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Discipline the the tongue-

Tongue is a part of our body which does not have any bones, but sometimes if spoken wrongly, it causes injury or even breakage to many people. Today we will try to tell you this through this article.  Whatever you say, say it thoughtfully.  If listening is an art then speaking is also an important art .

Toung discipline Role -

 Discipline is important in all walks of life , but ' discipline of the tongue is of special significance . Tongue is an important part of the body , which controls the speech and taste buds . Instances of unbridled tongue were rampant during the course of last election speeches in  Model Code of Conduct notwithstanding , most of the leaders ( national leaders included ) swayed off their heads and crossed the ' Lakshman Rekha of Maryada ' in their speeches . 

Throwing to winds all norms of propriety , ethics , decency decorum and dignity , they poured venom out of their tongues by bombasting their political rivals with vulgar and unparliamentary insinuations . Unfortunate for the nation indeed ! 

Like other intellectuals and right- thinking people I , too , was disturbed and disgusted at the volcanic and virulent outbursts of these so called Honourables ' . 

Our scriptures , sages and seers have laid great emphasis on controlling the tongue . Just as an arrow , once gone from the bow , can not come back ; the words once spoken can not be got back . The tongue , being the controller of speech , has an important role to play in our day - to - day relations with others . It is the spoken words which win us friends or create foes . Sweetness of tongue is doubly blessed it is pleasing both for the speaker and the listener .

The example of cuckoo ( koel ) and crow , though common , is quite relevant here . 

Sant Kabir has also elaborated it in one of his couplets . Simply put , cuckoo and crow and both black in colour , but the former wins the hearts of one and all by its melodious notes , whereas the crow is despised due to its hoarse and jarring voice . Through the legendary trio of monkeys , Mahatma Gandhi tried to convery , among others , the lesson : " control your tongue and speak no evil " . 

The tongue has a natural tendency of telling lies and it has to be curbed ' Slip of tongue ' is another natural phenomenon

which needs to be guarded against . 

Thus a ' guru mantra ' for winning friends and influencing people is to control the tongue and think before speaking .

There is another health -

 related aspect of disciplining the tongue . Those who are slave to the taste buds succumb to unwholesome and junk food , resulting in ill health .

 A person having control on the tongue / taste buds will be discreet in his diet and eat only what is nutritious and wholesome and will , in consequence , enjoy good health . Since food is a major input for healthy body , control of the tongue / taste buds is very essential for leading a healthy life . In a nutshell , control of the tongue is of paramount importance for healthy living and to be likeable in society .

 Control your tongue , do not let your tongue control you . The elders , mature and seasoned as they are , should not only follow it themselves , but inculcate this valuable trait in their children and grand children.


Therefore, whatever we say, we should think it through, our tongue can get us respect as well as insult us.  Tongue plays a very important role in our personality.

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