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Home remedies to cure constipation - 
Constipation is a problem that can happen to any person at any time, because due to poor digestive system, when the stool of any person becomes too hard, then he has to remove the stool.  There is difficulty in giving up.  Constipation is a condition of possible change in the stool due to which the amount of stool is reduced and its frequency decreases due to the stool becoming hard and the person has to use excessive force while passing stool.

 • Any person must go for thinking once a day. 
 If a problem like this is continued from time to time then many more diseases arise in the body. A healthy person must go for bowel movement once a day.

 • Main causes of constipation - There can be many reasons for constipation. Such as not eating fiber rich food, drinking less water, less water in the body, not doing physical exercise, consuming some heavy food, imbalance of hormones,  Deficiency of calcium and potassium, excessive consumption of tea or coffee, smoking and drinking alcohol, consumption of food items containing flour.

 • Drinking water immediately after eating food also increases the problem of constipation because by drinking water immediately after eating food, we are not able to digest the food properly and after this, hydrochloric acid is produced to digest the food and if you immediately  If you drink water, it becomes thin and due to which you are not able to digest food properly and you get the problem of constipation.
* Home remedies for constipation-

 • Drink adequate amount of water.

 • Eat fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

 • Drinking warm milk before sleeping at night can help.

 • Consume Triphala powder, which can help improve digestion.

 • Go for a walk after eating.

 • Drinking a mixture of milk and jaggery can also provide relief.

 • Drinking warm ghee mixed with milk can also be beneficial.

 • Eating papaya keeps the stomach clean.

 • Eating basil leaves daily can keep the stomach clean.

 • Drinking ginger and lemon juice mixed in water can also be beneficial.

 • Doing yoga and exercise can also keep the stomach clean.

 • Drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water in the morning can also provide relief.

 • Drinking watermelon and melon juice keeps the stomach clean.

 • Drinking water mixed with salt can also help cleanse the stomach.

 • Improve your eating habits, make time for eating and do not eat in a hurry.

 Small myrobalan -

 It is considered a panacea for constipation. Fry the small myrobalan in desi ghee and grind it and then add a little black salt to it, take it with one spoon of hot water and sleep at night. Your stomach will be clean in the morning.

 • Isabgol husk-- 

Isabgol is a home remedy which is also called Isabgol husk which is also considered a very good remedy for cleansing the stomach.  If you have constipation then take Isabgol with warm milk or warm water. If you are having diarrhea then it can be taken with curd.

 * Bel fruit---

 Bel Ripe Bel is considered to be an Ayurvedic fruit. Take out the pulp of ripe Bel by mash it in water and then filter the sherbet and drink it.  This sherbet is said to be very beneficial for constipation as it flushes out all the accumulated stool from the intestines.

*  Jaggery and celery -

 Take two spoons of these two and make a pill. Whenever you feel that there is heaviness in the stomach, then take this pill with warm water. Your stomach will take it immediately. By consuming it, you will never get rid of it.

 * Papaya – 
Papaya is considered to be a fruit which cures even the oldest consumption for constipation.

 Cow's Desi Ghee - 

Cow's Desi Ghee is also considered very beneficial for constipation.  If you drink cow's desi ghee mixed with one spoon of warm milk at night, your stomach will become clean as soon as you wake up in the morning.

 * Guava and lemon -

 both of them are considered like nectar for constipation patients, you can consume these fruits at any time of the day.  A large amount of fiber is found in these fruits which gives strength to our intestines and helps in expelling the mail easily.

 * Figs dry fruits - 

Figs are an Ayurvedic medicine which is considered to cure constipation. Just soak three-four figs in water at night and consume it in the morning.  It eliminates constipation from its roots

* -dry Munakka-

Big Munakka are considered very beneficial for cleaning the stomach.  Whenever you have problem of constipation then you should consume 8, 10 Munanka before sleeping at night or another way is to boil Munanka in milk and when the milk is reduced to half then consume it half an hour before sleeping.  Do it.  Iron is found in large quantity in Munanka, hence iron is supplied to our body and by doing this our stomach will be cleaned very easily.

 Disclaimer- All these experiments have been written according to Ayurveda, we have no contribution in this.

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