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Tittle-Home remedies for remove blackness of lips 
Lips play a major role in the beauty of our face and every person wants his/her lips to look pink and beautiful, but sometimes due to excessive smoking or consumption of cold drinks, our lips often turn black and black lips are very attractive to look at.  Looks bad.  If you are also troubled by this problem of blackness of lips, then you can remove the blackness of your lips by adopting some remedies. Let us know some such tips by adopting which we can get relief from our problem sitting at home.

 Reasons for blackness of lips -
 Darkness of the lips can be caused by many reasons, such as excess melanin, exposure to sunlight and fluid, exposure to fibers, and skin damage.

 Excessive exposure to sunlight can also be a major cause of darkening of lips because sunlight contains some para-violet rays.  Which can darken our skin.
 Smoking is also a reason for dark lips.

 Many times, due to lack of essential nutrients, blackness starts appearing in the lips.  It may also be due to deficiency of the nutrients Vitamin C and B12.

 * For women, using excessive lipstick can sometimes be the cause of darkening of lips, hence do not use excessive lipstick and clean the lipstick before sleeping at night.

 Use of rose water-
Applying rose water on the lips keeps the lips moisturized and can reduce darkness and rose petals prove to be very helpful for the lips.  Before applying dried rose petals on the lips, grind them finely and mix lemon juice and a little rose water and apply this paste every night before sleeping, this will remove the blackness of the lips.

 • Lemon juice and honey-
 Applying lemon juice mixed with honey on the lips can help in clearing their color.  Honey is considered a very good home remedy to remove the blackness of the lips. Honey also proves to be effective in providing deep moisture to the lips and must be applied once daily to remove the blackness of the lips.

 *milk cream----
Applying cream on the lips helps in moisturizing their skin.

 • Cucumber---
 Keeping cucumber slices on the lips can keep the skin fresh.

 • Pink water-
 Pink water can provide freshness to the skin of the lips.  To make pink water, fill rose flowers in a bottle and apply that pink water on your lips daily with the help of cotton.

 *Raw milk --- Raw milk is also considered very good in removing the darkness of the lips because raw milk has been used for centuries to improve the complexion or darkness of the lips, hence you can use it without boiling.  Apply raw milk on the lips with the help of cotton for some time.
 * Beetroot-- Beetroot is naturally pink in color and is used to remove blackness. Betalains are present in sufficient quantity in it.  Which gives the natural red color of this fruit, cut one or two pieces of beetroot and keep it in the refrigerator for some time, after it cools down, massage it on the lips for some time and leave it for 20 minutes, after that wash your lips with cold water.  Wash it off.

 Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe Vera Gel is also a boon given by nature which is considered very useful for our lips and hair. You can use it to soften your lips and remove their blackness. Aloe Vera on Lips  Apply aloe vera gel, let it dry, then after some time wash your lips with lukewarm water. You can use it daily. Along with making the skin disease-free, aloe vera gel also contains nutrients in sufficient quantity.  Aloe vera has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties.  Which are very beneficial for our skin and hair and along with this, aloe vera gel helps in the regeneration of our cells.

 * Consumption of fresh fruits - If you are troubled by the problem of blackness of lips, then consume fresh fruits because citric acid and other nutrients are found in fruits which make the skin of our lips soft and fair.  Let's light it also.

 *Potato-Potato is easily found in our kitchen. Vitamin C is found in abundance in potato.  Therefore you can use it to brighten dark lips.  Cut a piece of potato and apply its juice on your lips and leave it on your lips for some time because potato has natural bleaching ability.

 * Sugar and Sugar-Sugar and sugar scrub can clean the skin of the lips and clear the color of the lips, but massage carefully with light hands.

 Salt and coconut oil -

 Massaging the lips with salt and coconut gently can help in clearing the color of the lips.

 conclusion-These were the small remedies to remove the darkness of lips because lips play the main role on our face.  If the color of the lips has become very dark, then the face looks even more ugly, but to enhance our beauty, we can improve the color of our lips by taking these small measures.  Lips add glory to the smile of the face but black lips make our smile colorless.  The reason behind this is our bad lifestyle and some chemical products used unknowingly.  Due to our busy lives, we are not able to take care of ourselves properly nor do we consider whether it is beneficial or harmful for us while buying beauty products.  This is the reason why the darkness of the lips gradually increases.

 Note --- that all these remedies should be tried carefully and if any kind of allergy occurs in your lips, then a doctor should be consulted.

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