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Premature ejaculation symptoms, causes, home remedies, let us know how we can get rid of this problem.
This is a problem that we cannot share with everyone.  Therefore, if there is such a problem, you can treat this problem from your kitchen itself.
Many times some men get premature ejaculation while having sex.  The truth is that many people complain about the problem of premature ejaculation, and it also talks about the sadness in family life.  
Such patients make many efforts to get the treatment of premature ejaculation, but due to lack of proper treatment of premature ejaculation, the disease does not get rid of.
 You can treat premature ejaculation at home.
 According to Ayurveda, many remedies have been given by which you can do home remedies for premature ejaculation.
  If the problem is not cured by home remedies, then go to the doctor and get information about the medicine for premature ejaculation.
 Always keep in mind that without consulting a doctor, do not take any medicine to stop premature ejaculation.  Let us first know about the home remedies mentioned in Ayurveda.

 What is premature ejaculation...?

 Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual problem in men.  During this problem, the semen of men comes out quickly.  This is called premature ejaculation.  Premature ejaculation has a negative effect on sex life.  But its treatment is also possible.

 Symptoms of premature ejaculation---------

 The symptoms of premature ejaculation are:-

 Premature ejaculation occurs within seconds or minutes of stimulation.
 If a man ejaculates within 60 seconds of the start of the intercourse, then the problem of premature ejaculation should be understood.
 decreased sexual arousal.
 as soon as intercourse begins
 ejaculation before it occurs

Due to premature ejaculation------

 Nowadays people are falling prey to mental stress due to which sex related problems are happening in people's life.  One of these problems is premature ejaculation.
 Due to mental stress, sex hormones like testosterone hormones etc. become unbalanced.  Due to this, the problem of premature ejaculation occurs.  Premature ejaculation can also be due to physical or mental impairment.

 The reasons for the problem of premature ejaculation can be------

 premature ejaculation due to psychological reasons

 mental stress

 Relationship problems can also lead to premature ejaculation.

 Men who have erectile dysfunction are more prone to premature ejaculation.

 Premature ejaculation is also caused due to excessive worry in many people.

 Worrying about premature ejaculation.

 Premature ejaculation occurs even in the early stages of sexual experience.

 premature ejaculation due to biological cause

 Abnormality of sex hormones in the body.

 Infection in the urethra or prostate gland.

 Premature ejaculation can also be caused by heredity.

 The problem of premature ejaculation occurs due to surgery or mental trauma.

 Other causes of premature ejaculation

 Consuming alcohol in excess.

 Taking intoxicants like opium, charas etc.


 Taking antibiotics in excess.

 Eating more junk food like pizza, burger, pastry, cold drink etc.

 due to erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction

 hormonal imbalance

 Depression, High BP, Mental trauma etc.

 home remedies to treat premature ejaculation.

You can treat yourself by trying these home remedies-------

 Treat premature ejaculation with Ashwagandha

 Ashwagandha balances the vatadi doshas and brings strength to the body.  It helps in sexual problems.  Apart from its use in premature ejaculation, it also proves to be very beneficial in the treatment of impotence.

 premature ejaculation with isabgol
 Troubleshooting -----
Most people use it to overcome the problem of constipation, so very few people know that the use of isabgol is very beneficial and beneficial for the problem of premature ejaculation.

 Isabgol, ground sugar candy and poppy seeds.  Take 5-5 grams of all these and mix them well.  Take this powder daily with a glass of milk after dinner.  By doing this, there is a lot of relief in premature ejaculation.  This medicine is very effective in the problem of premature ejaculation.

 Remedy for the problem of premature ejaculation with Safed Musli- 

 If there is a problem of premature ejaculation, do not make the mistake of taking its medicine immediately, rather try home remedies first.  Taking one spoonful of Safed Musli powder with milk daily thickens the semen, and increases the time of intercourse.  This ends the problem of premature ejaculation.  Nowadays, there are many types of products available in the market for the treatment of premature ejaculation.  Muslipak is also one of them. 
 Apart from premature ejaculation, its consumption is also beneficial in treating impotence.

 Treatment of premature ejaculation with cardamom-

 Chew three small cardamoms every morning.  Eat a ripe banana and 100 grams of dates and drink hot milk mixed with sugar candy.  This will lead to a complete increase of semen and sexual arousal will occur.

 Benefits of blueberry in the problem of premature ejaculation--------
Include cereals and blueberries in the diet, as they prevent blockage of the arteries, and maintain the excitement in the body.  Consume blueberries in moderation, as excessive consumption can cause diarrhea.

 If even after doing all these home remedies, you do not make any difference, then you must visit your doctor for this because there is no problem that has no solution, so do not be ashamed to go to the doctor because this disease increases with age.  And it will increase and it is very important to treat it in time.


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