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 The brain is such a part of our body, which works to remember every event in our life.  With ageing, the memory of a person also starts getting weak.  Due to which we remember old things, but some problems start in remembering new things.  It usually becomes a common problem after crossing the age of 50.  We can increase our memory by adopting some home remedies to increase our memory.

 Let us know in detail how to overcome the weakness of memory power.
What is memory power-
 Memory power is one such major power of the brain.  Because of which the knowledge that we get from seeing and hearing is protected and then it is the work of memory to reveal it on time.

 If the memory power of a person is not correct, then his whole body is also of no use, because every work of our body is related to the mind.  If anywhere in the body is being sore, then our brain indicates to us that where in the body, where is the pain and where is the sore.  All these things are done by the mind itself.  My sense of saying is that if there is no memory of the mind, then the body is completely mud.  You must have seen many times that a person's breathing continues, if a person is in a coma then he is of no use because his brain does not work at that time.

The power to receive is also called Megha Shakti.
What to eat to increase memory-
Now we have to understand that to keep our memory right, what should we eat so that our mind remains healthy and our memory also remains in balance, because with age it gradually starts decreasing.

 To enhance our memory, we can fix this problem by consuming a balanced diet and by including adequate amount of protein, vitamins, mineral salts, etc. in the food.

Consumption of Brahmi-
Brahmi is one such herb which helps a lot in enhancing our memory.  It will get a lot of description in Ayurveda to increase memory, so take two spoons of Brahmi with milk twice a day.

Ashwagandha is also one such herb, which is considered very important for our body.  It is also very helpful for increasing the height of children and is also a panacea for memory.  Taking 10 grams powder of Ashwagandha with milk daily gives strength to the brain.

almonds and walnuts-
Both almonds and walnuts are such dry fruits, which are considered very useful for nourishing the brain.  To remove the weakness of the brain, soak five almonds and walnuts daily and consume it in the morning.  It also gives strength to our brain and enhances our memory.

 Henna seeds-
Grind eighty-eight seeds of henna and take it with pure honey thrice a day in the morning, afternoon and evening; it ends weakness of the brain and improves memory.  There is also relief in headache.

 Fennel and sugar candy-
 Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of fennel and sugar candy.  Now taking two spoons after meals in the morning and evening improves our memory.

 Apple consumption-
 By consuming apple, the weakness of the brain and memory power is completed very quickly.  You can eat apple cider vinegar or an unpeeled apple every day. This remedy also enhances the health of the brain and helps in speeding up memory.
 Take a big seeds- 
 Big fruit seeds are very helpful in enhancing our memory.  By consuming them regularly, the ability to increase the power of our brain becomes more.

 gooseberry jam-
Gooseberry jam is said to be a memory booster, so to increase your memory, definitely eat two gooseberries in the morning and evening, because it has important properties to increase potassium, calcium, protein carbohydrate, memory.

 To increase memory-
 Use more pulses because protein is found in abundance in them and protein is a panacea for our brain.
 Grinding soaked almonds or consuming dried almonds in any way is also a better solution for the brain.
Melon seeds, small seeds , big seeds also prove to be very helpful in increasing the memory power.

 Carrot and Beet-
 Carrot and beetroot salad is also considered very good for our brain.  Both of these also have many properties to increase memory.
 Coriander powder-
 By making a decoction by boiling coriander powder or after making a powder with one spoon of sugar candy and eating it, the memory power increases very quickly.

 Flax seeds and oil-
 Flaxseed oil also enhances our memory, and sharpens the power of the mind, and increases the power of thinking.  By consuming flax seed oil regularly, you will not have brain related disorders.

 Cinnamon is very easily available in our kitchen, it is not only a spice but it is a very good medicine.  It is the best medicine for weak brain.  Taking a small spoonful of cinnamon powder mixed with honey regularly at bedtime provides relief in stress and improves memory as well.
 Nutmeg is easily available in the market.  It is a dry fruit with a hot taste.  Eating this will never cause forgetfulness.  Therefore, definitely include it in your diet every day.
Black pepper-
 Black pepper may be very small in appearance, but it is full of qualities.  It proves to be very beneficial in increasing the weakness and memory power of our brain.  Mix it with butter and consume it.

