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Tittle- Home Remedies to Reduce Heavy Periods-
Heavy periods (excessive bleeding) This is a common problem for women in old age.  In common parlance, we call this menorrhagia.  In this, the periodus bleeding abnormally excessively or the period continues for several days.  Sometimes the flow of blood increases so much, that we have to change pads many times, and in this way many types of diseases develop in our body.  Some such symptoms are seen, such as abdominal pain, constant pain in the lower part of the abdomen, fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, change in vomiting, all these problems are seen, although this problem is very common in adolescent children.  It is rare, and this problem arises most of the time around menopause.
There can be many reasons and reasons for irregularity in menstruation, such as imbalanced hormones in the body, fibroids, miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy.  And sometimes comperti is also the reason for this.  Due to excessive bleeding in menstruation, our activities of life have a very bad effect and it also has a very bad effect on health.  Due to this there is a deficiency of iron and anemia.  In this article, some such home remedies are being told which can get rid of this problem.
 Circumstantial and Ayurvedic remedies to avoid heavy periods-

Apple vinegar-
Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial in this problem.  Take apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, it can reduce our problem to a great extent.

 Use of Fenugreek-
First of all, mix one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in two cups of water.  Boil it till the mixture reduces to half.  Now filter this mixture and then after filtering add some amount of honey to it.  Drink the lukewarm mixture and drink it two to three times a day even during periods.  This decoction is very useful for this problem.

 Use of Cinnamon-
 First of all, mix a small spoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot water. Keep this mixture to boil for some time. After boiling, add honey to the mixture and drink this mixture twice a day.

 Bablu's gum-
When there is excessive bleeding during periods.  In case of such a problem, roast the gum of acacia in ghee and grind it, now add equal weight of real gold ocher to it and filter it thrice and fill it in the vial.  Taking one spoon powder of Piridius with fresh water in the morning and evening stops excessive menstruation.

 Banana flowers-
Consuming a cup of curd with ripe banana flowers increases progesterone, which helps in controlling heavy bleeding.  It is an effective natural effective remedy for heavy bleeding.

 Ashoka bark-
 Ashoka's bark is the best remedy to stop heavy bleeding in periods, this formula is also mentioned in Ayurveda.  To use it, boil about 50 grams of Ashoka bark in 2 cups of water until it remains half.  Drinking this decoction every day after cooling gives quick benefits.

 Magnesium Foods-
 A study has shown that one of the biggest and common causes of heavy periods is magnesium deficiency.  Therefore, include sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, oats, cocoa, pumpkin, squash and other magnesium-rich foods in your diet.  Magnesium helps in preventing heavy bleeding during periods.

 Tamarind -
 Tamarind contains fiber and antioxidants.  Which coagulates the blood and prevents excessive bleeding.  If you feel that bleeding is happening too much, then definitely eat a piece of tamarind.

Papaya is used to get periods.  But the consumption of raw papaya does not cause much blood flow during periods.  In these days you can eat raw papaya.

 juice of rosewood leaves-
 Grind shisham leaves and grind them in a mixer to extract the juice.  And filter it and drink half a glass every day.  According to Ayurveda, this juice is very useful for heavy periods and utras.

 Misri with raw thread-
This misri is easily available in the market, take a spoonful of this misri with milk in the morning.

 This remedy is very useful.
If you are troubled by this problem, then you can do any round-the-clock remedy.

 can.  If your problem is increasing very much, then definitely consult your doctor.  Because sometimes the reason for this problem can be a serious disease, so women should not be shy about their disease and talk openly to their doctor.

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