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Tittle- How and when to do pranayama and which pranayama to do first. Let us know about it in detail. We can eliminate some problems and diseases from the root by adopting yoga and pranayama in our life.  There is power in yoga and pranayama which is probably not in the hands of any quack and doctor.

Yoga is in a way another form of God. Today I am telling you some rules and methods of yoga, if you like it, then you must share this article with your loved ones and friends.
Pranayama and meditation method-
The glory of Pranayama is very famous. The basic place of Hatha Yoga is Pranayama. Prana means that the action energy dimension residing inside the body means its control.
Shri Krishna Bhagwan has told very good importance of Pranayama in Shri Gita, it gives strength and strength to the body, mind, brain and nervous system.  In the present era, western scientists have also accepted such circumstances that there is no other best method like Pranayama to develop life force in an extraordinary way.

By making the lungs strong, the breathing activity of pranayama increases flexibility.  Pranam accelerates the speed of blood circulation.  Therefore, the blood reaches the subtle nerves easily, Pranayama has the power to cure many diseases. By its use the senses become introverted and the mind becomes stable. Then its benefits are very surprising.

Some rules for Pranayama -

1. Before pranayama, make that place pollution free by lighting ghee, lamp or google.

2. For Pranayama, it is appropriate to sit in the posture in Siddhasan, Vajrasana, Padmasan. The posture should be a poor conductor of electricity.

3. Before doing pranayama, do pranayama at least 4 or 5 hours after meals or in the morning after retiring from defecation etc.

Then he gives the very best benefits.  Initially, practice only for 5 or 10 minutes, gradually increasing this exercise should be done from half an hour to 1 hour.  If the stomach is not clean after getting up in the morning, then take harad or triphala powder with warm water before sleeping in the evening.

4. While doing pranayama, the mind should be calm and happy, whereas with pranayama also the mind becomes calm, and concentrated.

5. Pranayama should be done as far as possible after retiring from bath and meditation should be done before worship.  If you feel tired while doing pranayama, you should take rest for some time before doing the second pranam.

6. While doing- pranayama, breathing in and holding the breath inside is called Kumbhaka, exhaling exhalation and holding the breath outside is called Brahma Kumbhaka.

7. Before Pranayama, chant the long sound of Om several times.

8. While doing pranayama, it should be kept in a comfortable state without taking any kind of tension on the mouth, eyes, nose etc.

9. During the practice of Pranayama, always keep the neck, spine, chest, buttocks straight, then only the practice will be as methodical and fruitful.

10. By doing pranayama, all the disorders of the body, foreign elements, toxins are destroyed, negative thoughts are eliminated.  And the person practicing Pranayama is always full of positive thoughts and contemplation and enthusiasm.

Yoga and Pranayama method-

1. First procedure...Bhastrika Pranayama -

Sitting comfortably in a meditative posture, filling the breath from both the nostrils up to the diaphragm and releasing it outside with full force is called Bhastrika Pranayama.  This pranayama can be done in three ways according to one's own strength, at a slow pace, at a medium pace, at a fast pace, this pranayama should be done for 2 to 5 minutes only.  At the time of Bhastrika, you must take Shiva's resolution.  While taking a resolution, I should consider in my mind that whatever is good, divine energy, energy, purity and peace, which is present in the universe, is entering my heart along with my life.

I am getting filled with divine powers and taking out the contaminants from inside me. And contemplate Om with direct breath, those who have the said blood pressure, heart disease, they should do it at a slow pace.  While doing this pranayama, when the breath is filled in, the stomach should not be inflated.

Benefits of doing this -
All phlegm diseases like cold, cold, allergies, respiratory diseases, asthma, old eyes, sinus, etc. get cured. Lungs become successful and heart and brain get health benefits by getting pure air. By doing this pranayama, Kundali awakens also.  Help is available.

2. Second Process -

Kapalbhati-  Pranayama
In Kapalbhati Pranayama, full attention is given to only laxative, that is, strictly exhaling the breath.  Do not try to fill the breath, but let the breath in easily, then it is only in exhaling the breath with full concentration.  And there is a special emphasis on the Manipura Chakra.  This pranayama must be done for a minimum of 5 or 10 minutes.

