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हिंदू धर्म के अनुसार बेबी बॉय के नाम- आजकल हर कोई अपने बच्चों का नाम कुछ यूनिक और अलग रखना चाहते हैं लड़का हो या लड़की बच्चे दोनों ही प्यार होते हैं। पर आज इंटरनेट का जमाना है लोग अपने बच्चे का नाम  इस प्रकार रखना चाहते हैं या तो वह धार्मिक हो या फिर सबसे अलग हो।  कुछ लोगों का मानना है कि  नाम का असर बच्चों की जिंदगी पर पड़ता है।  इसलिए उसके जीवन को निखारने के लिए उचित नाम की तलाश में रहते हैं और साथ में नाम के मतलब को भी नजरअंदाज नहीं करते इसलिए जिस नाम का मीनिंग अच्छा होता है उसको ही लोग रखना पसंद करते हैं।  आज हम आपके साथ कुछ ऐसे नाम लेकर आए हैं जो आप अपने बच्चों के रख सकते हैं।










Uddyam ( उद्दयम)



Vardan - ( वरदान ) 

- dakhsveer  

- satyam 



 partaksh ( प्रत्यक्ष )


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Darshit- As the name suggests, this Hindu baby boy name has a unique meaning - vision or to pay respect.

 Devansh - A simple, traditional, religious and unique hindu baby name which means “Part of God.”

Daivey - This name depicts your emotions for your child, that he is “dearly loved.”

 Daivik - If you want to pick a name starting with the letter “D”, look no further on our list of our top 100 baby boy names. It is spiritual, modern with a divine meaning - “God’s grace.”

. Deekshant- It means “gift of God.”

 Evyavan - Another name of “Lord Vishnu” is a trendy and unique name for your child.

. Ethiraj- If your child is born on a Monday then this name would be perfect for him. It means, “Lord Shiva.”

. Ekagra- This Hindi name means “concentration”.

 Harshit - This name means “Happy and cheerful”.

Hriday- It simply means “heart”.

. Hardik- The name depicts that your child will perform all charities “from the heart”.

. Hridaan - Your child is blessed with a “great heart”.

 Ibhan - A Wednesday born baby boy can have the timeless name of Lord Ganesha.

. Idhayan - This unique name with a unique pronunciation means “joy of heart”.

. Indranil - Another name of Lord Shiva.

 Ikshaan - Ikshan is a Sanskrit noun referring to ‘sight or superintendence’.

. Ishin - One among the most attractive and different names on our list of top 100 baby boy names is Ishin, which means “commanding.”

 Jay - The evergreen short and beautiful name with the meaning “victorious.”

 Kavish - “Lord of poets” will be your child.

 Kavin - The name says your child’s appearance, “handsome.”

 Kiaan – This name is so attractive that you can finalize it in one go. It means ancient king.

. Lakshit - The name means “targeted” or “focused” as Arjuna.


. Mahit - A new alternative for Mohit, meaning esteemed or honored.

 Manan - Your child will have “deep thinking.”

. Mitul - One who is a friend.

Mayin - Creator of Universe.

. Nadin - It means “lord of rivers.”

 Naksh - Your son’s “features” are great to define.

. Naman - Naman represents good fundamental nature or greetings.

. Neil - The name symbolizes “blue sky”.

. Nishith - The name which means, “Night”.

. Ojasvat - This name is as strong as its meaning, “strong or energetic”.

. Parthiv - It means ‘royal’, apt for your little prince.

. Pranay - Pranay is an extremely lovable name, meaning ‘affection or love.’

. Purnit - It is a very cool name, meaning ‘complete.’

. Priyansh - It is the most valuable or loved part of something.

. Ridhaan - It is a heartfelt baby name which means “searcher.”

. Reyaansh - The name means, a ray of light.

. Rijul - This striking name means ‘innocent and honest.’

. Rohil - This name, meaning ‘grown, rising’, will be trendy this season.

. Sahil - A guide.

. Sankalp – This name means “determination.”

. Sarin - Sarin means ‘helpful’ and is a wonderful choice.

. Shlok - A Vedic chant, will be a peaceful name for your child.

. Shivansh - Perfect name for a baby who is a blessing of Lord Shiva.

Sarvagye- all knowing

. Shoumik - A Bengali Name with meaning “powerful.”

. Shresht - The name means, ‘best, king, superior’, will definitely make your son stand out.

. Shriyukt – This beautiful name can mean “fortunate or famous.”

. Shreyas - The meaning of the name is “superior.”

. Sudyut - Meaning ‘shining beautifully,’ it is too beautiful boy name to consider for your little one.

. Svojas - One uncommon name of Lord Ganesha which means strong and powerful.

 Tejas - A name which means “bright, glory and energy.”

. Tanmay - As the name suggests, your child will be “calm, composed.”

 Tahaan – Merciful.

 Uthkarsh - This excellent name in our top 100 baby boy names means “excellence.”

 Ujesh - Ujesh means ‘conquering’.

. Urijit - energized or powerful.. Vidyut - It means “flash of light.”

 Viaan - The evergreen name from our top 100 baby boy names meaning ‘full of life and energy.’

. Vivaan - The same meaning as of Viaan.

. Vihaan - The morning dawn or sunrise, your child’s name will be pleasant.

. Varenya - Exclusive name on our list of top 100 baby boy names which means ‘best, excellent.

. Vasud - Vasud is the 269th name of Lord Vishnu and another name for Kubera. It means ‘granting wealth.’

. Vedhas - Worshipper of Gods.

. Vaydhish - “Lord of the Vedas” is its meaning.

. Vehant - Your little child will be “intelligent.”

. Viraj – Brilliant and shining will be the traits of your little one.

. Vyan - The cool name means breath or life-giving.

 Vyom - This trending name means “sky”

. Yakshit - Permanent is the meaning of this unique name.

. Yuvaan - The appealing and rich name means youthful, peaceful. It is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

. Yuven - The prince.

 Yuvraj - The Hindi word for Prince.



बच्चों का नाम हमेशा सोच समझ कर ही रखना चाहिए . कोई भी नाम इस प्रकार का ना रखें कि भविष्य में बच्चे उसके नाम का मजाक करें। बच्चे  बहुत ही अनमोल होते हैं चाहे वह लड़का हो या लड़की क्योंकि इंसान की सबसे बड़ी दौलत  अपनी औलाद होती है 

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