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Tittle- Medicinal properties and health benefits of Tulsi-
Basil plant is easily found in every house. Tulsi is considered to be very important in our religious culture. Having a Tulsi plant in the courtyard of every Hindu house is considered a reason of beauty.  According to Padma Purana, the house where there is a Tulsi plant is like a pilgrimage.  There the eunuchs in the form of disease cannot enter.

  Name of Tulsi -

 It is also known as Vrinda, Vrindavan Vishwapujita, Visvapani, Pushpasara, Nandani, Tulsi and Krishnajivani.  This results in a hymn with a meaningful name.  One who recites Namashtak after worshiping Tulsi gets the result of Asava Meghala Yoga.  Tulsi has been kept in the category of household item in the house due to its curative nature.  Malaria mosquitoes run away from its smell, Tulsi plant has strong electric power.  Which lives up to 200 yards around the plant.

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 According to Ayurveda, cancer is an inhibitor of the spread of the virus.  According to scientists, the special property of Tulsi leaves that prevents them from spreading, according to scientists, continuous consumption of fresh Tulsi leaves can lead to pregnancy.  Its leaves are also put in the mouth of the dying person, because the dying person gets salvation, it is written in our scriptures.  The cast of Tulsi is used at the time of Dal Sanskar.  By this one gets freedom from crores of sins.

 Importance of Tulsi garland-

Its rosary is called Siddha Mala.  Similarly, Tulsi has special importance, wearing and wearing Tulsi garland gives mental peace, and positive thoughts come in the mind.  Along with spirituality, there is family and material progress.  Devotion and devotion towards God increases.  Wearing Tulsi garland increases self-confidence and sattvik feelings are awakened in the person.  By the way, worship of Tulsi Puja is done throughout the year.  But the rituals of Tulsi in the month of Kartik are very fruitful.  .  The special thing about this rosary is that you can chant any mantra, it is the best for all the chants.

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 Tulsi properties and remedies according to Ayurveda:-

 Tulsi is anti-inflammatory. It is very beneficial in leprosy, pain, skin diseases, phlegm, and air-borne diseases.  The electrical power of the body is not destroyed by wearing Tulsi wood, hence the importance of wearing its garland.

 Eliminates negative energy-
If someone is shouting loudly from a person suffering from a ghost obstacle, then it will be beneficial immediately, then put Tulsidas in water and give that person a little drink and sprinkle a little water on the body and finally feed the basil by doing this.  Ghost or negative energy goes away very quickly.

 Ayurvedic Treatment-

 In fever, many leaves of basil provide benefit from many types of fever.  In the rainy season, when there is an outbreak of malaria, then its leaves are used in tea and it is used to prevent malaria. In acute fever, when the body temperature becomes high, 5, seven basil leaves milk and sugar in half a liter of water.  Mix it and consume it, the body temperature will come down completely.  Fever is quenched by drinking decoction of tulsi dal and black pepper.  Taking basil leaves with black pepper breaks the fever and stops vomiting.

 Beneficial in stomach pain-
In stomach pain, take out the juice of basil leaves and ginger and mix it in equal weight and heat it, drinking one spoon of this juice for 3 hours ends stomachache, no matter what kind of pain is in the stomach, this remedy is very good.  .  It is common for small children to complain of flatulence, that is, if there is such a complaint, mix equal quantity of juice of basil leaves and betel leaves.  Licking 10 drops of it thrice a day ends the stomach problem of the child.

 Useful for cough-
Mixing equal quantity of basil leaves and Adusa leaves in cough and taking juice, it provides relief in cough.  Taking basil and honey provides relief in fever and cough.  Applying the juice of basil leaves increases the beauty of the face, purifies the blood.  Applying lemon juice and basil leaves in the morning enhances beauty.

 to increase memory-

 To increase the power of memory, eat 9,10 leaves of Tulsi on an empty stomach and drink water, after which walking increases strength, speed and memory power.

