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Tittle-Jewellery and Acupuncture Benefits- This jewelery adds charm to the face of a married woman.  Scientists are of the opinion that wearing them directly affects our body.  According to Hindu religion, many such beliefs are related.
 Along with adornment of women, jewelery also works for our health and acupressure.  Very few people know that some diseases can be prevented by jewellery.  Jewelery is very dear to women, because wearing it makes a woman look even more beautiful.  Women love jewelery more than their own life. Let us know in detail today which ornaments not only enhance our beauty but also cure the diseases of our body.

 *Necklace, Mangalsutra----

 The pressure exerted on the back of the neck protects the spinal cord from pain.  This also makes the voice sweeter.  Chances of spondylitis are less.

 Mangalsutra is a wedding sign.  This enhances the beauty of a woman.  The beauty of the neck increases.

 The more beautiful the chains around women's necks look here, the more they benefit them.

 Wearing a neck chain provides relief from brain and throat related disorders.

 * Bracelet ------
Armlet is very helpful in keeping the heart and lungs healthy.

 * Bangles and bracelets-

 Also keeps the heart, throat, neck, brain, oral gland and uterus, penis and ovaries etc. healthy.  Wearing bangles and bracelets relieves lower body pain and sexual dysfunction.

 *earrings and tops-
While jhumka tops enhance the beauty of a woman, they also keep the throat and tongue healthy.

 We call these ear ornaments. Wearing heavy earrings, tops etc. in the ears reduces hernia, tongue, eye and stomach related diseases in women.  The fashion for long earrings had reduced a bit in the past few years, but now like before, long pendants and light to heavy earrings of various designs have become popular.  Which women wear with great pride.

* Clove and nose ring-
 These ornaments worn by piercing the nose prevent diseases of the nose.  Increases the olfactory power.  It is also beneficial for the throat.  This reduces the chances of getting sore throat and cold.  Pure air circulates in the lungs.  When the diamond in the nose spreads its charm, the beauty of a woman blossoms further.  The bride's makeup is considered incomplete without the nose ring.  Nath is worn in our nose. By wearing it, stomach related diseases are cured.

* ring------
Wearing rings in the hands, especially on the little finger, generates energy for the body, and it keeps the heart, neck, ears and spine healthy.  Wearing a ring on the ring finger strengthens the ears, digestive power, internal organs and lungs. Wearing a ring on the middle finger provides relief from throat, heart, eyes and cold. Wearing a ring on the finger near the thumb helps in getting relief from cold.  It goes away, the mind remains sharp, eyes and face remain beautiful and healthy.

* Hasli and Mala-
 Putting it relieves the pain in the soles of the feet and brings beauty to the face.  Interest towards sex increases.

 *Forehead Tikka-
 By taking vaccine, brain related disorders are cured and beauty also looks natural.  Bindi not only enhances the beauty of the face, it also keeps the respiratory tract and esophagus healthy, and adds sweetness to our voice. Modern women hesitate in filling the mang with vermillion and kajal, people apply a little vermillion in the mang due to fear of shame.  Takes.  They do not know that vermillion keeps the mind calm and kajal improves eyesight.

 It is believed that wearing the bracelet does not cause problems like blood pressure, deafness, toothache, memory loss and speech defects.

* armband-----
 Earlier only rural women and Banjarans used to wear it on their arms.  Now it has also become a decoration for the arms of modern women.  This keeps blood pressure normal.  Also the brain remains stress free.  It is believed that shoulder pain does not hurt.

Strong or girdle-
 Women wear these ornaments on their back.  Village women wore girdles made of silver or gilt, rich women wore girdles studded with gold and diamonds or other expensive gems.  These can be of all types of weight, from light to heavy.  Due to this the stomach does not get bigger and the shape of the waist remains intact.  There are no irregularities in menstruation and digestion.  There is no complaint of back pain.

Wearing nettle on toes provides relief from back pain and cures menstrual disorders. Anklets are also helpful in keeping menstruation regular.  These are mostly made of silver but now those with gems have also started being liked.  Gold anklets are also popular among the elite class.  Earlier only the women of the royal kingdom could wear gold on their feet.

 * Bindi not only enhances the beauty of the face, it also keeps the respiratory tract and esophagus healthy and brings sweetness to the voice.

 Modern women hesitate to fill their hair with vermilion and kajal.  Due to fear of shame, people apply a little vermillion on their forehead, but they do not know that vermillion keeps the mind calm.

 * Kajal improves eyesight----.  Provides relief from pain in toes and back.  Menstrual related disorders also go away.

 For women, where the band is attached on their head is the center point for healing menstruation and where the ear hole is, it is the point of reflection for insomnia and memory.  Therefore, the tradition of wearing jewelery has been going on since ancient times and in this way we can cure diseases.

 *bore- Bores respond to the points related to our reproductive organs due to which the diseases occurring in the reproductive organs are cured.


 Be it gold or glass bangles, both help in increasing the energy of our body by putting money on those points which fill the body with energy, hence wear one bangle each in both the hands.
Payal applies pressure on the points related to the knees and back, due to which knee pain, stomach pain and back pain get cured.

 *Gold jewelery and properties-

 Some sources have shown that wearing pure gold jewelry is even more beneficial, but not everyone can wear gold.  Because anti-inflammatory properties are found in gold.  Many years ago a doctor had done a practical on this.  A piece of gold was placed on the swollen part of the body so that the pain could be reduced.  Gold jewelery is considered very good for reducing pain and swelling.

 In this way the body regulates temperature.  Apart from gold, copper metal jewelery also has such qualities.  But everyone wears jewelery according to their status.

 This jewelry is not only a symbol of our aesthetic sense, it also helps in many ways in keeping our body and mind healthy.  The only thing to be kept in mind is that you should not feel discomfort while wearing them, because sometimes some rings are so tight that it stops our blood circulation.  Then there is a possibility of more losses than benefits.

 The place where women part their hair is considered to be the healing point of menstruation, and the place where the ear hole is is considered to be the reflection point of insomnia and memory.

 The place where bangles are worn on the hand is the point for healing the urinary bladder, ovary kundalini, and anklets, waistband can cure many diseases of the knees and feet.  Thus we can say that along with beauty, this jewelery can cure many of our diseases.

 This jewelery is not only a symbol of beauty but is also a very effective way to correct the acupoints of our body by applying pressure on them.

 Therefore, wear jewelery even if it is small and keep some diseases and health at bay while sitting at home.

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