Benefits of doing this..
On the brain, the main mandala and the bright aura, the opulence increases.  Obesity, diabetes, gas, constipation, acidity, kidney and prostate-related diseases all definitely go away forever.  Dangerous disease like Kabaj gets eradicated by doing this Pranayama regularly every day. One gets rid of terrible diseases like depression forever. By doing this, a divine power starts circulating.  Kapalbhati Pranayama is the best yoga for fat people and for reducing belly.

3. The third process -- Bahra Pranayama

Siddhasana-  Sit in this Padmasana methodically and exhale the breath in one go, then take out the power.  By taking out the breath, hold the breath outside as much as possible by applying Moolbandha, Udiyanbandha and Jalandhara Bandha.  When there is a desire to take a breath, then take a slow breath while removing the kinks, take the breath in and exhale it without stopping by the Pune breathing process, in this way you can do it from 3 to 21 times.

the gain .....
This removes the restlessness of the mind and benefits in stomach diseases, makes intellect, happiness, and prosperity. And by stopping the movement of semen, sleep defects, premature ejaculation etc. retires from metal disorders.

4. Fourth Process -

Anulom viyom -Antonym Pranayama
The method of closing both the nostrils should be raised by lifting the right hand and closing the tone sung by the thumb of the right hand and the ring finger and the middle finger.  Keep the palm of the hand in front of the nostril and keep it slightly above

Method of doing-
Ida Nadi is a symbol of Somchandra Shakti or peace, so for the purification of the pulse, starting from the left nostril, the right nostril should be closed through the thumb and the breath should be slowly filled in the chest through the left nostril.

After filling the breath completely, close the left vowel with the ring finger and middle finger and exhale completely through the right nostril, and do not hold it. Swash according to your power, make the pace slow, moderate, and fast with migration.  There is a loud sound of prana at a rapid pace, thus this method should be done repeatedly, this pranayama should be done for 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

Do not do more than this.  By doing this pranayama for 5 minutes, energy starts to awaken in the Muladhara Chakra.  It is also called Kundalini awakening in the language of Vedas.  While doing this, one should keep on contemplating Om in the form of mind.

Benefits of doing-
By regularizing this pranayama, 30% to 40% heart block opens in about three to four months.  Negative thoughts end and enter into positive thinking.  Enthusiasm, joy starts to be attained. In doing this pranayama for 250 to 500 times, Kundalini Shakti starts automatically awakening along with Mooladhara circling, that is, it is also known as Kundalini awakening.

5. The fifth process - Bhramari Pranayama -

Filling the breath completely in the chest, keep the mind focused in the unknown circle. Close both the ears with the fingers completely, you exhale the breath out through the nose while reciting Om in the form of sound, humming like an illusion.  In this way, do pranayama at least 3 to 5 times.  At most 11 to 21 can be done.

At the time of this pranayama, there should be a thought in Shiv Shankar's mind that Lord Shri Krishna Shanti Anand is showering on me.  In my next round, the Lord, appearing in the form of a divine light, removes all my ignorance and is endowing me with Ritambhara Prajna.

Benefits of doing it -
The restlessness of the mind is removed, mental stimulation, high blood pressure is very useful for the benefit of heart disease. Yoga is the method.

6. Sixth process--Omkar chanting-
After doing all the Pranayama, keep your mind on the corpse inhalation and meditate on Udgeet Om with Prana. This body and the whole universe is Omkar.  Omkar is not a particular person figure.

This is a divine power.  The one who is governing this entire universe. While watching the breath at a long and subtle speed as a visionary, the movement of the breath should be so subtle that one does not feel the sound of the breath itself.

And even if you put cotton in front of the nostrils, then do not move. Slowly you will be able to feel the deep touch of breathing.  Together with this the greatest mantra of the Vedas, according to the scriptures, there is no greater mantra than this.

If you chant this mantra, do it with yoga, then perhaps you do not need any other worship.

This Aum is also a form of God in a way and the whole world is also merged in it.  Therefore, chanting of Om is said to be the best in yoga method. Chanting of Gayatri can also be done.

In this way, the seeker can attain divine samadhi while becoming accommodating.  While sleeping and meditating one should sleep, by doing this sleep also becomes yogic and one gets rid of bad dreams and sleep will come soon.

In today's article, I have told you a complete yoga method, which works as a doctor in itself, if you do yoga method and pranayama with complete method, then you hardly need any doctor.

Yoga has such a power that it can cure every disease.  The only condition is that one should do it with complete method and rule, then only one can get success.  of yoga and pranayama

You will get to see many videos on YouTube.  If you do not understand how to do this, then you must watch his video.

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