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Title- How to cure Arthritis-
 What is the reason for the increase in uric acid and by which symptoms it is identified, let us know about it in detail.

 In this disease, the urine produced due to inflammation or inflammation in the joints is called Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Gout resulting from the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, which first starts with pain in the toes.  Do not ignore this pain.  Bone joints are also affected by this disease and in rheumatism.  Stiffness in the shoulders – Swelling occurs in the muscles that surround the shoulders.  We also know this disease by the name of gout, uric acid, and gout.
 Due to uric acid (gout) -

 This problem starts with age.  In this, there is pain in our shoulders, knees and bones.  This disease starts due to the accumulation of our blood in the joints.  In such a situation, keep in mind that do light exercise and keep taking the medicine regularly.

 What is uric acid---

 Uric acid is made in the cells of the body and in our diet.  There is always uric acid in the body, it is excreted from the body through urine.  Normally, the kidneys filter uric acid and it passes out of the body through the toilet.  But when uric acid builds up in the body or the kidneys are unable to filter it, the level of uric acid in the blood increases.  Which accumulates between the bones and causes pain.  This can also lead to a disease called Gout, which causes pain in the joints.  It can also make your blood and urine too acid.

 The lack of calcium in the bones also causes swelling or stiffness in the joints.  In such a situation, gout becomes a disease.

 home remedies for gout
 wrong diet or eating habits-
 It can also increase by eating red meat, seafood, lentils, kidney beans, paneer and rice.
 Staying empty stomach for a long time can also be a reason.
 Diabetes patients may have uric acid, obesity,
 This disease is born due to stress etc.

 Symptoms of uric acid (rheumatism)-
 Pain in joints.

 Having trouble getting up.
 - swollen fingers
 - complaining of lumps in the joints
 Apart from this, there is pricking pain in the fingers of the feet and hands, which becomes unbearable at times.

 In this man gets tired very quickly.  So do not ignore these symptoms.

 exercise for uric acid-

  Be physically fit to control uric acid.  For this exercise, do yoga or go for a walk.
 To control uric acid, do not let the lack of water in the body.  Drink lots of water.
 If you want to control uric acid, then pay special attention to your diet.  Do not include purine protein-rich food in the diet.
 Don't put too much gap in your diet.  Keep eating something healthy every two hours.

 home remedies for uric acid-

  Use Garlic-
 In the morning, boil one garlic clove in half a kilo of milk and cook till the milk remains half, then filter it and drink it.
 Do the same thing on the second day also.  Doing this experiment for about 12 days is a very effective remedy.

 Root of Punarnava-

 2. Boil 10 grams of Punarnava root in 100 grams of water and when 25 grams of water remains, keep boiling it, then filter it and drink it.  Do this remedy for a month.

 3. Yograj Google-

 Take Yograj Google twice a day with warm water in the morning and evening.  This is also a panacea for arthritis.

 Ashwagandha powder-

 Make a powder by taking equal quantity of Ashwagandha, Chopchini, Peepla root, dry ginger and take the powder with milk in the morning and evening.

 Compress with castor oil -
 Bake it on the joints and tie it with sesame oil on castor leaves, this remedy is also very effective.

 Fenugreek seeds-

 Fenugreek seeds are easily available in our kitchen.  It is considered to be the best medicine for curing the left side of the body.  At bedtime, take 10 grams of fenugreek seeds with water or make a powder by grinding it and take one teaspoon of shayam in the morning.

 Massage with Narayan oil-
 Massage Narayan oil on the place of pain, you will get it easily from the grocer's shop.

 Consume Turmeric-
Turmeric is known for its pain relieving properties.  The curcumin present in it gives relief in pain.  In the pain of arthritis, drinking a glass of warm milk mixed with a spoonful of turmeric provides relief.

  Consume Cinnamon
 The anti-oxidant and pain-relieving properties of cinnamon provide relief from arthritis pain.  Mix one spoon of cinnamon powder and one spoon of honey in a cup of warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach.  You can make a paste of cinnamon powder and honey and massage it gently on the painful area.

 Omega-3 Fatty -

 Omega-3 fatty acids may be helpful in improving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis as well as reducing its complications.  Nuts, seeds, fish such as salmon and tuna are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

  Consume liquorice-

 Liquorice is one such medicine, which is commonly found in the kitchen.  Its taste is slightly sweet.  Even a small child can eat it very easily.  Many types of elements are found in liquorice which provides protection to the body, and due to the element found in it, there is also relief in arthritis.

  Do yoga and exercise-

 Do yoga and exercise.  If you are suffering from arthritis, make some changes in your lifestyle.  For this, you wake up in the morning to make your body energetic and flexible by doing yoga and exercise.  By doing this, the blood flow of the body will be faster and there will be relief in the risk of joint pain, because by doing yoga and exercise, pure oxygen reaches inside our body.  Due to which the blood is purified and due to the purification of blood, every kind of disease starts healing itself.


 Consume Celery-
 Ajwain is also considered a very important medicine to eliminate arthritis.  To reduce rheumatism, boil celery in a glass of water and when it boils down to half, then you should consume it in the morning and evening.  You can eat ajwain by adding it to roti and salad, or you can also take a spoonful of dried carom seeds with water in the morning and evening.

 drink more water-

 Drink plenty of water To reduce uric acid, you need to drink the most water.  If you do not stay hydrated, then the problem of arthritis can increase.  Drink more and more water to balance the amount of uric acid.  If you have to come to the bathroom again and again, then no problem, this will give you relief in arthritis very quickly.  Therefore, drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day, to cure arthritis.

 Eat fiber rich food-
 To cure this disease, eat fiber rich food.  If you want to reduce uric acid, include foods that are high in fiber in your diet.  This type of food helps very quickly to reduce uric acid.  For example, oatmeal, oatmeal, beans, brown rice, etc. reduce the amount of uric acid in food.  This type of food can help you get rid of this disease by reducing the uric acid level of the body.

 Consumption of neem leaves-
 New leaves of neem which come only in the month of Ashadha.  Eat one and a half tola in the morning on an empty stomach and take 50 grams of jaggery and one tola of pure ghee at bedtime, and do not drink water immediately after that.  By doing this, even the chronic pain gets completely cured within a month.

What to eat and what not to eat when uric acid increases-

 If you are suffering from arthritis, then it is also important to avoid it first.  It is also important to find out what things we should give up when we have arthritis.  Which according to Ayurveda is considered apathya and pathya.

 It is very beneficial to consume things like wheat, millet bread, fenugreek, amaranth, bitter gourd, apple, papaya, grapes, dates, and garlic etc.

 what not to eat------

 Rice, potato, radish, cabbage, beans, gram, urad dal, banana, orange, lemon, guava, tomato, curd, all these air-borne substances increase this disease, do not consume them at all.

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