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Home remedies for stomach worms- Stomach worms are a very common problem in small children.  Both small and big people can suffer from the problem of stomach worms. They have symptoms like stomach ache, weight loss, loss of appetite.  Two or three types of worms are found in our stomach.  Which we call worm diseases due to which we have bad lifestyle.
Causes of stomach worms-

 Such as change in routine, lack of proper cleaning of food items, drinking impure water, food contamination, food particles, or contact with parasitic organisms.  There are some major worms in the stomach, such as ascariasis, kidney worms, tapeworms, and globalistis.

 * Home remedies for stomach worms -
 How many types of worms are found in the stomach?
 There are many types of worms in the stomach, such as germs, parasites, nematodes, tapeworms, flukes, etc.  These worms enter the body in different ways and can cause various stomach infections.

 • Neem tree leaves--
 Grind neem leaves and consume that water on an empty stomach in the morning.  Stomach worms can be killed by drinking this water.

 • Ginger ----  -

 Crush ginger and extract juice. Drinking this juice can kill stomach worms.  Extracting ginger juice and adding some rock salt to it and drinking it for a few days can also be beneficial.

Celery----- -

 Celery is a very good remedy to eliminate stomach worms. Making half a gram of celery powder and the same amount of jaggery and taking it three times a day eliminates stomach worms because celery contains anti-bacterial elements.  Let's go.  Which eliminates insects.  Consume this for four-five days continuously.  Apart from this, you can mix rock salt with black salt and half gram of celery and take it with lukewarm water before sleeping at night. This use is considered to be a much better solution for children.

 Garlic -(Garlic)-Stomach worms can also be killed by boiling garlic cloves in water and drinking it.  Eating garlic chutney eliminates stomach worms.  By adding rock salt to it and eating it in the morning and evening, the stomach worms get destroyed and come out from the anus.

 • Drinking milk mixed with salt in water- Drinking warm milk mixed with a little salt in water can eliminate stomach worms.

 • Black Pepper powder-
Stomach worms can also be killed by grinding black pepper and eating it mixed with honey.

 • Bael Leaves-----
 Stomach worms can be killed by grinding vine leaves and mixing them with water.

 Neem and honey -----

 Eating a mixture of neem leaves and honey destroys stomach worms because antibacterial elements are found in neem leaves which destroys the worms in our stomach. You should consume it in the morning on an empty stomach.

 Stomach worms can also be killed by grinding spinach leaves and mixing them with water.

 • Peppermint------
 Drinking peppermint leaves boiled in water can also be beneficial in destroying worms.


 Stomach worms can also be killed by drying pomegranate peel, grinding it and mixing it with water.

 *•Neem Seeds------
 Stomach worms can be killed by grinding bean seeds and mixing them with lemon juice.

 Tomato - -----
Tomato is considered a panacea for stomach worms. In case of stomach worms, cutting tomato, applying salt and black pepper powder in it and eating it provides quick relief from stomach worms.

Keep cloves soaked in water and giving it to children kills stomach worms very quickly. This also provides relief from stomach discomfort and pain in children.  It is also important to pay attention to your diet and water hygiene, as without hygiene, intestinal worms can reoccur.

 If your problem is very serious, then due to stomach worms, the patient may face many problems like stomach pain, excessive hunger or loss of appetite, lack of blood in the body, bad breath.  Coming of water, saliva falling from the mouth, hence if you are seeing these symptoms excessively then you must consult your nearest doctor.

 Note that these suggestions are only home remedies and if the problem is serious then it may be better to consult a doctor.

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