 Honey and cream-
 By licking honey and cream after waking up in the morning, mixing one spoon of honey in two spoons of cream, our memory is very good.  This is the best solution for small children because young children eat it very easily.

to increase memory
 Include yoga
To keep your memory right, definitely include yoga in your life.  Do yogasanas and pranayama meditation regularly in the morning.  In yoga, practice Sarvangasana, Shirshasan, Dhanurao, Madarasana, Mayurasana and Halasana.

 Sit comfortably in any quiet place.  Stabilizing the meditation, do Bhramari Prayana and after that close the eyes and focus on the breath slowly, open the eyes and gaze at the tip of the nose for a few seconds and open the eyes and focus between the two arms.  Repeat this action over and over.

 By doing this the exhalation of breath should be slow, deep and rhythmic.  By doing this, oxygen gets to the blood in full quantity through the lungs and our memory increases due to oxygen going to the brain.  In this way, definitely include this action in your life.  These are much better solutions.

To enhance the memory, rise before the sun rises, because the Sun God is the lord of intelligence.  Offering Argh with water to the Sun God every morning before 8:00 am also increases memory power.  Instead of studying till late at night, reading early in the morning increases the memory power more.

 Keep positive thinking
 Make your thoughts positive.  Positive thoughts make life optimistic, and this gives us freedom from stress.  Stay away from negative thinking as much as possible and give rest to the mind. A very busy full life also makes our memory weak, so it is very important to give rest to the brain after the routine.

 Do not eat jank food
 If you want to stay healthy then do not consume such hot substances which are harmful for us.  For example, stay away from these things like fried roasted food, meat, liquor etc.  According to a proverb, the food will remain the same as you eat, that is, the effect of our food is definitely on our mind and mind.  So eat simple and nutritious food as much as possible.

 Practice remembering-
Using your less-used hand while opening the door can be helpful in activating a buried part of your memory.  That is why when you do brushing, tying shoelaces, buttoning shirts, sweeping etc.  This experiment is also now considered a good remedy for making memory.  You can drive your car on another route and take it to the office.  You can also tie your watch to another wrist.  This type of change increases the circulation of energy in the brain and which proves helpful in increasing our memory power.
 Must go for tour-
 Leave your senses open, for this, going for a walk in a natural place and going to see helps a lot in increasing the memory.  Look at any object or place for a long time or very carefully, by doing this your thinking power increases more.  By spending time in such a place, remembering those things makes our memory better.  You slowly think about that place and remember that what we have seen the best there, and definitely tell people about those things because by doing this our memory gets better and we can remember things.  are able to keep.
 Put ghee in the nose-
 Before sleeping at night, put two or two drops of lukewarm pure desi ghee inside the nose, if it is of cow, then it is even better by putting it in the nose, memory increases.  Apply a few drops of oil in the navel also and massage the soles of the feet with ghee.  By doing this our mind becomes completely refreshed and our memory power becomes sharp.  With these experiments also we will get good sleep and our memory will be fine.

 Symptoms of low memory power-
When the memory power of a person starts decreasing, he asks and repeats again and again without remembering the things heard.  Forgetting to keep the object at any place.  Symptoms are found in him like disinterest, laziness, irritability, weakness, feeling of hopelessness, nervousness etc.

what not to eat-
If you want to keep your memory power fine, then at this time stay away from tobacco, gutka, alcohol, any kind of intoxicant, strong tea, or coffee because it makes our memory weak.

 Last thoughts-
 Remember, along with the means to sustain life, we also need a lot of our memory power.  If we do not think that we do not have memory, then our body is of no use, so do not let the mental power of our body weaken, because memory power remembers and repeats everything that we get in our life.  Huh.  So make your body and mind strong.  Make yourself self-reliant because our health is the biggest wealth.  No wealth in the rest of the world can give us that happiness.  If our body is not good then we cannot get any kind of happiness.  Even if we have palaces and diamonds and jewels, everything is incomplete without health.

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