.
 Taking drugs – a history of alcohol or drug abuse can increase your risk of developing depression.  About 20% of people who have ever been addicted to drugs become victims of depression.

 low self-esteem or being self-critical
 mental illness
 personal history
 side effects of some medicines
 Stressful events, such as the death of a loved one, financial problems.
 Break up of friendship etc.

 There are many effective ways to prevent the onset of depression or recurrent depression.  These measures include -

 Take care of yourself - 

don't ignore your physical and mental health
 Follow a regular routine
 Pay attention to your diet and make sure it is a healthy and balanced diet
 Work on your self esteem and confidence.  This will make you more capable of dealing with difficulties.

 Enlist the help of friends and family - don't distance yourself from them
 Find ways to deal with stress.  For example, start work according to your interest.

 Read inspirational books.  You can watch motivational movies or videos.
 can listen to music.
 Meditation can be done.
 can dance.

You can do yoga and exercise.
 Getting help at the right time can prevent depression. Do not start taking medicine on your own when you feel depressed.
 Try to develop a positive attitude towards life.

 How long the depression lasts depends on our lifestyle.  If you want, you can cure this disease even in 1 month and if you do not want then you can be a victim of it for life too.  This disease is in the hands of you and your loved ones.  It's not impossible to fix it.  It can be cured with every effort.

 Depression is a serious illness, and many patients with depression have recurrent episodes of depression.  But to get out of it, treatment is possible around us and at home.
 The ray of hope is the first step of this disease.  Adopt positive thinking and run away from this disease.
 In today's era, there are a number of treatments and tools that can be used to help reduce symptoms as well as reduce the occurrence and severity of episodes of depression.

 Depression can be chronic, but it is absolutely possible to manage it.  Because this disease is not a serious disease.  It is just a disease related to our mind.  If the mind is right, then we can cure this disease on our own.
 Therefore, if you are troubled due to this disease of someone of yours, then first of all give love and support to such a patient.  Don't feel bad about him, because he is a victim of illness, not us. The way we take care of a patient suffering from a disease like cancer, in the same way, there is a need to take care of the victim of depression.  He needs our love and sympathy, so never deal with such a patient with anger.  If you want to cure him then keep in mind never leave such a patient alone because thoughts of leaving the world keep coming in his mind.  Therefore, along with medicines, give him both love and support.

 If you are very upset because of your own depression, then definitely share this life Leela of Shri Krishna to them.  Take a lesson from this that Shri Krishna has lost so much as soon as he was born, yet he should always be happy in his life.  Because his positive thinking was his biggest strength.

 Why depression?
 How much was left out of Shri Krishna..!  
First the mother left, then the father left..!  Then the one who met Nanda-Yashoda,
 He also left.
 Friends left..
 Radha also left.  Gokul left. Then left Mathura..  Throughout his life, something kept missing from Shri Krishna.    If not left, then divinity, smile and positivity thinking did not leave..
 Shri Krishna is a symbol of celebration, not of sorrow for lessons.
 Even after leaving everything, how to be happy, no one can teach better than Shri Krishna...!! 
 So always be happy, always keep smiling.. and agree to the will of the Lord.  Whatever he is doing, he is doing good for us.  Because God always does good for us, not bad.

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