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Tittle- Beauty tips for face -
 Face is the most important part of our body.  We do a lot to make it beautiful because it is considered a mirror of the entire body.  We try many home remedies to make our face beautiful and attractive, but many times they do not yield any results due to lack of correct information.  Today we are going to share some such beauty tips with you.  By adopting these you too can enhance your beauty.  All these beauty tips can be done easily at home. These tips will prove helpful in enhancing your beauty. Especially women are very conscious about their beauty and should be so because if you are beautiful and take a little care of it.  So your beauty can get further enhanced.  It is not necessary that you need a parlor to look beautiful, you can also take care of yourself.
 * Beauty tips for face and skin-
To remove hair from upper lips, mix sugar in lemon juice and leave it for some time and when the sugar gets completely mixed, apply it on the upper lips and massage it with light hands. By doing this, the hair on your lips will be cleaned.  Will go.

 readmore-Home remedies to remove blackness of lips---

 To make the face beautiful-
Make a face mask of turmeric and desi ghee. Applying a face mask of turmeric and ghee on the entire face brightens the complexion and improves the skin tone.  It cures facial blemishes and reduces ageing.

 * Make gold facial at home-
 Turmeric, curd, lemon water, coconut oil and honey are required.  Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and then add a little coconut oil and mix well.  This will be your gold facial cream ready. Now apply it on the entire face and leave it for 10 minutes. Later wash your face with cold water.

 * Mix lemon juice and a pinch of gram flour and turmeric in tomato juice, apply this paste around your eyes and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.  Do this twice a week, this will gradually eliminate the dark circles under your eyes.

 * To improve complexion - 
make a paste by mixing a little turmeric in aloe vera gel and then apply it on the entire face in such a way that no part of your face is left.  By doing this the complexion of your face will become fair and spot free very quickly.

 * Ways to brighten the skin - 
Heat coconut oil lightly and squeeze a little lemon juice into it and then massage your face and entire body. The lack of oil in the body gets compensated and the muscles get tightened.  She goes.

 *For dead skin-

 * Mixing a little raw milk in barley flour and applying it on the face works as a scrub and also improves your complexion.

 *Multani Mitti-

 Always used Multani Mitti as a pack.  Applying Multani mitti mixed with lemon and glycerine improves the complexion and also clears the spots and blemishes on the face. This is a very homely and cheap remedy.

 *Home remedies to eliminate wrinkles- 
Castor oil is a very good remedy to reduce facial wrinkles.  Apply it on your face every night before sleeping and massage it gently. Within a few days, there will be a difference in your wrinkles.

 *For blemishes -----

 Mix a few drops of lemon juice in two spoons of cream and scrub the face before sleeping and after waking up in the morning, wash the face with lukewarm water. By using this remedy daily, the spots caused by pimples get cleared.

*  Remedies of curry leaves for hair-
 Curry leaves further enhance the beauty of hair.  Nutrients are found in all curries to keep hair healthy.  Grind curry leaves and apply it on the roots of your hair, this will make your hair black, long and thick and the roots of the hair will also become stronger.

 * Home remedies to cure freckles - 
Mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in some gram flour, add a little mixture and make a paste. Now apply this paste on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Use this to remove freckles.  It will be wiped off and the dryness of the skin will also go away.

 * Home bleach and remedies for facial complexion -

 There are some properties found in potato which also enhances our complexion and also works as household bleach. Making a potato paste, adding a little turmeric to it and applying it on the face improves the complexion.

 * To remove blackness of lips - Mix a pinch of turmeric in a little cream and apply it on the lips for some time and then clean it with wet cotton, this will remove the blackness of your lips.

 * To remove stains-
 If there are many spots on your skin, then to remove them, mix rose water and a little glycerin in a bowl.  Mix them well and apply it on the entire face like a paste and after waking up in the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water.  Do this experiment once a week, by doing this all the spots and blemishes on your face will be cleared.

 * Neem remedies-----

 * Using Neem powder with rose water cures the infection caused by small pimples on the face.

 * Pimples marks can be removed by making a paste of rose water and cucumber juice. Use it at night and wash your face with clean water in the morning.

 * Home remedy to remove dryness of skin -----
 Make a face wash by mixing one spoon honey and some part egg and apply it on the face for 10 minutes and then wash it with simple water. Doing this removes dryness of the face.

 * To make dry skin soft and supple, you can mix a few drops of almond oil and aloe vera gel and use it daily.

 * To remove black heads and white heads, prepare a paste by mixing rose water and curd along with ground rice flour and then apply it on your nose, forehead etc. and leave it for 10 minutes.  After some time, scrub your face and then wash it with water.

 * Benefits of applying oil in the navel - 
If you have problem of acne then apply oil in your navel every day before sleeping. Apply mustard oil on the navel to soften and soften the cracked lips. To bring glow on the face, apply almond oil on the navel.  Use.

 * To make skin glowing-----

 *Mixing a Vitamin E capsule in Vaseline and applying it on the face before sleeping makes the face glow a lot.

 * Home remedies to remove unwanted hair  ----
If you are troubled by unwanted hair on your face, then mix turmeric flour and sesame oil and make a very hard ball and use it to get rid of unwanted facial hair.  By doing this experiment repeatedly, you can get rid of unwanted hair.

 * Remedies to remove darkness - Take out the juice of raw tomato and mix one tablespoon curd in it and apply it daily on the skin of your face and hands and feet and after applying it for half an hour, wash it with simple water. Doing this will reduce the darkness of the skin.  Goes away quickly.

To remove blackness of hands and feet –

 Applying lemon juice mixed daily helps in whitening the dark skin.

 * Make a paste by soaking half a spoon of chironji in two spoons of milk and apply it on the face and after 10 minutes wash the face with clean water.  By using this continuously, the face gets a wonderful glow and the glow of the face increases and also the dryness of the face goes away.

 * Rubbing a mixture of lemon and sugar on the feet removes the blackness of the feet and removes the dead skin and also improves their complexion.

We can do these small remedies sitting at home ourselves, we do not need to go to any parlor because all these remedies are home remedies and they do not have any side effects.  To enhance beauty, one has to take out time for oneself and all these ingredients are easily available to us in the kitchen.

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