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 Tittle- Eat food to keep your health healthy-
Most humans eat food to fill their stomach.  Do not know or follow the rules of any food.  Food is also a science.  The secret of good health and various diseases are directly related to food.

 Food incompatible with nature, impure food, without nutritious food, gives rise to various types of diseases.  No matter how delicious the food may be, do not eat for the taste of the tongue, do not eat too much and food in excess will cause diseases and troubles, but eating less than hunger will not do any harm.
 Food should be cooked at home, cleanliness, purity, nutritiousness in home food and the most beautiful thing is that whatever the relationship between mother, sister, sister-in-law or woman who cooks it, her love is absorbed in every particle of that food.  It happens, and to the eaters, this food provides wellness, health, happiness, longevity and peace.
Nutritious diet: 750 grams of fine wheat, 50 grams of soybeans and 100 grams of native black gram, 2 grams of fat, eat bread containing bran without touching it.  Sitting in a pure calm place, eat the food peacefully and slowly chew the grass 32 times and swallow such food never gives any harm.  Eat less sugar and use less, honey, honey, jaggery, sugar and sugar candy are better than sugar.  Together with oil, peanuts, bananas, apples, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, carrots, walnuts, almonds, figs, dates, and milk and sesame are powerful to enhance memory.

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 Eat more sprouted grains - 
Sprouted grains are very beneficial, makes the body strong and strong.  After soaking 10 grams of urad dal at night, peeling it off and grinding it in a cup of milk, give it a boil and eat it after chewing it hot or drink it, gradually increasing it to 50 grams and adding a little sweet, by doing this the body becomes strong and strong.  Males have an increase in y sperm.

 In winter, after making laddus by adding jaggery, oil and fenugreek desi ghee, eating it in winter, eating strength in the body ends strength and weakness in the body.

What to eat for breakfast-
 Black gram is best for making nutritious breakfast, to increase strength, gram does not allow cholesterol to increase.  Prevents heart attack from reading and makes the heart stronger.  And also reduces the level of sugar. Soak 50 grams of black gram at night and eat it after chewing soaked raisins, raisins, fresh dates, and this healthy breakfast is very beneficial.  And in the morning breakfast always mix flour, in which, black gram, barley, country wheat and some pulses also

 Postic Salad--

 Cut red ripe large tomatoes, carrots, radishes, cabbage, spinach, coriander, and soyabean mixed with salt in water and eat all the ingredients mixed with lemon and black pepper and salt. This is a very useful and beneficial salad.  Eliminates gas.  And never eat cucumber at night.

 Nutritious beverages-
Coconut water or homemade sweet lassi is very good for health. It gives strength to the body. Carrot juice, half a glass of beet juice, a quarter glass, fresh amla juice to make the body strong.  Mix a quarter glass, lemon juice and drink it in the morning.  This type of drink makes the body strong and moist.

 For the mind -
 To keep the body strong and the mind fresh, 10 almonds fell in the morning on an empty stomach (mamra badam) and in the evening grind it like sandalwood on a stone cob, in which and mix four strands of real saffron and dry pieces of fig cow.  Boil it in milk, when it comes to boil, drink almond milk containing saffron every day, it is the best and healthiest milk for the brain.  To stay strong and healthy, take such milk for some time.

 Best water to clean stomach-
As soon as you wake up in the morning, take water kept in a copper vessel at night and also add two basil leaves and clean clean water, 5 or 6 glasses of amla juice or dry gooseberry soaked overnight and filtered after filtering three to four teaspoons of Shyama basil.  Grind ten pieces of leaves, a little ginger, lemon juice and sieve them and mix two spoons of real honey with breakfast, this decoction is the best medicine to clean the stomach.

 Sprouted Grains-
 Take food regularly according to your taste.  After breakfast, mix honey with a little gooseberry juice and consume it everyday.

 If possible, eat sprouted food.  Like black gram, whole moong etc.

 Man's behavior, sleep and food, if these three are perfectly balanced and correct, then the vehicle of his life will continue to run smoothly and without any hindrance without a doctor.
Wake up in the morning and drink water, if you drink this whey in the middle of the day, hot milk in the night, then it will remain always bitter.

 For nutrition - 
It is best to eat 25 grams of urad regularly. And never drink milk with it.
 Take fresh coconut, peel and grate it, add a glass of water to it, mix a little cardamom powder in water and coconut and drink it after cooling it, its effect is cold which makes our body heat.

 Some rules for good health-
 Don't sleep during the day, don't stay awake at night, don't sleep for more than 6 hours.  Every morning, as soon as you wake up before sunrise, bow down to God, then after washing your hands and face, drink Usha.  Washing your eyes with cold water and waking up in the morning, you should take a vow that today, I will neither criticize nor anger anyone, nor will I say bad to anyone, throughout the day.  Small doubts must be done after taking food, because of this, the kidneys remain healthy, after thinking or small doubts, feet along with hands must be washed.

 Before bathing, only wash your head first and then enter the water.  By doing this there will be no diseases, later pour water on the whole body.

 While applying oil, first apply oil on the navel and the nails of the hands and toes.  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are the best days to apply oil if you want to avoid the malefic effects of planets.

 Oil should be applied on these days.  But oil should not be applied on Ashtami, Ekadashi, Purnima and if necessary.  Of all the days, Wednesday is the best day to get hair done.

 Reading, writing, do not do the work done by all the eyes continuously for a long time, closing the eyes in between, put fingers on them and keep our eyes on any distant object by doing this way our eyesight remains fine.  Do not take bath immediately after coming from the sun due to heat.

 Nor is it necessary to wash hands, feet or mouth, take some rest.  When the body becomes dry, the temperature of the body becomes normal, then take a bath, waking up late at night and sleeping till late in the morning is not beneficial for the eyes and health.  Riding a bicycle is very beneficial for health, so ride a cycle every morning or evening for an hour. There is no better exercise than this.

 Tobacco, alcohol, charas, opium, ganja etc. are more dangerous than poison.

 If someone else is looking at food with an evil eye, then do not take food without giving that food.  Such food is not digestible.  One should remain silent while eating.  Make sure to rinse after the meal and pour water on the thumb of your right foot, the gap of the thumb is called Brahma Tirtha and the tip of Krinishta is called Dev Tirtha.

 Health is the biggest wealth, if health is right, everything is right.  There can be no money.

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