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Home remedies to cure warts
The word wart means a kind of lump made of small mass, which can be on any part of the body.
It looks more ugly especially when it is on the face which reduces our beauty.  A wart is a small grain raised on the body which is known as a skin disease.  Due to this, papilloma virus infection occurs on the skin.

 There are many types of warts on the body and they can be cured with home remedies.

 Some remedies such as camphor oil, kalonji, garlic, seasonal juices, aloe vera, guar paste, figs, potato juice, onion,  etc. can be helpful in the treatment of these warts.  Let us know some such home remedies to cure warts, by adopting which you can cure this problem sitting at home. Many such materials are found in our house, by adopting which we can cure these small diseases ourselves.  .
Warts anywhere on the body reduce the beauty, especially the warts on the face.  Somewhere on the body, wart is a small grain of flesh raised in black color, which according to medical science is considered a type of skin disease.
 It is almost the size of Mustard, Moong, Ber.  It occurs on the hands and feet but can also occur on other parts of the body.

 Papilloma virus causes small, rough, hard round nodules to form on the skin.
 Which is called wart.
 Warts are caused by viral infection.  It is often caused by a species of virus called 'human papillomavirus'.  • There are about ten types of warts.  Warts can be caused by infection (untouchability) and enter the body through a break in the skin.  Usually these end on their own in a few months, but sometimes they can persist for years or may recur.
 Due to the growth of unwanted warts on the body, the same voice comes from the mind again and again that how can we get rid of these warts.  If these warts are troubling you by becoming a blemish in your beauty, then with the help of these simple remedies, you can get rid of them.

 • When more than one warts appear on the face, beauty starts to decrease.  Although warts can be in any part of the body, but the warts on the face start looking ugly.  Don't know why people don't do anything to get rid of them.  If you are also troubled by warts, then with these home remedies you can get rid of them forever.

 Onion juice and white lime-

Mix onion juice and a little white lime, which is used for betel leaf in food, and apply it on the wart with the help of a match stick.  Keep doing this experiment continuously for two-three days, gradually the wart will burn and its mark will be cured in a few days.

Apple vinegar-

Apple vinegar is a natural remedy to cure warts.  Apply vinegar on the warts with the help of cotton and let it dry for some time. If you do this experiment continuously for two-three days, the warts will end from the root.

 Grind some seeds of fennel in vinegar and apply it on the warts and sleep, the warts will be cut off in a few days.

 • Grind a piece of garlic, but not very fine, and keep this crushed garlic on the wart and tie it with a bandage.  This also helps in the treatment of warts.

 • Apply one drop of fresh lime juice on the wart, and tie it with a bandage.  Do this about 3 or 4 times a day.  By doing this the warts will disappear.

 • Applying the juice of the stalk of Bangla, Mulbari, Kapoori, or Nagerbel leaves on warts makes the warts fall off.  If even then it does not fall off, rub the betel leaf with lime and wrap cotton around a sharp object and apply it on the wart.

 • Keep rubbing Amalaki on the warts until the warts absorb the juice.  Or rub Amalaki juice on the wart and tie it with a bandage.

 • Put Kasisadi oil on the warts and tie it with a bandage.

 Warts are removed by careful application of chestnut milk or carbolic acid.  Apply Aloe Vera on the warts thrice a day.  Keep doing this for a week, the warts will disappear.

 • By using equal quantity of baking soda and castor oil, the warts gradually disappear.

 • Make a paste by grinding green coriander and apply it on the warts daily.  • Wash the face thoroughly and apply cotton soaked in vinegar on the moles.  After ten minutes wash the face with warm water.  The warts will disappear in a few days.

 • Beneficial results have been found by applying honey on warts at night while sleeping and in the morning.

 • Warts can be treated with Guar Patha (Aloe vera).  Soak a cotton ball in aloe vera juice for a minute, then place it on the wart and fix it with adhesive tape.  It is advisable to do this procedure several times a day.  Warts will clear in 3-4 weeks.

 • Mash figs and apply some amount of it on the wart.  Leave it on for 30 minutes.  Then wash with lukewarm water.  Warts will end.

 horse tail hair-

 Break a few hairs from the horse's tail and leave the wart tightly tied, within a few days the wart will dry up and fall off on its own.

Potato juice - 

Potato juice is also a very good remedy to cure small veins.  Grate the potato and take out its juice and then with the help of cotton, apply it on the wart continuously for 1 week.

Most homeopathic medicines prove effective for warts.  If after taking all these measures, your warts are not cured, then definitely contact a homeopathic doctor for this.
Warts are easily treated in homeopathy.

 If your problem is very serious, then you must visit your nearest skin doctor.

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