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Tittle- A woman makes a home a heaven (women's power)
 What is the power of a woman in the house? Today, through this article, we will try to make you understand how much power is contained in a woman, who holds all kinds of experiences within herself.  Those who say bad things about women, please try to understand the woman through this article that she is also a human being and not a bull in a crusher.
Just as makeup in life is incomplete without hair, similarly a house is incomplete without a woman.
 If you also disrespect the women of your house then please stop doing this because they leave their home and parents and become dedicated only to your house.  This is no less than a penance for him because a man cannot stay at his in-laws' house even for a month.

Glory of woman------

 A woman turns home into heaven.  A woman can turn a ruined, disturbed, distressed, unhappy house into a woman's paradise.  Happiness, peace, joy at home, sound of laughter, loving behavior every day, touching the feet of elders, caressing the younger ones, all these qualities can be produced only by a good housewife.

 A good housewife worships Lord Narayana with incense sticks, lamps and aarti every morning and evening.  Which has a positive effect on the environment of the house and on every member of the house.
 A woman never gets tired, never gives up, in the toughest of hardships,
 She keeps smiling even in difficult times and because of that all troubles are overcome.  There peace, happiness, love and joy become joy.  Women's duties have been described in Manusmriti, in which it has been mentioned that after marriage, a woman should be skilled in household work, be smart in home decoration, intelligence etc., take care of income and expenditure, be the mistress of the house, be in charge of all the things.  Expertise is required in tasks like coordination of religious rituals etc.

 Lord Narayan has given every woman the spirit of service in her nature.  But except a few, his speech is full of sweetness, humility and love.  Woman is a beautiful embodiment of service.  Only a woman can serve mother-in-law and father-in-law, serve husband, serve children, serve sister-in-law and brother-in-law, serve guests, serve the suffering and the sick.  And every woman is doing it in every house.  Seva is a mantra by which everyone can be controlled, except a few houses.  There should not be any desire for anything or pride in the game of service.  The "self-satisfaction" and ultimate joy that a service provider gets is an invaluable wealth.  A woman knows this very well and at the same time she cultured her sons and daughters, running the house according to rules, peacefully and efficiently, she, a devout and good housewife, has made her home a heaven.

 * Mata Lakshmi Devi ji says that-----

 The woman who does not keep the household utensils in order and keeps them scattered here and there, does not work thoughtfully, always speaks against her husband, is addicted to visiting other people's houses and gives up her modesty, is ready to commit sins.  I stay away from such women forever.

 I always reside in the women who are truthful and lovely to look at because of their gentle attire, who are fortunate, virtuous, devoted to their husbands and have good conduct and thoughts, and who are always adorned with clothes and ornaments.  Whose nature, conversation and conduct are excellent, whose sight gives pleasure to her husband, who does not have interest in any other man except her husband.  And if she always remains happy in front of her husband, that woman is considered to follow religious practices.  
The saintly woman who always considers her master as God-like, is the one who is religious and is the recipient of the fruits of religion.  One who serves and takes care of her husband like a god, does not love anyone else except her husband, never gets angry and observes good vows, the sight of which is pleasant to the husband, who looks like the mouth of the Lord like the mouth of the son.  She keeps looking at the goddess and is considered to be a saint and one who eats regular food.

 And that woman has been called a religious leader.  Husband and wife should live together and follow the religion, the woman who becomes devout after listening to this auspicious conjugal religion, is the one who follows the same religion as her husband.

 A saintly woman always considers her husband like a god.  This co-religion of husband and wife is extremely auspicious.  ,

 The brilliance and divine qualities of all the Gods and Goddesses and sages are present in Sati women.  This is a sacred place of pilgrimage.  All the pilgrimage sites of the world are present in them.  Sins are destroyed by undertaking pilgrimage.  Sins are burnt to ashes just by the sight of sati women.  Whose modesty and pure modesty only.  The woman who steps only on the path of righteousness (not on the evil path), who speaks sweet words and is constantly engaged in the service of her husband, is the best woman and she makes the earth pure with her holy conduct.

 The environment of heaven is created by good deeds and the heavy house of hell is created by bad deeds. It is the pivot and creator of the family.  The house where there is a virtuous and chaste wife, there will be rain of purity in that house.  That house is heaven.  God also appears with purity.

 A woman who is sati and devoted to her husband will definitely behave in a noble and pious manner and not in sinful behavior.  Mother's role is important in raising children.  The first teacher of a child is his mother.

 There is a saying - 'When the mother is ignorant, how can the children become great?  "The pious conduct of the mother will definitely have a good impact on the children and the children will become virtuous. When there are good and virtuous children, heaven will be created on earth. The house whose residents behave piously, the blessings of God are showered on that house. Where children  If you are obedient to your parents, have a devoted and obedient wife, there will definitely be rain of heavenly bliss.

 In the end, I would like to say through this article that in the house where women are respected, God, Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu come and reside there.  In a house where women cry, the wealth that has come to the house also goes back, there is no doubt about it because if a woman can pray then she can also curse. Therefore, never forget to curse your mother.  Do not harass sisters and women nor let tears come to their eyes.  Respect them as much as you can and honor them on festivals, then see you will progress double day and quadruple because this is my personal experience.

 If the women of the house are happy then you do not need to search for heaven, then your home itself becomes heaven.

 Even God does not forgive those who disrespect women by making them serve them, in the end they are doomed to downfall.

 Even in our religious scriptures, women are considered to be the form of Mother Parvati.  Blessed are those people who appreciate the feelings of women after seeing them in the form of Goddess Lakshmi.  Never hurt a woman's feelings by mistake because a woman suppresses her feelings but the first duty of a man is to understand her feelings.  God keeps the man who understands his woman's feelings happy in every way.

 Those who do not have any helper in life, their wife supports them throughout their life journey.  Man and woman are dependent on each other; in the absence of one, the existence of the other cannot be imagined.  Husband and wife support each other throughout their lives to take the chariot of life to its destination.  If a husband is successful then his wife definitely has full contribution.  Similarly, if a wife reaches the pinnacle of success then her husband's contribution cannot be denied.

 When God created a woman, she was filled with countless emotions, she is a living embodiment of love, compassion and kindness.  A woman is completely devoted to her family by incorporating many forms within herself.  She is an obedient daughter since childhood, becomes a guide for her younger siblings and a support for her parents in her youth and after marriage starts her new life with her in-laws.

 Amidst all these characters, the same turning point comes in the life of every woman when her childhood returns and she is born again in the form of a son or daughter.  A woman gives equal importance to the family by becoming a sister, sometimes a wife and sometimes a mother to her children, creating a bridge of emotions for all parties.

 Therefore, respect a woman and do not doubt her in any way and never quarrel with her over small things because a lot of pain is hidden inside her tears.  Woman is like a plant which is uprooted from one place and planted at another place to flourish.

In a house where women are respected, the men of the house do not need to go to the temple and worship because their house itself becomes a temple.

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