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Use rose water and glycerin to make the face shiny-
 Face is an important part of our body, we take care of our face the most, so that we look beautiful and attractive.  Today we are telling some such home remedies to make the face beautiful and attractive, by adopting which you too can take care of your skin yourself.
 Every person wants to make his face fair and shiny to look beautiful.  Because fair and shiny face attracts everyone.  That's why many people use many types of beauty products or home remedies daily.  Also, many people often go to beauty parlors and get facials done.  We are going to tell you one such solution.  Due to which the face will become fair and shiny like the moon.

 Required material-

 What we are going to tell today, this remedy is very easy and cheap.  Anyone can do it comfortably.  For this remedy, you will need half a teaspoon turmeric, one teaspoon gram flour, one teaspoon fuller's earth and two teaspoons aloe vera.

 Facepak Method to make---

 Before doing this remedy, clean your face with lukewarm water or boil water and take steam.  This will open the pores of the face and the dirt will be removed from the face.

 Now make a paste by mixing turmeric, gram flour, multani mitti and aloe vera in a bowl.  Now apply this paste on the face, rub it for a while and leave it for 20 minutes.  After that wash the face with clean water.  Do this remedy 2 days a week.  After doing this remedy for 7 days, your face will start looking fair and shiny.

 Remedies of rose water and glycerin-
 How beneficial these two are for the skin of the face, yet very few people do not know the benefits of the mixture of both very well.  The effect of the mixture on the skin of the face is a useful home remedy for both winter and summer, because at both times the skin either becomes oily or becomes dry.

 Let us tell you in detail the benefits of using a mixture of both.
Mixing rose water and glycerin and rubbing it lightly on the face is helpful in improving the skin from dryness.  This process should be done for 5 minutes before sleeping.

 Applying rose water and glycerine twice a week brings new life to the skin cells and the dirt accumulated inside the pores of the skin comes out easily after rubbing.  Rubbing rose water and glycerin lightly on the skin helps in blood circulation on the face because it has anti-aging properties.  Which prevents wrinkles on the face.  The face looks very young and beautiful according to the age.

 Rose water and glycerin work as a medicine to make a special parallel to remove looseness and dryness of the skin, due to which the facial glow and spots get delayed.
Prevents acne pore formation on the face from becoming a black spot.  The face looks oily when the skin is greasy.  In this way, after 2 weeks, do a light massage on the face with a mixture of rose water and glycerin for 5 minutes.  Mostly do this process before sleeping at night, because the anti-aging properties found in rose water and glycerine have more effect at night than during the day.

 Other remedies of rose water-
 If you do not want to mix glycerin with rose water at night, then you can apply rose water alone.

 You can also use rose water for the lips, because the blackness of our lips goes away by using rose water.  Every day, apply a little rose water with cotton and clean your lips before sleeping at night.  By doing this daily, the color of your lips will improve.

 Mixing rose water and glycerin, you can also use it for cracked heels, by doing this, cracked heels will be cured in a few days.

 In this way, you can improve your beauty sitting at home by taking small measures, these measures are definitely small but very useful because they do not have any side effects.
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