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Tittle-What is obesity and how to reduce it, today through this article we will try to understand you in full detail and what is obesity and how can we reduce obesity.  Let us know about obesity in detail-
 Obesity is a condition of the body when there is excessive accumulation of fat in fatty tissues.  Generally, this condition arises when food items are consumed more than required.  This problem is mostly found in people in western countries.  Obesity: Generally, this disease occurs in the upper class in India and other developing countries.

Obesity can happen to men and women of any age.  This disease occurs more in people who eat too much food and live against nature.  Women suffer from obesity after delivery and at the time of menopause.

 During childbirth, a woman's weight increases by 12 to 15 kg.  Part of this increase in weight produces an increase in adipose tissue, which serves to meet the needs of lactation.  Many women gain a lot of weight and some part of this increase in weight remains even after delivery.  Later, their obesity increases after having each child.

* What should be the weight as per age and body-
Generally, to determine obesity, after comparing the weight according to age, gender and height with the standard weight chart, they are divided into categories of ten, twenty or thirty percent more.  However, normal weight depends on body conformation and some people are genetically predisposed to having a large frame and heavy muscles.
They are heavier than the standard weight, but they are not obese. Therefore, a more scientific definition of obesity is the amount of fat in proportion to total body weight.  The average body fat for normal young men is about 12 percent and for young women is about 26 percent.

 If the amount of fat in a person's body is more than 20 percent of his total body weight, then he is considered to be obese.  If it is more, it is called fat.
 For women this percentage is considered to be 30 percent.  Obesity is a serious threat to health because excess fat puts burden on the body like heart, kidneys, liver, thighs, knees, ankles, which ultimately reduces the life span.

Overweight people can easily become victim of many diseases like heart disease, heart blockage, heart failure, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, gout and liver and gall bladder disorders.

* Reasons for obesity-
 Overeating is often considered to be the main cause of obesity, that is, consuming more calories than the body needs.  Some people have the habit of eating too much, while others have the habit of eating high calorie foods.
 All these things lead to continuous weight gain because we are unable to match our hunger with the low energy needs.

* Diseases due to obesity-
 Sometimes due to obesity it also increases due to thyroid or pituitary glands.  Such people have low metabolic rate (basal metabolic rate) and if they do not take low calorie diet, their weight keeps increasing.

*How to make eating rules so that your weight does not increase?

 The only way to remove obesity scientifically is through eating rules and in a properly planned sequence along with exercise and other elimination measures.
In this treatment, it should be mainly kept in mind that such food should be included in your diet which has minimum calories and provides maximum essential nutrients.
* How to choose food to reduce obesity-
To reduce obesity, an obese person should be given weight in the initial days.
One should fast for seven to ten days by drinking juice.  During this time, juice of lemon, orange, pineapple, cabbage and celery or seasonal fruits can be taken.  Long fast for 40 days can also be done by drinking juice.  But all this should be done under the guidance and observation of an expert.
This entire process, along with short-term fasting with juice, should be repeated at regular intervals of two or more months to achieve weight loss.
In the beginning days of treatment and if necessary later also, clean the intestines daily using an enema with ordinary warm water.

 Along with this, after fasting, the patient should take only fruits for four to five days.

During this fasting period, fresh juicy fruits like orange, pineapple and papaya should be taken three times daily.  After that you can start a balanced diet with low calories.

Which is made up of a group of three types of food items i.e. seeds, dry fruits and grains, vegetables and fruits.  In this diet, more importance should be given to raw fruits, vegetables and fresh fruit juices.
* to reduce obesity Which substances should be avoided-
 High-fat foods such as butter, cheese, chocolate, cream, alcoholic beverages, lard, meat, fried foods, bread, candy, cakes, potatoes, honey, sugar, and savory puddings and loss of appetite due to undereating of all types.  To get rid of this disease, the patient should keep drinking water continuously or should consume food items having less calories and more water, vegetables and certain fruits.

 Skimmed milk and buttermilk, barley water, fruit juice, steamed green vegetables and raw salads are considered useful for weight loss.

 Six to eight glasses of water should be drunk every day but one should never drink water with food.

What other precautions should be taken apart from food items?

 Meals should be taken as scheduled and snacks should not be eaten in between.
Food should be taken in small quantities and less salt should be consumed in food because salt causes water retention.

* Make some rules to lose weight

• Eat only when you are hungry.

 • Swallow every bite or piece of food so that you can enjoy its aroma.

• Do not eat when you are tired or angry or worried, and do not think or talk about unpleasant things while eating.

 • never eat stale food.

• Always eat food at the right time and eat only as much as you are hungry.

• Do not consume water while eating, consume water after half an hour after eating.

How to diet to reduce obesity-
It is very important that an overweight person should plan his diet in this way.

• When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of juice of half a lemon mixed with lukewarm water.

• Breakfast- Wheat, sprouted moong or black gram and a cup of cream and boiled milk.

• Have a glass of orange, pineapple or carrot juice between breakfast and lunch.

• Lunch – Raw vegetables like carrot, beet, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato and onion or salad, dry wheat rotis, and a glass of buttermilk.

 • Evening snack- Take coconut water or any fruit juice (except apple juice) or lemon tea or vegetable soup.

• Dinner- Wheat roti, steamed vegetables and any seasonal fruit, except banana and apple.
* How to do exercises and exercises to reduce obesity-
Exercise is an important part of any weight loss plan.  This helps in reducing the calories stored in body fat and increases the tone of the muscles of the body.  Apart from this, exercise also helps in getting relief from stress.  Some yoga asanas,

 Like Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, Vajrasana and Yogamudra are also very beneficial.

 These asanas help in reducing fat.  This reduces obesity.  A person suffering from obesity should also try all those measures which cause excessive sweating, like gold bath, steam bath, and intensive massage.  These help in reducing weight.  And most importantly, obese people should make every effort to give up negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, hostility and laziness and adopt a positive attitude towards life.

 Some other measures to reduce obesity-

Consume the raw juice for five to seven days, mix it with equal amount of water and drink one glass every two hours.

 Use enema with ordinary warm water.

 For the next five to seven days, consume only fresh, juicy fruits three times a day, every five hours.
 Breakfast – Have fresh fruits and a glass of skimmed milk.

 Lunch- Have steamed, instant vegetables and wheat rotis and a glass of buttermilk.

 Evening snack- vegetable or fruit juice or coconut water.  For dinner, eat fresh, green vegetable salad and sprouted food after squeezing lemon juice.

 Later, if you want, have something hot like vegetable soup.

* What things should be avoided to reduce obesity-

 Avoid coffee, tea, sugary foods, refined flour foods and high fat foods, fried foods and meat/fish foods, spices, pickles, smoking and alcohol.

 Other treatments to reduce obesity-
Just as one has to abstain from food to reduce obesity, it is also important to change one's lifestyle.  Be sure to include brisk walking for 40 minutes every morning and evening and other exercises like swimming, jogging, cycling and yoga in your life.  If possible, take a steam bath once a week.
 Make a habit of waking up early in the morning and sleeping after 9:00 pm. In this way, by applying these small things, you can reduce your weight because there is no work in the world in which it is not possible.

 conclusion- Obesity is a dangerous disease because it can cause many other diseases in the body.  Therefore, keep your weight under control as much as possible and if your weight is already increasing then definitely try to reduce it.  You can easily lose weight by avoiding food a little and including yoga and exercise in your life.
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