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Title: Causes and treatment of Vitamin D deficiency- 
 Nowadays many people and children are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.  Due to which problems like fatigue and irritability arise in the body.
 Let us know in detail the reasons for the lack of vitamin D and what to eat so that due to which the deficiency of vitamin D can be fulfilled.  First of all we have to change our lifestyle.  To meet this deficiency, we have to pay special attention to our food and drink.
 Home remedies to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D-
 Vitamin D which is also called sunshine vitamin because to meet the deficiency of this vitamin D, the biggest source is considered to be sunlight i.e. sunlight.  Like many other essential vitamins and nutrients, vitamin D is also very important for our body.  Vitamin D is needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy and strong.  Despite so many benefits, most people ignore the need for Vitamin D.  You will be surprised to know that 70 to 90 percent of people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.  In such a situation, we are telling you about those basic signs that can tell you whether you have also been deficient in Vitamin D.

 Vitamin D deficiency symptoms-

 The biggest sign of lack of Vitamin D in the body is feeling tired all the time.  If you are feeling tired even after consuming the right diet and getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night, then it may be due to vitamin D deficiency.  Due to the deficiency of this vitamin, excessive fatigue is felt.  So if this is happening to you too, then get your blood test done and try to know if there is a deficiency of this sunshine vitamin in your body.

 Vitamin D is also necessary for the absorption of calcium in the body.  Calcium intake is necessary to keep bones, muscles and teeth strong.  But calcium will not be absorbed in the body unless there is vitamin D in the body.  In such a situation, if you often have back pain, neck pain, pain in the bones of the whole body, then these can also be a sign of vitamin D deficiency.  There is also a link between chronic pain in the body and vitamin D deficiency.

 If you get an injury somewhere but that injury is taking longer than necessary to heal, then it can also be a sign of deficiency of Vitamin D in the body.  Vitamin D helps fight infection and prevent inflammation in the body.
 In such a situation, when there is a deficiency of this vitamin in the body, then the process of wound healing becomes slow.

 If you feel depression and anxiety all the time and your mood gets spoiled on talk, then this can also be a sign of vitamin D deficiency in your blood.  So go in the sun, breathe freely in the warm sunlight and sunlight in the morning.  Staying in sunlight not only gives Vitamin D but also removes depression, refreshes the mood and keeps you calm from inside.

 hair fall-

 If there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, then due to this too much hair starts falling.  This is because it is the nutrient that helps the hair follicles to grow.  If it is not treated in time, then a lot of hair fall starts.

 Home remedies to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D-

 Salmon is a fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is an excellent source of vitamin D.  About 66 percent vitamin D is in 100 grams of salmon fish.  Therefore, if you are a non-vegetarian and eat fish, then eat salmon fish and drive away vitamin D deficiency.

Eat eggs-
 Those who do not eat fish need not worry because only seafood is not the source of vitamin D.  Rather, eggs are also an excellent source of vitamin D.  While the white part of the egg contains most of the protein, the yolk ie the yellow part of the egg contains fat, vitamins and minerals.  The yellow part of 1 egg contains 5 percent vitamin D.

 orange juice-
 Orange juice is not only rich in Vitamin C, but it also helps in removing the deficiency of Vitamin D.  Instead of packed juice, extract fresh orange juice at home and drink it daily.  You will benefit from this.

 cow's milk
 Cow's milk is a rich source of Vitamin D.  According to health experts, instead of low fat milk, people should drink full cream milk, which contains more vitamin D and calcium.

 Consume curd-
 Yogurt made from milk is also rich in vitamin D.  If curd cannot be eaten daily, then its lassi or buttermilk can be made which will be tasty as well as you will also get all the benefits of curd.

 sitting in the sun-
 It is recommended to spend at least 10-15 minutes in the sun every day.
 Play sports like cycling, running, rowing or football that get you out in the sun every day.  This can help you get your daily dose of vitamin D.

 mushroom -
 Many people do not like mushrooms at all but it is beneficial.  We should eat mushrooms.  It is easily available in the market during the winter season.  It is a good source of Vitamin B1, B2, B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

 Eat Oats- 

 Vitamin D is found in sufficient quantity in oats.  Fiber is also found in it.  It helps in digesting the food we consume.

 It is necessary to make changes in your lifestyle to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

 We all should take 60 -1000 IU of Vitamin D each day.  Due to this our body remains healthy and there is no deficiency of vitamin D.

 Treatment of vitamin D deficiency depends on its symptoms.  After diagnosis, it is known about the level of vitamin D in a person's body.  On this basis the doctor starts the process of treatment.

 How to get tested for Vitamin D deficiency?

 It is detected by a blood test to find out what level it is deficient in.  After that it is controlled by taking medicine according to the doctor's advice.

 In today's article, we have told you the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and some home remedies by which you can improve your health. If you are seeing its symptoms, then definitely consult your doctor.

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