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Tittle- Health Benefits of Eating Amla -
 Amla has as much anti-disease, blood purifier and semen-enhancing element as there is in any other thing or medicine in the world.  Therefore, the seekers of health and happiness should give a prominent place to gooseberry in their diet.

 By consuming about 20 grams of Chamanprash regularly with a glass of milk, you can get its miraculous benefits and you will become familiar with the properties of this fruit.
 It is the best fruit to provide instant energy.

 Chew two ripe strong green gooseberries after visiting in the morning regularly during the amla season, and if you cannot eat raw gooseberry like this, then mix its juice and honey and drink it.

  1. Benefits of eating Amla-
 If there is no season of amla, then after grinding dry gooseberry and filtering it with a cloth, take 3 grams of amla powder mixed with honey or with water at night at bedtime.  By using this gooseberry daily for three to four months, a person can transform himself.

2. Consuming amla daily increases appetite and digestion power.

 3. To increase immunity - Consuming gooseberry on an empty stomach in the morning increases the immunity of our body.  Because Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla.  Along with this, Amla removes toxins from our body.  Eating raw amla or drinking its juice on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial.  Amla also has the power to fight with fungal infections and bacteria.

 4.  Eating amla leads to deep sleep, headache goes away, mental and masculine power increases.

 5. With the use of Amla, the teeth become strong, the hair becomes black and shiny, there is an increase in radiance, radiance, and a person can remain young till old age.

 6. Due to the anti-disease properties of gooseberry, it protects itself from diseases, and a person attains a long life by staying healthy always.

 7. Amla is rich in fiber, which keeps the digestive system of our body fine, and gets rid of stomach problems. Consuming gooseberry on an empty stomach improves digestion very quickly.  Consuming it on an empty stomach provides relief in constipation and acidity.

 8. In case calcium is found in very high quantity, eating amla strengthens bones and relieves joint pain.  Amla also contains potassium which is very important for the muscles of the body.

 9. Chromium inside amla is considered to be the best source.  Which lowers the blood sugar level of our body and also helps in controlling diabetes.  Apart from this, it also reduces high BP.

 4. By using Amla, a person becomes like a youth.  It is health savior in every way.  Regular consumption of gooseberry murabba purifies the blood, and there is no disease left.

 5.  Amla removes the vata of our body and keeps the liver fine, and increases the power of the senses.

 6. Grinding gooseberry chutney with salt ends constipation, burning sensation and body heat.  Consuming Amla chutney mixed with sugar candy and black salt improves memory.  And the head and body remain healthy.

 7  With this, the hair will remain black forever and there will be no cold as well.

 8. To look beautiful, grind dried gooseberry with water and take a bath on the body, wrinkles do not occur in the body.  Grind dry gooseberry and sesame seeds and take a bath after massaging, it increases the radiance of the body.

 9. Use of gooseberry is very beneficial in skin diseases.  Applying its powder mixed with oil gets rid of itching forever.

 10. Dried amla is easily available in the market from the grocer's shop, and even when it is in season, a lot comes in the market.  Due to the presence of vitamin C in it, it is very beneficial for our skin because it is very important to take vitamin C to maintain the glow in our skin, because vitamin C is not stored in our body, it has to be taken everyday.  Vitamin C which we get only from sour substances and Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla.

 11. The biggest reason for eating gooseberry is because vitamin C is found in abundance in it. Amla contains 10 times more vitamin C than orange.  Heart diseases can be avoided by eating amla every day.  Vitamin C found in amla helps us in fighting many diseases because vitamin C cannot be stored in our body. We can store it for our body only by eating it daily.

 11. By applying gooseberry oil, we can get rid of all kinds of hair problems very quickly.

 12. Consuming gooseberry juice proves to be very beneficial in case of anemia.  It is helpful in producing red blood cells in our body, and fulfills the lack of blood.

 13. Amla is considered like nectar for our eyes, because eating it helps a lot in increasing eyesight.  Consuming gooseberry with honey daily can also end the problem of cataract.

 14. Amla is also considered very good for the strength of our teeth and removing cavity.  Mixing a little camphor in amla juice and applying it on the gums provides relief.

16. Amla is such a fruit with many qualities which is easily available to us.  Therefore, if you also want to keep your health healthy, then definitely use gooseberry.

 Because health is the greatest wealth, there is no greater wealth in the world than health.

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