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Tittle- Benefits of silent fast-
Our religious scriptures and saint yogis say that a man should spend most of his life in silence because by keeping silence not only physical energy can be saved but man can also keep his mental energy healthy.
 solve most problems-
Man has only himself.  If you are going through any difficult time in your life, then practice knowing yourself and taking time out for yourself and sitting in silence. You will find your own answer to your problem in a few days. There is that power in silent meditation, a person can get rid of all his problems.  The best solution for this is to become completely silent for some time and stop speaking.
Think about the solution from within yourself, by doing such an experiment for a few days, you will start getting positive greetings very soon.
 Let us know in detail what are the benefits of keeping silence-

 * Miraculous benefits of being silent-
First of all, the fast of silence is started by restraining the tongue, that is, by closing the tongue gradually, the mind can also be silenced.  If silence comes in the mind, then the eyes, the face, and the whole body itself will become silent and calm.  Gradually, with this practice, you will be able to start seeing this world in a new way, just like a small child at birth sees this world.

 *Being silent increases the power of the mind.
Due to silent meditation, there is no fear, worry, anger and pain in the mind.  Practicing silence ends all kinds of mental disorders, that is, being silent works like a medicine for us.  The work which medicines cannot do for us many times, that work can be silenced.

*For satisfaction in life-
If you also want satisfaction in your life, then saying nothing in such a situation means controlling yourself, saying yes, remaining silent is the biggest achievement.  But you immediately speak what is going on in your mind, but if you remain silent and ignore those things at all, then you can learn to be happy even by remaining silent and get satisfaction in your life.  It is not necessary that you will get satisfaction only by answering a person's talk, you can answer a person even by remaining silent.  It is easier to express your feelings by remaining silent than it is by speaking.  So speak less and keep yourself satisfied. Pay attention when you talk too much, your mind does not engage in any work but wanders.
Silent meditation teaches you to focus only on keeping away from the things that distract you and by doing this we come closer to our God i.e. the invisible power and find solutions to our problems on our own.
 * Experience of invisible power-

 Through silent meditation, we get to know nature and God.  There is no other facility more than the more you will be able to know all these things by remaining silent.  By adopting the silence of knowing the movements of this world, you can listen to the blowing wind and the sweet music of nature.  Silence brings us closer to nature.  As much as possible, go for a walk outside in silence and enjoy the many things in nature.  By doing this type of meditation, you can see God with your own eyes.  This is the experiment experienced by many saints.

 * Health benefits of silent meditation-
 Silent meditation teaches you to pay attention to the body.  You close your eyes and ask yourself what am I feeling with my hand, and by feeling the body, your mind will also become calm and your health will also be better than before.  Along with this, many diseases of the body start getting cured by silence itself, this is the experience of many people.

 * Search for truth-
Many people have the illusion that God exists or not and remain confused.  There is only one way to end this confusion and that is silent meditation.  
If you also want to know God, but it is possible only by remaining silent.  Yoga says that silence, the energy of meditation, is the first door to truth.  Where the mind dies through silence, the power of the mind also increases through silence. Just like if you want to go on the path of salvation, then you have to have faith in the death of the mind and use the mind to its fullest.  He will believe in the power of mind.  As long as the mind is there, worldly desires surround the mind and if the mind attains the power to remain silent, then there are no desires of any kind.  We can achieve anything by practicing silence. While doing any action in yoga, the importance of silence is considered very high.9

 *  How to be silent-
 Practice being silent most of the time, because anything takes practice.  When you are sitting or walking alone anywhere, at that time useless thoughts go on inside us.  They are not new, but the same old things, the same thoughts keep coming again and again, which happens in our life, so in such a situation, we should separate ourselves from those things and concentrate only on our breath and what is seen or heard in front of us.  Watching the same way as the chirping of birds and don't think at all but try to watch the sweet music of nature and the birds.  In doing so, you will practice being quiet and being silent.  Stay in the attitude of a witness, that is, do not get lost in any thought, just keep watching what is visible.  Keep listening to the sound of your breath.  Try mostly that the environment around you should be such where the sound of your breath can be heard by itself.  Listening with full attention on the breath is a different experience of its own.
In such a time, do not think or understand yourself, but just keep looking at the beauty of nature and see your own existence.

* Why it is appropriate to remain silent-
Yogis and saints say, just think carefully once in your life how much time you have spent in silence and how much time you have spent in useless things.  Maybe you have been arguing with him about useless things for a long time.
What did you get by thinking in this sequence for many years?

 Thinking of those things only leads to fear, weak mentality, anxiety and complaints of blood pressure or diabetes, nothing is achieved and a lot can be achieved by remaining silent.  Which is bigger than our thoughts.  By remaining silent, not only health, physical and mental all kinds of benefits are benefits, there is no loss.

Experiencing silence can make us feel any kind of bliss.  If I tell from my personal experience, then I feel a feeling of slight vibration in the upper part of the head, in which I feel very happy and relaxed.

 * Positive thinking increases-
Being silent develops our positive thinking.  Positive thinking makes our inner power stronger.  By continuously practicing meditation, yoga and silence, the body's ability to fight against many diseases increases and we become healthy mentally and physically.

