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.What is the difference between yoga and meditation-
 Yoga and meditation are exercises for two different bodies, you can purify both body and mind by adopting these two processes because both these activities are considered very important for our mind and body.  Here I will try to tell you some of the main differences between Yoga and Meditation through this article.
 Definition of Yoga: -

 • Yoga: Yoga is a combination of exercise, asanas and mental and spiritual practices.  Its main purpose is to establish the balance of body, mind and soul.

 • Meditation:-
 • Meditation is a mental practice that seeks to develop a state of focus, peace of mind, and equanimity.  Its main purpose is to increase insight and perception power by controlling the mind.

 • Yoga: The main purpose of yoga is to balance physical, mental and spiritual balance, health.

 • Meditation: The main goal of meditation is to calm and control the mind, to achieve inner realization and a state of bliss.

 • How to practice yoga-

 • Yoga: There are many benefits of doing asanas, pranayama, meditation and yoga in yoga.  Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that uses special techniques to enhance the balance of body, mind and spirit.
 Some of the main benefits that come from doing yoga are:

 Physical health:-

 • Yoga helps in improving physical health.  Yoga makes your body strong, flexible and fit.  Through this, your physical ability, stability, capacity of the lungs, heart health, and immune system are strengthened.

 • mental health:-
 • Yoga enhances mental health through meditation, pranayama and asanas.  Practicing yoga reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.  It provides peace and stability to the mind and improves psychological condition.

 • Natural Balance:-
 • Through yoga you can achieve a natural balance while still struggling with your body.  It increases the flexibility and immunity of your body.
 Physical benefits:-
 Yoga develops physical beauty, balance and flexibility.  This increases the flexibility of the body and brain cells develop by doing yoga.

 • Mental Benefits:-
 • Yoga gives the most experience of peace and impermanence.  This reduces mental stress and makes the mind stable.  Practicing yoga purifies the mind, develops positive thinking in it and improves your health.

 • curb weight:-
 • Yoga is helpful in weight control.  Yoga practice helps in reducing fat in a healthy body and helps in maintaining health.

 Healthy life: -
 • Yoga is very important for a healthy life.  By doing yoga, blood pressure is controlled, brain coordination increases and chances of heart diseases are reduced.

 • Study Capacity:- By doing yoga, the study capacity increases and your memory remains fine.

 What is the right way and right time to do yoga?

 • Correct way to do yoga:

 • First, choose a stable and comfortable posture that you can do properly.  Note that there are many types of asanas for yoga, such as Tadasana, Vajrasana, Bhujangasana, Paschimottanasana, Virabhadrasana, etc.

 • Choose a quiet and isolated place for yoga.  Yoga should be done in a calm and pure environment.

 • Sit or lie in the correct position while taking the asana, that is, equal and comfortable in time.  You may also be able to use a yoga mat or cloth.

 • Concentrate during yoga.  Focus on your breathing and keep your mind away from worries and thoughts.

 • Start yoga slowly and finish slowly.  Don't push your body when it feels pain or discomfort.  See yoga as volunteering, not in competition with others.

 • Do all the yoga postures correctly and adjust them to be right for your body.

 • Regularity:-
 • Do yoga regularly.  Set aside regular time for yoga and include it in your daily routine.  The benefits of yoga are available only with regular practice.

 • Pleasant Atmosphere:-
 • Choose a calm, natural and pleasant environment to do yoga.  Choose a quiet and quiet place where you will not get any noise.

 • Take care of the signs: -
 • Pay attention to your body signals while doing yoga.  If you feel tension, pain or discomfort in any asana, stop before doing it properly and then proceed slowly. Do not do any kind of haste while doing yoga.

 Benefits of doing yoga-
 Practicing yoga can help prevent many diseases.  Yoga helps in improving physical, mental and spiritual health.  It incorporates various techniques such as physical exercises, breathing techniques, asanas, meditation and pranayama.
 Here are some common diseases that can be prevented by doing yoga:

 • Heart diseases: Yoga increases physical strength, controls blood pressure, calms the mind and improves psychology, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

 • Diabetes: Yoga can improve the body's insulin transmission system through exercise and pranayama, which helps in the control of diabetes.

 • Stress and depression: -
 • Yoga helps in reducing mental stress through meditation and asanas and improves psychological condition.

 Respiratory diseases: Yoga can cure various diseases like asthma, by doing which keeps the body strong, body and mind both healthy, so definitely include yoga in your life and keep yourself healthy.

 List of Yoga-
 some such yoga
 Which you can easily do at home without any equipment.  These yoga poses help in making your body stable and healthy and help in meditation.

 • Tadasana - This asana is used to make the whole body stand up.  Stability and stability increases in this asana.

 • Vrikshasana - This asana is used to strengthen the body parts.  This posture increases stability and helps in meditation.

 • Utthita Trikonasana - This asana is used to strengthen the spine, waist and limbs.  Durability increases in this asana.

 • Bhujangasana - This asana is used to strengthen the back, neck and pelvis.  Helps to meditate in this asana.

 • What is meditation and its benefits-
 Benefits of Meditation- Meditation is a mental practice used to focus the mind and achieve inner peace.  It helps to stabilize and calm the inner mind and helps to keep away from the worries and problems of the external environment.

 There can be many benefits of meditation, such as: -

 • Mental peace and stability: Meditation reduces the restlessness and restlessness of the mind and leads to a state of peace.  It helps in reducing mental stress, controlling worries and achieving mental equanimity.

 • Health Benefits: Meditation has a quality effect on the health of the body and mind.  It reduces mental stress, regulates blood pressure, enhances clarity of mind and memory, improves sleep quality and helps control mental ailments.

 • Better dedication and efficiency:-
 • Meditation gives concentration of mind and mental peace.

 Meditation helps in reducing mental stress, calming the mind and increasing the stability of the mind.

 Helps in enhancing brain function, improving sleep quality, improving nervous balance and controlling psychological diseases.

 • Ability to meditate: -
 Meditation helps the yogi to awaken the powers and control them.  It provides a way to open the inner doors of the soul and attain pure consciousness.

 Conclusion of meditation and yoga-
 Both meditation and yoga are complete activities in themselves.
 Just as meditation is a complete book, yoga is only one chapter in it.  There are so many benefits of practicing both meditation and yoga that there is no scope for harm in them.  Both these activities are done to improve the physical and mental condition.  It is a different matter if a person does yoga and meditation in a wrong way, then its result will not be possible.
 Meditation and Yoga is a very important part of our lifestyle.  In meditation we seek peace of mind and in yoga we exercise physically and mentally.  The exercises done in the form of yoga are mainly called breathing exercises.  Whereas in meditation, concentration is told by focusing on the breath.

 Both meditation and yoga are very good for body and soul.  Both of these must be included in your daily routine.
 In the end, I would like to say that it is very important to do both meditation and yoga if you want to be healthy, by including both meditation and yoga in your lifestyle.You can improve your lifestyle.

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