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How to live with an alcoholic person - 
If any person in any relationship is an excessive drinker, then he gives such a stressful life to himself as well as to the family, from which neither the person nor the alcoholic can escape.  Can live with.  It becomes very difficult to live in such a situation, one does not know whether to run away or get killed.  
But I believe that if a person is addicted to alcohol, then do not spoil your life for him, rather learn to live for yourself, because we came into this world alone and have to leave this world alone.  Therefore, when such a bad situation arises, never take any wrong step, because the one who has given us life must have also thought something for us.

How to tolerate an alcoholic-

 If someone in your house is a victim of excessive drinking, then today I want to share it with you through an article for such families.  By reading which you can live life for yourself.

 Those people can understand this very well who have lived life with an alcoholic, because it is easy to say but it is very difficult to live with alcoholism.  But you have to accept that the drunkard is helpless because of his bad habit, but not us.  Many people consume alcohol, but there is a difference between drunkenness and a sober drinker.

 There are two types of alcoholics.  one is a sober drinker and the other is an alcoholic who drinks too much alcohol.  There are some people who go to sleep after taking two drinks.  Others are those alcoholics who do not know when to close the bottle cap after opening it.  Such people are said to be victims of drunkenness.

 We have to learn to live our lives in our own way with people who drink too much alcohol.

 If you are also troubled by any special alcoholic person in your house, then first of all keep yourself away from him, because he is a victim of a very bad mental illness but not us.

 You have to understand that we are powerless over the alcoholism of an alcoholic person.  When you accept that the person is sick, you will learn to live for yourself because we have no control over any disease.  Just as if a person is suffering from a terrible disease like cancer, we can only give him medicine and prayers but cannot provide any treatment. 
 In this way, considering a drunk person as a sick person and tolerating him, we should have a feeling of compassion towards the drunkard.

 By having this kind of attitude towards the alcoholic, the problem will gradually start getting resolved.  Never argue with a drunk person because he is under the influence of drugs but we are conscious.

 Therefore, keep yourself silent with the drunkard as much as possible.  There is no better solution than remaining silent.

 No one can predict whether an alcoholic person will improve or not, but we can live for ourselves and control ourselves.  Therefore, to improve your life, learn to live for yourself.  Do whatever you like, rather than lying at home complaining that my husband, brother, or father is an alcoholic.  You will not get anything from this except stress.  Therefore, never get upset seeing this kind of environment around you.  Live your life in your own way because when we came into this world, we came alone and we have to go alone and learn to live alone, because the world is very big.  Here no one belongs to anyone.  If you worry like this, you may develop mental illness and then there will be no one to take care of you.  Therefore, let whatever is going on, let it go, we can leave some things to God.  Similarly, we should leave the drunkard to God and live our life in our own way.

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