 Useful for cancer prevention-

 In Ayurveda, it is even said that using it also prevents cancer.  The one who wears Tulsi garland does not get heart attack, anger.  This protects the sky from lightning.  In epilepsy, rubbing basil juice on the body cures epilepsy.

 Prevention of stomach disease-

 Consuming Tulsi Manjari and black salt together is beneficial in indigestion, stomach worms, pimples, and eating basil leaves also cures diseases like asthma.

 for acne-
Take equal quantity of basil juice and lemon juice on the pimples, acne disappears forever.  By applying Tulsi juice on the warts, they become dry.

 Useful for headache-

Taking basil dal mixed with black pepper ends half-headache.

 ringworm for itching-

In case of ringworm, applying the juice of basil leaves and lemon juice together cures ringworm.

 For white spots-

 If there are white spots on any part of the body, then mixing the juice of Tulsi leaves with Ganges water, white spots are cured. In leprosy also, by applying the juice of Tulsi Dal and eating dry ginger and Tulsi root with water.  Doing this is beneficial in this disease.

 Useful for worship-
Tulsi leaves are not considered to be stale for 7 days.  There are many tantric uses of Tulsi.  If someone's Mohan has been used, then by that person dipping Tulsi Manjari in ghee or honey and offering it to Shri Krishna Mantra.

 To have a child-
 While taking a bath with Tulsi water, chanting Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah gives child happiness.
There is no fear of any kind of infection disease by wearing Tulsi garland.  Its leaves should not be chewed with teeth because due to mercury in the leaves, dental diseases occur.  Therefore, it is always best to ingest its leaves.  Giving the juice of basil leaves to the person can also improve even after snake bite.  The juice of black basil can destroy the poison of mercury from the body.

 Drinking Tulsi tea is a symbol of golden prosperity.  Whereas ordinary tea causes harm.  Basil leaves: Tulsi juice is widely used in many homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines.  And in respiratory diseases, taking its leaves mixed with ginger and honey in equal quantity is a beneficial medicine in diseases like dry cough, sputum, cough, cold, cold, asthma, asthma etc.

 Useful for cold-
Boil basil leaves, cloves, two black peppercorns, a pinch of dry ginger powder and rock salt, put them in water and when the water is half cooked, then filter it and then put a spoonful of sugar in it while sleeping at night.  Drink it without heating and you can drink it in the morning also.  If necessary, you can drink both in the morning and evening.  Do not drink cold water for half an hour after drinking this decoction, this decoction is a very successful and effective recipe in treating cold, cold, sore throat, tonsils, sore throat, pain and swelling, headache, pain in hands and feet etc.  You must consume this decoction once in a week.

 Useful for cholera-
In diseases like cholera, making powder of basil seeds and consuming it in cow's milk gives immediate benefits.  To increase the memory, eating 5 leaves of Tulsi on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial.  In case of rheumatism, taking Tulsi's Panchang Churan in four months of cow's milk early in the morning is useful.  Taking the powder of basil seeds with water also cures sleep disorders.

 Inhibitory properties of basil-
Milk should not be drunk immediately after consuming Tulsi leaves or juice. By doing so, these types of diseases can arise.
 Tulsi plant is one and its remedies are many, it is a very beneficial plant which is easily available in every house and this plant can be grown very easily in a pot too.

 There are two or three types of Tulsi, Junglee Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, and Shyama Tulsi, there is a slight difference in the color and leaves of these three.  It is very easily available, so definitely plant a Tulsi plant in your house because its benefits and properties are very many, it is also a very beneficial plant and is also a medicine.

 Last alfaaz-
 Must plant a Tulsi plant in your house, if you do not have much space in the courtyard, then you can definitely plant it in a pot, because along with being revered, it also works as a medicine and every type of our house.  By stopping negative energy, it gives us happiness and peace.  It is a form of Goddess Lakshmi in a way.  Without this even Lord Krishna does not offer bhog.  Tulsi Dal is definitely offered in the Bhog of Lord Krishna, only then he accepts the Bhog.

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