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Unknown facts about Donald Trump-

Donald Trump was born on 14 June 1946 in the United States. He is the 45th President of America. Before becoming President, he was a real estate developer and businessman. He owns many hotels, casinos and many residential properties around the world. Trump's wife is about 23 years younger than him. Let's know some interesting facts about Donald Trump-

  1. Full Name: Donald John Trump

  2. Birthdate: June 14, 1946

  3. Birthplace: Queens, New York City, USA

  4. Family Business: Donald Trump initially worked in his family's real estate business, the Trump Organization, which was founded by his father, Fred Trump.

  5. Education: Trump attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

  6. Real Estate Empire: He built his wealth primarily through real estate investments and development, focusing on luxury properties and commercial real estate in New York City.

  7. TV Career: Trump became widely known for his role as the host of the reality TV show "The Apprentice," which premiered in 2004 and ran until 2015. He became famous for his catchphrase "You're fired!"

  8. Marriages: Trump has been married three times

  9. Ivana Trump (1977–1992): Trump's first wife, a former Czechoslovakian skier and fashion mode

  10. Marla Maples (1993–1999): Trump's second wife, an actress and television personality.

  11. Melania Trump (since 2005): Trump's third wife, a Slovenian-American former model who became First Lady of the United States.

  12. Children: Donald Trump has five children:

  13. Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump (from his marriage to Ivana Trump).

  14. Tiffany Trump (from his marriage to Marla Maples).

  15. Barron Trump (from his marriage to Melania Trump).

  16. Political Affiliation: Trump switched political affiliations multiple times before becoming a Republican in 1987.

  17. Presidential Campaign: Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States as a Republican in June 2015.

  18. Election Victory: He won the 2016 presidential election against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, securing 304 electoral votes to Clinton's 227, though Clinton won the popular vote.

  19. Inauguration: Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

  20. Social Media: Trump is known for his active and controversial use of Twitter, using the platform to communicate directly with his supporters and criticize opponents and the media.

  21. Business Ventures: Trump has licensed his name to various products and ventures, including hotels, casinos, golf courses, and Trump Tower in New York City.

  22. Legal Battles: Throughout his career, Trump has been involved in numerous legal disputes, including business dealings, allegations of sexual misconduct, and investigations into his finances and tax returns.

  23. Net Worth: While Trump claimed to be worth billions of dollars, his actual net worth has been a subject of debate, with estimates varying widely.

  24. Political Views: Trump's political ideology is characterized by populism, nationalism, and a focus on economic protectionism.

  25. Trade Policies: As president, Trump implemented tariffs and renegotiated trade deals, most notably withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and renegotiating NAFTA to create the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

  26. Immigration Policy: Trump advocated for stricter immigration policies, including the construction of a border wall along the US-Mexico border and restrictions on immigration from certain countries.

  27. Healthcare Reform: Trump campaigned on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), though attempts to do so were unsuccessful during his presidency.

  28. Climate Change: He withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, citing concerns over economic impact and sovereignty.

  29. Foreign Policy: Trump engaged in high-profile meetings and negotiations with leaders from countries such as North Korea, Russia, China, and European allies, often adopting an unconventional approach to diplomacy.

  30. Impeachment: Trump was impeached twice by the House of Representatives:

  31. First impeachment (December 2019): Charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress related to his dealings with Ukraine. He was acquitted by the Senate in February 2020.

  32. Second impeachment (January 2021): Charged with incitement of insurrection following the January 6 Capitol riot. He was acquitted by the Senate in February 2021.

  33. COVID-19 Pandemic: Trump faced criticism for his administration's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the initial downplaying of the virus, conflicting public health messages, and disputes over mask-wearing and vaccination distribution.

  34. Social Issues: His administration took conservative stances on social issues such as abortion rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and religious liberties.

  35. Judicial Appointments: Trump appointed three Supreme Court Justices during his presidency: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, shifting the court to a more conservative majority.

  36. Space Exploration: He revived the National Space Council and established the United States Space Force as a new branch of the armed forces, focusing on military space operations.

  37. Economic Policies: Trump's economic agenda included tax cuts, deregulation, and efforts to stimulate job growth and manufacturing in the United States.

  38. Russia Investigation: The Mueller Report, released in April 2019, investigated allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with Trump's campaign. The report did not find sufficient evidence to establish conspiracy or coordination between Trump's campaign and Russia.

  39. Twitter Bans: Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter and temporarily suspended from Facebook following the January 6, 2021, storming of the Capitol by his supporters, which led to violence and fatalities.

  40. Controversies: Trump's presidency was marked by numerous controversies and scandals, including his handling of racial tensions, immigration policies, and criticisms of authoritarian tendencies.

  41. Personality: Known for his outspoken and combative style, Trump frequently engaged in public feuds with political opponents, celebrities, and the media.

  42. Pop Culture: Trump has made cameo appearances in several movies and TV shows, including "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

  43. Golf: He owns several golf courses around the world and frequently played golf during his presidency, often at his properties.

  44. Charitable Contributions: Trump has been involved with various charitable organizations and foundations over the years, though his charitable giving has been subject to scrutiny and controversy.

  45. Books: He authored several books, including "The Art of the Deal" (1987), which became a bestseller and contributed to his public image as a successful businessman and negotiator.

  46. Health: Trump's health has been a topic of public interest, with occasional speculation and scrutiny over his physical fitness and medical history.

  47. Voting Records: He received the second-highest number of votes in U.S. history for a presidential candidate in the 2020 election, though he lost to Joe Biden.

  48. Social Security: Trump pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare during his campaign, though his administration proposed budget cuts to these programs.

  49. Environment: He rolled back numerous environmental regulations and initiatives during his presidency, emphasizing economic growth and energy independence.

  50. Infrastructure: Trump proposed a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan aimed at improving America's roads, bridges, airports, and other public infrastructure.

  51. Veterans Affairs: His administration focused on reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve healthcare services and support for military veterans.

  52. Education: Trump supported school choice initiatives and vocational training programs aimed at expanding educational opportunities for students.

  53. Drug Policy: Trump signed legislation aimed at combating the opioid epidemic, including funding for treatment and prevention programs.

  54. Art Collection: He owns a collection of artworks, some of which are displayed at his properties, including Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago.

  55. Philanthropy: Trump has made donations to various causes and charities over the years, including veterans' organizations, healthcare research, and disaster relief efforts.

  56. Fashion: His signature style includes tailored suits, red ties, and the branding of his name on clothing and accessories sold under the Trump brand.

  57. Hobbies: In addition to golf, Trump enjoys watching sports and attending events such as professional wrestling matches and beauty pageants.

  58. Legacy: Donald Trump's presidency remains a topic of debate and analysis in American politics, with supporters praising his economic policies and efforts to challenge the political establishment, while critics cite concerns over his leadership style, divisive rhetoric, and impact on democratic norms.

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