 * Types of silence-
There are two types of silence for us.
 One through mind and the other through speech.  We can control the mind.  We can control speech by speaking less.
By pronouncing the words as per the need, we keep the speech silent.  Stabilizing the mind, not having bad thoughts in the mind, removing the thoughts, thinking of the self, being free from the desires of the external world and being busy in the form of difference, keeping the mind under control of the soul, following all these activities and keeping silence  is called

 Those who speak from the heart, we address those who keep the vow of silence by the name Muni.  There is a great power inside the keepers of silence, this thing is absolutely true.  Silence does not mean that you do not speak at all, but as much speech should be used as needed. By doing this, we can avoid using our power.  Some women and men have a habit of speaking unnecessarily.  Such people should practice speaking less.

  *According to bagwaht Gita-

Gita says that silence should be used more than speech in life.
In the 16th and 17th chapter of the Gita it is said that in a state of silence controlling the restlessness of the mind, a man can talk directly to the divine.

 Similarly, it has also been told in Chanakya policy that silence increases self-confidence and self-confidence.

 But not expressing the feelings arising in the mind puts more pressure on the mind.  This clearly means that silence is not said just by keeping the speech quiet.  If it were so then every dumb person would be the greatest after being a silent seeker all his life.  In most of the scriptures, the importance of silence has been told a lot, but the situations in which silence can be possible have not been told.  Keeping the playfulness of the mind constant is called silence which is very beneficial in our life.

When silence becomes active, the expenditure of mental energy is reduced.  The mind becomes calm, comfortable and peaceful.  It is said that one who conquers the mind can conquer the whole world.  That's why silence benefits the inner world as well as the outer world.  A monk in a Buddhist monastery in Japan has proved that positive thinking develops from the mind in working or worldly life.

 Man's mind always talks.  If you are talking then it is not possible to listen to the mind, so to listen to the mind you have to pay attention to the silence.  It is impossible to pacify him, so it is very important for you to be silent for yourself in order to listen to your mind.  The state of silence is paramount to attain complete peace of mind.

 * How to practice silence-
 At first you should start with a short duration.  It is not in the capacity of any human being to remain silent for at least 24 hours at a time.  You will only practice 25% by stopping speaking and remaining silent.  The practice of silence means complete silence, that is, no conversation of any kind.  Initially, during silence, you will definitely face some difficulty for this and you will also feel some restlessness.  But don't worry about this, it is a common problem.  Keep making efforts with restraint and then gradually you will experience peace.  In this way you will be ready to meditate.

Practicing silence is like preparing a fertile soil.

Silence is not the only control of speech.  It can be used to calm your thoughts.  A worshiper who can praise God as a deity.  His aim for that is to make his devotion to his one deity stronger by mere peace of mind.

Benefits of being silent
 By keeping silence, all the senses of our body remain calm and by keeping the mind calm and concentrated, the process of aging slows down.  Or it is a very beneficial yoga practice for both mental and health.

 * Pregnant women must do silent meditation-
 because doing this has a very good effect on your child's moral thinking, because listening also affects the child's brain as the mother thinks. That's why pregnant women must practice silence as much as possible.

* relief from stress-
 If you are a victim of depression or stress, then you should practice keeping silence on yourself as much as possible.  By doing this you can eliminate your anger and negative thoughts and get rid of this problem.

Increase immunity through silent meditation-
Silent meditation helps you to increase disease resistant cells which is very important for our body.

Being silent has many health benefits.  To reduce stress, eliminate joint pain, get rid of migraine, blood pressure, insomnia etc., it is very important to keep the mind calm.  We can do this only when we start practicing silence.

self discovery-
 By being silent we can know ourselves because by doing so the restless mind becomes calm.  Why and for what we have come to this world can be answered only by silent meditation and the person who has discovered himself has discovered everything.

 * Home conflict is over-
If there is domestic conflict in your home regarding any matter, then you can easily solve that problem by keeping silence, because one person can easily defeat another person by keeping silence.  In such a situation, for how long will the person in front continue to speak alone.  Eventually he will get tired of speaking and will calm down in a while.  This is the best way to pacify the troubles of the house, because often fighting between husband and wife is a common problem and to deal with this problem, silence is most important.

Last thoughts
 If you want a lot of happiness and a healthy life in your life, then for this include the practice of being silent for a few hours every day, because
According to the Vedas and Shastras, it has been said that the person who speaks does not become great, but the person who remains silent is considered more great.

 *According to a verse, this thing has also been explained that some lamp has more oil and some has less. The entire stock of oil cannot be contained in a lamp.  In the same way, on this earth, God has given limited life force to all humans and demons.  Only those who use it sparingly can get its benefits.  The first exercise of restraint is to control speech.  Those who know how to control their speech and do not use unnecessary words, they can get health and peace in their life by practicing silence, and having right health and peace in the life of every human being is the most priceless wealth.  .

Through this article, we have tried our best to give you the right information about silent meditation, if there is any gap, then please tell by commenting.  If you like this article then please do share it with your loved ones.

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